Motiv8ers bring me to life ALRI stack.

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    We are not having any additional testers at this time. Sorry !!

    Motiv8ers, Glad to hear your feeling great !!!!!!!! Its all good !
    I am rocking and well on my way to become rock hard!!
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by bpmartyr View Post
    Did somebaody say ASSignment?

    (Those were not kids we were kicking over, they were midgets.)
    Midgets need love too, even Glen.
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  3. Update:

    I am very pleased with how the last week has gone for me. My training has been just about perfect, I have even been able to hit two one-hour high intensity cardio sessions. I am really pleased with that. Those are not including the normal 30 minutes of cardio after ALL lifting sessions. Last week I made it in the gym 5/2.

    My hamstring is getting better. I lifted with it the first time last week and it is doing much better. I will lift it again today and see if it can handle about 50% of its normal work load.

    My left shoulder is feeling 90% back. I have been doing rehab on it 3 days weekly for the last 6 weeks. I look foward to it feeling more stable. I am hoping to reincorporate bb lifts in the next two weeks if it continues to feel well.

    The hole on the top of my head has healed nicely. I havent tried to put my skull through any building structures lately. Shaving it will go much better now.

    I do have a bit of a cold at this moment, I am getting as much sleep, fluids, and some cold medicines.

    I have reduced the nolva to 40mgs and will hold steady there for a few more days. I am incorperating the BAM today!! I am very excited about that. The last few days the fat loss has become more and more evident. I like this.
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  4. I have been battling a major cold the last few days. I have been barely able to work, let alone do anything else. Two days ago I had no appietite and no energy. Yesterday I started to feel better and had constant fluids and better cold medicine. I was also able to eat 5 small meals. By far not close to what I requried, but a large improvement over the past few days.

    I will try and get into the gym tonight if I think it is wise. I will have to see how I feel when I am done with work. I will keep you posted.
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  5. I made it to the gym last night, WOW was I weak! I couldnt believe just how heavy the weights felt. I could tell I had a slight fever so I didnt push it too hard. I did back and triceps with some abs and 30 minutes of low intensity cardio. it was one of those workouts you were proud that you did, but it was more in your head than in your body workouts. Make sense?

    I feel even better today. Eating is easier, for the last few days I even put food on my plate and was force feeding the WHOLE meal. Not fun when you have trained yourself to eat for success.

    I still have a lot of mucus and a smokers sounding cough; but the headache and muscle aches are pretty much gone. I am going to not take the full cold medicine this AM and see how I feel. One of the ingrediants in Day and Night Quils Dextromorphan makes me a litttttle loopy.

    After the weekend of normal eating and training, I will report in a with weight and overall body image thoughts.
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  6. Quick notes:

    I am seeing a more evident bodyfat drop. I am seeing more of a sharpeness to my hip area. I am sure I am losing BF and having a degree of anabolism because I am starting to have some major veins starting in my biceps and continuing down to my wrists.

    I am close to ending my first week on BAM. My initial thoughts are that it is a great product. I have been hornier than normal the last few days and am not sure exactly what to attibute it to, perhaps the BAM.

    The Lean Dreams has been reformulated since the first time I tried it. I really like this version. It is quite smooth and I have been feeling very rested once waking.

    I had a couple of days of really bad diet last week while sick. I am sure my protien was near 150 grams a couple of days, but thankfully that is behind me now.

    I have been informed I may have a sleepover date next weekend, I will have to keep you updated on if this is truely a performance enhancing stack or not!!
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by motiv8er View Post
    Quick notes:

    I have been informed I may have a sleepover date next weekend, I will have to keep you updated on if this is truely a performance enhancing stack or not!!

    Are you pitching this round? Hmph, guess I'll button up the other suspender.

  8. Get better dude !!!!!! Eat this -----------> izza:

  9. Quote Originally Posted by bpmartyr View Post
    Are you pitching this round? Hmph, guess I'll button up the other suspender.
    Yeah BP, you are overqualified. (MOTI puts catchers mit in closet next to his pink sequinned tutu on loan from Ubi)

    Come to think of it, I cant really think of a catching performance stack unless its a buttload more omega 3's for, well.... oily exit?
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  10. So my starting weight for this project was around 235 lbs and puffy. Yesterday morning I was at 224 lbs. I had dropped the majority of my creatine and am going to re-enter in order to slow down the weight loss process. Anymore than 3 lbs a week is enough to make me nervous. I know when I was sick last week I lost a few pounds right there, but I have been trying to eat my way back to homeostasis since then. On the good side, my pants are starting to get real loose at the waist. That is where I loose weight the slowest. Besides, the ratio of a smaller waist with a good looking upper body is always a plus.

