Poops Propadrol Log.

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  1. Poops Propadrol Log.

    Alright everyone, as i was going through a few of the logs around the board and reading up i realized there was a shortage of propadrol logs... Namely SOLO propadrol logs and decided to try and log it for myself. Seeing a great chance to supply the board with valuable info on this lesser known supp i will be startin a Prop cycle as soon as it arrives... possibly tomorrow.

    Note that i will be doing this while my 3-AD prize bottle stares me in the face so know that im taking a personal step back in order to provide the greater good with more knowledge and will be doing so in a most honest and unbiased manner. with that......

    Starting stats:

    184.4lbs (as of 2 days ago)
    approx BF 11-13% .... not sure but maybe someone can tell me from my latest pic i will post below)

    (not max.... just current high weight/rep @ 4th set in order of norm w/o... highlights only)

    chest mon
    DB press 85lbs-10
    incline DB press 60lbs-10
    seated machined flys 250lbs-11
    Decline DB Press 45lbs-10 (usually last exercise of chest & also have to go light or left shoulder slips....)

    Back tues
    BB lat pull down 140lbs-10
    iso cable rows 50lbs-10
    iso cable lat pulldown 60lbs-10
    BB super shrug-65lbs-10 (reverse grip curl bar pulled from hips to below chin.)

    shoulders/tris wed
    arnold press 50lbs-10
    machined lateral raises 35lbs-10
    machined shoulder press 130lbs-10
    over head BB skull crusher 65lbs-10
    reg grip individual cable tris press 50lbs-10
    reverse grip bb cable tris 70lbs-10

    off thurs

    Legs fri
    Squats 215lbs-10
    leg curls 90lbs-10
    leg raises 70lbs-10
    leg press followed by calf presses 140lbs-10/15

    off or arms sat

    off sun

    Proposed Cycle:

    1-Prop 60mg (30mg 2x ED)
    2-Prop 60mg (30mg 2x ED)
    3-Prop 60mg (30mg 2x ED
    4-Prop 60-90mg (30mg 2-3x ED)
    post cycle therapy
    5-120mg Torem (3days)/90mg Torem(4days), 4caps HDX2/MassFX
    6-60mg torem, 4caps HDX2/MassFX
    7-30mg torem, 4caps HDX2/MassFX
    8-30mg torem(if needed), 4caps HDX2/MassFX

    Other supps/ancilleries:
    Cissus (if needed for joint pain)
    Poseidon (if needed for skin and pumps)
    creatine (with post cycle therapy)
    CEE (with post cycle therapy)
    AEE (with PCT)
    multi V
    GUT health (if needed w/ extra pro)
    powerfull (with PCT)


    Bulking, Bulking, Bulking.... cleanly.

    Im going to be concentrating more on arms and shoudlers this cycle really pushing it and trying to get some more inches.... will try to get measurements later but have no tape right now.

    Diet will be run as close to a 40/40/20 macro split as possible and cals will be 3000-3500 ed depending on what work allows...

    sources are oats, pro pows, eggs, tuna, chicken, beef jerky, 1% milk, noodles, pork chops, steak (very little), natty PB, whole wheat bread, lean ham, grape nuts, non-fat yogurt, fish oil, EVVO, and the occasional little ceasars 5 buck pizza.

    current pic.... (will get more day one)

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  2. what do you think about a lower dose 3ad as part of post cycle therapy? do to the cortisol effects and such. just a thought but what do i know..

  3. ive thought about the possibilities as well but want to see what kind of gains can be retained from this cycle as well with a traditional cycle (otherwise id do a straight up 4 weeks of 3-AD RIGHT after this) and also am not completely sure how well i can get back in production while using something possibly supressive.... this would be a good question for Dr D.

  4. you look like 11% at the most. id say 10%


  5. oh ya i was gonna post this....


  6. Quote Originally Posted by poopypants View Post
    oh ya i was gonna post this....

    reps to poopy. ok so is it legal?

