Alpha Drive XL and Stimulant X log (contest)

  1. Alpha Drive XL and Stimulant X log (contest)

    A biting fall wind hit me as I opened the door to inspect the package that was dropped on my front porch by an all too impatient delivery man. As I reached down to grab the box I could feel my spinal erectors twinge from the soreness that only max effort box squats, heavy good mornings and repetition KB swings can bring. It had been a tough few weeks of training, struggling each day to maintain maximum strength and athleticism while denying myself the normal 3500 calories that I daily worshipped. A daily limit of 2500 calories had already begun to strip me of a normally steadfast will to train and succeed. But the caloric deficit would be worth it – soon I would strip from my body the last 15 pounds of useless adipose and emerge a hardened, sharpened 210 pounds. Each day had become a struggle, the exhausting training sessions bringing me closer to surrendering to the evil temptresses of white bread, ice cream and sweetened ice tea. I hoped that encased in this small cardboard box would be something to fortify my will, give me extra strength and fuel the inner fire that causes me to refine myself through physical struggle. Opening the box I found what I had expected - a single bottle of Alpha Drive XL. I immediately took a capsule and hoped that this, alongside Stimulant X, would provide that tiny additional edge that would push the results of my struggles beyond all my expectations. So for three days I faithfully followed the instructions of “one capsule, three times daily with food.” The capsules went down easy, hitting my stomach without notice. On the third day, not 45 minutes after ingesting the capsule, I felt it. It came on slow at first, then began to overtake me with increasing intensity. My senses seemed to sharpen as I entered a mode of higher male consciousness. I began to hear a voice inside that screamed “train!” I heard other voices too, ones of aggression, ones of desire. I felt stronger as I elevated more weight and 2-3 extra reps on the thick bar incline press. I felt that I could train more, in fact, inside I kept telling myself to train more and I did. The Alpha Drive XL seemed to be just that, helping my inner drive overcome the circumstances and destroy all the little lies and excuses my subconscious tells me. So after four days, I feel it working. I can see the progress and results continuing to surface. Soon with the addition of Stimulant X I will hopefully see more progress. Tomorrow, I will go to the gym so through body fat analysis I can see where I really am starting from. I already know where I am going.

  2. The last week has been a challenge to my training efforts on many levels. Not two days after my first post a sickness found its way into our household. The minor sinus infection was just enough to steal away the motivation that had been building since I first tried Alpha Drive. I trained anyway. It was a chore to work through my warm-ups on max effort press day but something strange seemed to be happening. Each warm up was difficult and each working set was the same, but to my surprise my strength was up. Each lift was different but I was up 10% in the close grip bench easily from the previous week and I was solid for 3-4 more reps each working set of the DB floor press. The following day I dragged to the gym for a squat workout and found the warm up sets even more of a bear to complete than the previous day but I found the same end result – a 10% increase on all of working box squat sets. In addition my work capacity overall has improved. I can maintain the same level of effort over a longer period of time and more sets. I don’t necessarily attribute it to the Alpha Drive but I have noticed a small increase in mass in my shoulders and triceps. The arms have gained almost a ¼ of an inch in the last 2 weeks and in the last ten days I have dropped a ½ of an inch in my waist. One side effect I do attribute to the Alpha Drive XL is the appearance of acne in various parts of my body. I have broken out in hard, sensitive to the touch acne on my back and stomach, which is not normal for me. The Alpha Drive is interesting in that it seems to work subtlety without an overwhelming immediate effect. Taking it I can tell it is working throughout each day as I want to train and that it feeds my inner feelings of aggression and sex drive. The Stimulant X I received yesterday works much differently. I took one at 3:30 pm as soon as I received it and felt nothing for about one hour. Then my heart was beginning to get a feeling of anxiety with some slight changes to my heartbeat. That lasted about 20 minutes and I did not notice it again until I ran across the house to grab the phone. My heart began to race in an instant. My heart rate felt like it went 0 to 60 in no time flat. I had to sit down and began to wonder if I should continue taking it. Last night I slept hard but had constant feelings of anxiety and it seemed that every moment of sleep was filled with anxiety filled dreams. I woke up a 4:30 am (the usual time) and took a second pill. About an hour later I felt the anxiety and increased heart rate again but it subsided after 30 minutes. After that I have had a constant inner energy that has been even keeled with no spiking or sudden crashes. I want to train and I feel focused on each task. My appetite is non-existent. I had to force myself to eat some egg whites this morning. I am curious how StimX will affect my efforts to drop body fat. I was unable to go to my body composition appointment last week due to sick kids and being sick myself. Hopefully I will get that done in the next 2 days.