    My calories this week have been around 3800 a day with a near 40/40/20 ratio. I am sure last week they were a little less due to illness. I am sure my CNS is getting a little fried, so today is a EAT ANYTHING THAT ****ING MOVES holiday. I may only take 1 serving of stim today also, just to give myself a little more space.

    I have also been alternating my stims. I like to go two days with venom and then two days with eca. Its funny, I have noted that I perform better on days that I take the venom. Like the nootropic effects are better for me than the memory eating eca. Just my 2 cc....

    I am going to go see how many doughnut and bagel sandwiches I can eat... parden me.
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  11. Alright,

    Well the date I was hoping for didnt happen. So BPMartyr came over and played titly-winks. I did go out Friday night and have what I would call a pretty serious night out. I stayed away from liquer, and only had sushi and a piece of pizza at the end of the night when I really needed it. The next day I played 18 holes of disc golf and relaxed saturday night. Sunday it was business back to usual. I decided to give my muscles one more day of rest but did an hour of cardio and some abs with stretching. It was much needed.

    My weight has been around 226 lbs the last week. It has been holding a solid 9 lbs lighter since I started the PCT and ALRI stack. I am really a believer in the Tr-Lean stack. I think it is nothing short of steriodial effectiveness. FWIW that is JUST my opinion.

    When I was out this weekend, I had a number of compliments and looks that let me know the size I have developed and the hardness I have been grooming the last few weeks were paying off.

    I have been keeping my cals around 3500 with a 40/40/20 breakdown. That along with high fiber has really been helping me. My energy levels are great considering the 1000 calories less I am eating now. A month ago I was eating 500 cals over 4000 cals, or 4500 ed. So while trying to drop weight I am going for around 500 less that my BMR. The venom helped me not notice if I was hungry or not.

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  12. Suppliment Update:

    My thoughts thus far--

    Jungle Warfare: A really good On-Cycle product I would actually like to try the next time I am on a cycle and concerned with bloat and want to avoid the issues of medical grade AI's. I noticied a definate hardening within two weeks of this product. JW is a solid product.

    Venom: I have been a fan of Venom from day one. Not much has changed. I am done with the movie I was working on, but it certainly helped me get through some really, really long days. I am still debating how to describe the feelings, like a warmth inducing, nootropic thermo with some pleasant focusing feel good? If that makes any sense...

    I am two weeks into the BAM and have favorable opinion of it. The first week of it I was near death ill, so I really have only been able to use it properly for the last week. I noticed a slight labido kick when I first introduced it.

    I am REALLY liking Special Tactics. I like the versatility of it. I can take it closer to bedtime and not feel guilty or worried like I blew a night of recovery. I know I was close to CNS burnout in the last 6 weeks at a few points. See also my near death cold.

    Lean Dreams is really helpful. It doesnt seem to knock me out, but just put me a much better mood for sleeping. Kind of ready to if you will.

    Last BUT not LEAST, I just added in the restore yesterday. I am not going to say anything about this product until I have more experiance with it.

    My strength is actually seeming to increase! I think that is worth reporting! I had a number of injuries nagging at me when I started this PCT, those have been healing nicely. I have dropped about 10 lbs since starting this stack about a month ago. I am really looking foward to what the next month has in store for me. Considering the job I have been doing, anything that is positive seems like a victory over such obstacles.
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  13. I am trying to add a picture, let me see if it took.
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  14. If you like the ligthing, Ubi was holding a flashlight in his mouth.
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  15. Some more updates:

    I have been really dropping weight recently. I had a physical in the end of february and I weighed 229 lbs and was quite a fatty. This was as I was getting very ill. I now weighed in at 222lbs this AM! I took some measurements to make sure I was satisfied with what I was losing and here are some, waist, right at 36 inches. Right bicep, at 17 inches. Both were bloated previously. Now there is starting to become a certain hardness to my midsection. I took my dog for a walk yesterday and went shirtless without too much self concern. I actually felt pretty good about walking around "in the buff." I am still a little thicker in the midsection than I need to be. I love it when both my arm circumferences and my waist size are the same! That is my goal within the next month. To keep my arms at least at 17 inches and try and take my waist down to 34 in.

