mass building phase/cutting

  1. mass building phase/cutting

    I just received my sample of Intara****l and began using it today.

    Awesome feeling. NIce itch and burn. My measurements are not done yet, but I can assure yhou that by 4-26-07, I will have them posted. I am female once again and trying to build muscle mass and so much over all weight . I want to weigh in at 100-102. I am now 97, but very loose. My workout and diet are below:

    4:15am 3 capsules of Intra ****l
    4:30am TM on 8-10% incline @ 4.3 mph for 20 minutes cooldown 2 minutes 3.7 on 4% grade.
    4:53am began strength workout:

    Back:seated row (50lbs) 4*8
    front wide grip pull down (50lbs) 4*8
    reverse flies (3lb DB) 4*failure

    Biceps: DB hammer curl (10lb) 4*8
    DB Concenteration curl (12lb) 4*8

    Tripceps: DB over head ext. (10lb) 3*10, 1 drop set w/ (10lb)*10 (8lb)*12 (6lb) til failure
    Bench dips (body weight only) 4*failure

    Abs: cable crunch 2*25
    Thera ball crunch 2*30
    Reverse curl 1*30
    Basic crunch 4*10

    Any suggestions to improve please email me.

    Diet is Post W/O: 5grams MHP Glutamine SR mixed with 1 scoop whey and 3 caps of Intra****l.
    7AM 1/2c all bran xtra fiber, 1c cantaloupe, 1 Bocca burger (larger than normal) 15 grams protein, slice nonfat cheese, tsp of bee pollen.

    10am protopure protein bar(Vitamin worlds brand)
    12:30pm 1 small whole wheat pita, slcie nonfat cheese, 4oz low sodium turkey breast

    3:30 syntha 6 shake, tsp of bee pollen
    6:00 5oz grilled chicken breast, 1 c berries
    9:15pm 1/2c dry oats, 1 scoop whey, tbsp power butter.

    Water intake 18oz during workout and approximately 80 oz of water during the day.

  2. This is day 2 and I remebered to take my measurements:
    Chest: 34 in
    Waist: 24in
    Hips/buttocks: 33.5
    (R) upper thigh 19in
    (R) calf: 11
    Weight 96.4lbs.

    Pre workout 3 Intar****l capsules
    Post 3 Intra ****l and 5grams of MHP SR glutamine, 1350 mg of fish oil, 400 gr calcium, multi vitamin, 400ius vitamin E 1500 glucosamine.

    7am: 3/4 kashi go lean 1tsp bee pollen
    1 slice nonfat cheese
    2tbsp veggies
    1/2c egg beaters
    10am: 1scoop dessert protein and 1 scoop whey

    12:30pm: apple
    3oz tuna albacore
    1 whole egg
    3:30pm: small proto pure bar (190 calories)

    6:00: 1c veggies & 5oz grilled chicken

    9:15pm: 1/2c dry oats (cooked) 1scoop whey and 1 tbsp power butter

    400 mg calcium
    Leg day: I need extreme help with these babies....

    leg ext: 1*12 (50lbs) 2*8 (60lbs) 1*6 (65lbs) rest 1 minutes in between all

    Dead lift: 4*15 (2 sets w/15lb DB, 2 setss w/20lbs)

    Alternate reversed lung:4*15 (15 lb DB)
    Donkey kicks: 4*12 (5lb ankle weights)
    Squats w/DB on sholder: 4 til failure (15-20lb DB)

    Cardio: jog 15 minuteson 0%-2% grade wand walk on 10% for 5 down 2minutes.

    Overall I felt good ...Felt the itching again and loved it. IT has only been 2 days, so I have a long way to go.

  3. Day 3....Still feeling the awesome effects of Intra****l.
    PreW/O.3 caps of INtra****l
    PostW/O 3 caps of Intra ****l,, 5gr. SR MHP glutamine, 400mg Calcium, 400 IU's E, 1350mg Fish Oil, 1500mg glucosamine.

    5:40am 1 scoop whey protein
    7am 3/4c just whites
    3/4c Kashi go lean w/ tsp Bee pollen
    10am 1c skim Milk, scoop whey protein powder

    12:30 4oz grilled chicken

    3:30 sm. protopure bar (190 calories)

    5:30 1c cooked oats
    1scoop protein powder
    skim milk

    9:00 Lg. protopure bar (300 calories)
    20 minutes 8-10% 4.3mph TM
    Flat bench BB 4*12 60lbs
    Incline 4*6 (25lb DB)
    Flat bench flies 4 til failure (15lb DB)

    Abs: 3*25
    Cable crunch
    Reg crunch
    reversed crunch

    Please I need help in my workouts....

  4. damn, how tall are you? And you will love the intra****l! If your not on it id grab some Steele Edge too! They work great together, and I mix 3/4th a scoop for preworkout and then 1/4 a scoop, along with 4 scoops of xtend into a large water bottle and drink that during my workout and its making it Hard to leave the gym!

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