  3. Kay.....I am sorry, but that was the best ****ing log intro ever.

  4. good log...need some paragraph breaks tho..LOL

  5. I have never done any 12 step programs. So far I have escaped the bondage of any life or health damaging addictions. I don’t consider myself better than anyone who hasn’t, just luckier. I also have been very aware of my personality traits that would make me a prime candidate for addiction. There is one thing in recent years that has bordered on addiction. If I went to a 12 step program for it I would introduce myself in the following manner:
    “Hello, my name is Powerclean, and I am an ECA-aholic.”

    You see a few years ago when I was working as a personal trainer my boss introduced me to the greatest supplement besides Horny Goat Weed. It was simple, add one tablet of Vasapro to 200mg of Caffeine and throw in an aspirin and you would have the best fat burner out there. Thus began a long love affair with ECA and various other stimulants. I would sometimes double the normal ECA stack, I would take it before morning cardio, one time 45 min before an Army PT test I took an ECA stack and drank two full size Ripits. When I did my two minutes of pushups I felt like I was floating.

    I was addicted. I would get plenty of energy but have plenty of crashes. I would get very anxious about little things and often be a jerk for no good reason. Once I found out I would be a tester for Stim X I cut myself off. I gave my body two weeks to clear out the ECA so I could accurately judge the effects of Stim X. I already discussed my first dose of Stim X but allow me to tell you about the day after. The day after receiving the product I took one capsule in the morning. I felt good, no rush of energy but a sustained energy all day. About 3:00 pm I decided to take a second capsule for the day. The energy continued into the night. I had missed my Press workout that day so I decided to do it at about 9:00 pm. I had a good, solid workout. I felt strong and easily handled more volume, keeping with the pattern that I have noticed since I started the Alpha Drive XL. At 10:30 I crashed in bed.

    At 12:20 am I awoke in bed feeling like a zombie. I was tired, but I could not sleep. After tossing and turning for almost 2 hours I got and watched TV. Oddly enough I felt very awake. So awake it was frustrating. I wanted to get up and have a great 6 mile run. But the alarm buzzer was only 2 hours away. Finally, after numerous infomercials and Eco-Challenge Utah, I crashed. I fell into bed and slept until 7:30 am, which is relatively late for somebody who is normally up by 4:30 am. Needless to say, I felt like 100% pure, grade A canine feces. So I did what anybody would do- I took a Stim X. For the first hour I still felt like hell. Then suddenly I perked up. I felt great all day.

    About lunchtime I realized that I took a Stim X the previous day at about 3:00 in the afternoon. I crashed into bed the following morning at 3:30 am. 12 hours later. I am no scientist and as you can see I am not one for great detail in my log but I can be certain of one thing – when Anabolic Xtreme says 12 hours of energy they mean it.

    Due to the minimal sleep, I took yesterday off. This afternoon I hit it hard again with ME Box Squats. Like the past two weeks, I felt tight and tired during the warm ups. I kept pushing it though and I made a very strong PR in the Box Squat. In fact it was a big jump from the already big weight improvements I have been seeing. I attribute this to the Alpha Drive XL. It seems to help me stay strong while I’m consuming fewer calories and sucking up a lot of mileage running. I ran for over 50 minutes this morning and still had the limit strength to make a PR in the Box Squat 5 hours later. I am getting leaner but also stronger at the same time. In the past while on lower calorie diets I tended to feel very weak and unmotivated to train. The Alpha Drive provides drive while the Stim X provides solid energy.
    I will do some more functional strength training tomorrow. I have a 150lb sandbag to wrestle and some rope to climb. No matter how much I do in the gym nothing compares to grabbing that canvas bag and tossing it around like its nobody’s business.
    Like John McCallum said “If you are going to play tiddly-winks, do it with man hole covers.”

  6. Wow, brb I need some popcorn for this ****!

  7. good luck!


  8. NICE LOG!!

    Good start!

