My Leviathan Review

  1. My Leviathan Review

    i started taking this back on April 9th. for the previous 6-8 weeks my weight would vary between 243-247. i was at 247 when i started. today weighed in at 235. i didn't make any changes to my diet or supplement intake.

    all i can say is this stuff is the real deal and it works. i can see and feel a difference and i love the good clean energy i get from this. great job Palo Alto Labs.

  2. damn... nice man! congrats

  3. I've been using 1 pill 2x a day. But I guess to get the full benefit I need to use 2, 2x a day.

  4. down to 229 as of yesterday. i'm on my second bottle, and it's still working well.

  5. Wow! Good news! Keep it up!


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