    I must say that I am very pleased with this great stack. I have actually been getting stronger as I lose weight! I knew some of this would happen because of my injuries healing, but the weight just seems to be getting lighter and lighter! Nothing like getting leaner and stronger!
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  16. All seems to be going very well ! Im gad you are feeling like a buff daddy walking around with no shirt, LOL. Im pleased with your results so far ! The Restore will give you some major changes very soon as well

  17. And the progress continues...

    I weighed in at 219lbs this AM. I am waking up a great deal harder. I have now run out of the special tactics and lean dreams, they will be missed. R.I.P.

    I have a little longer on the BAM, and the restore was just tapped into a week ago. I am having some GREAT strength increases. And if you consider I am eating the least I have eaten in 6-7 months, that is pretty cool.

    I went out to eat last night and had salmon and greens. I wore a pair of shorts that I hadnt been able to wear in 6 months!! Thats always a great feeling!

    At the end of all this, I will post more pics as long as I feel the progress continues.

    I had a double chin for the last 6 months or so, its gone. I have been really enjoying these changes. I had forgotten how much work it took to be hard, but it is worth it!!

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  18. Quote Originally Posted by motiv8er View Post
    Hey Fit,

    DO you have that graph you sent me on the recommended dosages? I dont have it in my messages for some reason? Could you post it or send it? It was the one that staggered everything every two weeks.



  19. Glad to see the double trouble chin is gone It sounds like all is going really well for you !

  20. I have been really pleased with the overall results vs sides. I can really not think of any unpleasant sides. I think of all the cramps and ill feelings things like clen have caused me and am very thankful for something effective and much easier on my system.

    So when does this fourth product come out? In time for me to work it into this stack? I am happy to purchase and log. Anytime.
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  21. All I know is April for Pro-Anabol at this time, prolly the late end .

  22. vBulletin Message
    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to FitnFirm again.
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  23. Updates:

    I am now out of Venom. I am very sad about this. It will be missed. It was easier on my body than the eca is. ECA tends to give me urinary/ prostate issues if I continue it for too long. No probs with VENOM. Sshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

    I am now weighing in at 218 every morning. That is with visable abs. Two carb meals later the abs are gone, but thats OK. I am still early on in the diet mode. This should be my last day on BAM. I habe really enjoyed it. For me, it never really seemed UBER anabolic, but it felt more like a recovery aid. I am sure a higher dosing of it could illicit a more anabolic response. For me I think that dose would start around 4 caps a day.

    I am spending some time at the family home right now. I have a recovering parent and it is nice to help. I was just happy I was in between projects and could be here. On a bright note, there has been perfect meal timing.

    I am looking like a whole different man than I was when I started at 235 lbs a 6 weeks ago. I am getting a whole lot of attention from the opposite sex. maybe they can just smell out the fact I have been helping my MOM, but I will settle for that. Or maybe it is the new hardness in the GUNS. Its my fantasy dammit!

    I would recommend the stack that I was on for anyone who has been ON for a long time, I have actually been getting stronger while dieting in PCT, which I find nothing short of magical!!

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  24. WOW, so happy for you and the " NEW man " Ummmmmm Just dont let it go to your head ok

  25. More notes:

    I am just on Restore at this point from the original stack. It seems to me be doing a nice job of keeping my natty test levels from being on the ground. I am still dosing nolva at 20-25mgs per day.

    I have added in some new supps to continue fat loss at this point, I have also been using ephedrine + Rampage + asprin for my main source of fat loss and anit-catabolism. I was lucky and found 12.5 mgs pills of ephedrine hcl. That worked out perfect for me, because that seems to be a large enough dose for the fat burning to occur, but keeps me from feeling like I was knocked into the ground from overstimulation.

    I woke up this AM at 218lbs and near 13% bf. The fatloss has really slowed down now, but I am seeing some recomping going on with strength gains. Me likey.

    One of the greatest things I hadnt realized about the stack was how well it controled my food urges. It had really helped me not snack. I am having to be really disciplined now without the stack. Like more work from me sense. I would attribute this to the special tactics IMO.
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