Motiv8ers bring me to life ALRI stack.

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    WOW!! My food poisoning lasted almost a week! I look pretty bad lol! Oh well, Now I am just overeating uncontrollably. There went my diet. I must have missed about 14-16,000 cals last week. I just got rendered unedible. HAH-HA.

    Anyhow, here is the final write-up of my favorite parts of the supps.

    1) I think VENOM is just the bomb. It works so well for me in so many ways in fat loss. It is amazing for me.

    2) Jungle Warfare, I also think this product is the BOMB! No pun intended. It really seemed to help me maintain a favorale test to estrogen ratio. It hardened me up when I thought that was going to be next to impossible.

    These were the two most important to me, lets see what rounds out the other 3 spots!!

    3) I have a feeling I will include this product again quite soon becuase with me, it helped lower my appietite considerably. And it did it without ANY sides, a very cool product.

    4) I really missed Lean dreams when I ran out!! It really helped take the edge off my hyped-up self, so I was VERY thankful for it. I was losing so much weight, it was hard for me to tell how much to attribute to this product.

    5) I liked restore, but the JW seemed to work much better for me. But that is just my opinion.

    Thanks ALRI, I love you guys!!!
    Great log motiv8er!


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    Great log motiv8er!

    I wanted you guys to know, I am pretty sure I want to do another super ALRI stack now, as I think there has been enough time in betweeen their products.

    I will have to keep you informed, but this was a great, and fat killing stack! I would recommend it to anyone looking for great results.
    My The 1 LOG:


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