SXULB52 Gets Hyper Huge X2 - Hyperdrol x-2

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  1. .....



  2. lookin' good!

  3. that sounds INSANE!

    the pumps seem to be a common occurrence and as soon as day 3.......

  4. That's killer with all those sets of 20 rep squats man. I usually save the 20 reps for every other week and I do them last hehe, but I bet all that volume is going to make your legs turn to tree trunks.

    Any measurements on the arms, chest, calves, and all that?

    Good log keep it up

  5. DUDE! your workouts are INTENSE!

    Keep it up!

  6. when are you normally taking the HD?

  7. Awesome log. Good routine too man. Let's see what this X2 is made of.

  8. 1.5 pounds?



    what position do you paly again? how heavy is the RB?

  10. where do you live? we have snow in Ohio, too!


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