  7. yes, sold at most retailers

  8. its a combination of 2 seperate compounds.... ones sposed to be like the original max lmg with some tweaks to the compound, other then that i dont know much... thus the reason for this log so we can all know more. maybe Slow-mun will chime in and fill ya in as hes the head EST rep that made this offer to me.
    Last edited by poopypants; 05-17-2007 at 12:08 PM.

  9. Well this line sounds interesting

    "Propadrol gains are being reported as similar to illegal compounds like an anadrol & Testosterone Propinate stack, as crazy as it may sound. As both compounds were developed by EST, both compounds are exclusive to EST at this point in time"

    Good luck Poop's

    I looking into my first prosteroid/prohorome sometime this year so i've been taking in all the logs for over a year now and still havn't decided for sure what i may try.

  10. subscrizzy izzy izzled! GL poop a loop!

  11. The other compound in question is structured similar to 3-OHAT, but as a proponate. This means you have something that has both a progestin and an anti-estrogen inside one pill. Its an effective compound that we're pretty proud of. In fact, its going to be the active in two new powders as well; A protein and a Pre-Workout mix.

  12. Ah, the guinea for us all. Good luck poop, and thanks for sacrificing your 3AD for the greater good.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  13. yeeeeeeeeah buddy!!!

    bout time a good log on this at AM.

    i hate u poop u lucky fck! u get everything, must b the rep points.....

  14. Poop,

    I am so glad your doing this bro, I WAS going to run prop with my "Mega" comp, but I decided against it at the very end and went with Epi.

    GOOD luck with this and I will be following this. Lets see who can make the most progress

    Most of all have fun bro.

  15. mmmmm epi......mmmmmm, lol.

    im hoping this will bring similar gains as my epi cycle, if thats so then ill be just under 2 bills by the end of this cycle

    considering i gained another 5.5 lbs during and since my post cycle therapy.... i know that ill at least make significant gains once "on" again. cant wait.

    I didnt realize this had anti E properties to it as well, thats great news for someone like me who is prone to gyno. Def getting more excited about this cycle.

    n Pistonpump, yes i am a lucky guy (more like blessed) but i actually bought the Epi i had logged and all the other stuff with it iin that cycle, def wasnt cheap. i just like logging to see my own progress and didnt realize everyone would like my log so much till later... just got lucky that i got this Rep position from it and just being a supp pimp. what are these rep points you speak of

  16. e-mail sent with tracking number. It wasn't overnighted, but it will still get there soon. Enjoy

  17. Subscribed. I'm there with bells on. Frickin bells!!!!!

    Go Poopy, it's your birthday! Go Poopy!

  18. Great job in being chosen as a logger! Ill be following as I know almost nothing about this product.

    And if you keep the color scheme to a min I maybe able to follow without getting a migrane!

    Good luck Poopy my man!

    Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths . Proverbs 3:5-6

  19. Quote Originally Posted by mmowry View Post
    And if you keep the color scheme to a min I maybe able to follow without getting a migrane!

    I second this!!!

  20. HEY, HEY, HEY.... no worries im not plannin on havin a super elaborate cycle this time to allow for little discrepancies with what the compound is actually doing.

    with that being said, if i start to feel like the joints are goin dry i will add cissus. I will be runnin poseidon throughout as my bacne and acne has gotten worse allready since the end of my pct so we may not see what this can do in that feild as much.... although i may just hold off and add it once i start to see the problems gettin worse or not..... i am goin to re- edit my first post with ancillery supps that may be used while on this cycle...

  21. Takin one for the team
    2, 4, 6, 8 who do we appreciate

  22. Don't worry everybody....Sin's in, this log can officially continue
    Athletic Xtreme Rep
    [email protected]
    Ask me about the Athletic Xtreme Product Line

  23. good luck poops!...sub'd

  24. I was considering stacking this, but this log will definitely give me some more user feedback to go off of.

    One question but how long ago was your Epi cycle?...didnt seem that long ago.

    More reps to poop.

  25. Got a tell ya man I am pooped with all this loggin


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