  9. Fall is a time of year when people will often get sick. Flu season comes with the changing leaves as do a host of other viruses, bacteria and bugs that cause mostly discomfort but often worse. So it came as no surprise last week when I got a painful headache and felt a little dizzy. I attributed the feelings to seasonal allergies or maybe one of the thousands of bacteria my children bring home from school. When I got a little nauseated I thought I might be dehydrated from the one hour long run I had completed that morning. Twelve hours later after aspirin, allergy medication and copious amounts of fluid I realized that my feelings where the result of none of the above.

    You see, when I rushed home to shower and change after that hour long run, I searched for a quick breakfast. I didn’t have time to make some egg whites and I didn’t want a protein shake. So I grabbed a four day old piece of left over steak. (This is certainly not out of the ordinary for me – we eat steak or beef over 50% of the time.) What I would realize later is that I got sick off of it. It was miserable. I begged God to let me vomit and move on with my life. He answered my prayers – by not letting me vomit. After two harsh days of inhaling Pepto-Bismol tablets like a dying man inhales his final breaths, I couldn’t stand it any longer.

    I had continued taking the Alpha Drive and the Stim X through the food poisoning ordeal. I felt that since I am not an easy vomiter I may as well keep on the trial. At 8:00 pm on the second day I went to the gym. I had gotten behind in my workouts prior to getting sick and I was not going to get any further behind. As I warmed up for squats I felt like hell. I was sweating profusely – a pouring, almost painful sweat that no matter how hard or often I wiped my face with a towel I could not find any relief. I had considered stopping – I could convince myself on the way home that just trying was good enough, that I was sick and nowhere near normal strength. But just trying is never enough, and strength comes not from the body but the will.

    I drove on – I skipped all my normal intermediate warm-ups and jumped straight to my working weight. If I was going to fail I was not going to waste anymore time. When I unracked the weight it felt strangely light. I dropped into the hole and drove upward with everything I had. As I rose I was shocked by the speed in which I was raising the bar. The last 10 inches of the lift were nothing – when I got to the top the bar jumped about 6 inches off of my shoulders. A weight that had been challenging was now a speed workout.

    I continued with squats and followed with real strong good mornings. I was satisfied with the training – I still cut it a bit short but I felt better. After a couple of weeks I really feel that the Alpha Drive has helped to raise my work capacity during training. The Stim X is still providing solid, consistent energy but I can’t be sure how much it does for fat loss. I do notice a significant decrease in appetite from the Stim X and I am down a few pounds.

    Well, I made it through the food poisoning and am back on my regular training schedule. I have upped to two Stim X each morning and will add a second dose in the early afternoon starting this week. I learned this week that Dan John is right – showing up is 50% of success. Just remember that the other 50% is up to you.

  10. That Is Something To Be Proud Of!!! :d

  11. I am very thankful. I may not be as wealthy or as ripped as I often dream of being, but I am very thankful. After years of being disappointed in how some of the “big things” in life turned out, I have come to be very thankful for all of the “little things”. It’s funny though how through closer inspection how those “little things” really aren’t so little. For instance, consider the roof over my head. It may not cover as much square footage as I often dream about, but it covers my family and I very nicely. Another “little thing” – my health- is something I have been very thankful for. You may have noticed that I have not posted in several weeks. While I am not an everyday log poster, I kept up with a pace of 1-2 posts per week. Well, about 3 weeks ago I came down with what I thought was food poisoning. It tortured me for about 3 days and then seemed to go away. It was not food poisoning however, and it did not go away for long. It turned out to be a particularly brutal stomach virus. Until some well educated medical personnel told me otherwise, I thought I had the beginnings of something far worse. I had not felt my insides twist and contort and be in pain like this since I ate some slightly uncooked Iraqi bread last year.

    Needless to say, my diet went the way of the Dodo Bird and I stopped taking all of my supplements. I ate what sounded good and until 3 days ago I was still getting bouts of stomach trouble. Oddly enough, this exercise in gastro-intestinal suffering had some unforeseen consequences. It forced me to cut my workout volume in half both for weights and cardio. I was surprised during this period that I felt very strong when I was able to drag myself to the gym and pitifully go through the motions. It seemed that the rest I was forced into was something that I needed. It also helped me to realize how the Alpha Drive XL and Stimulant X where actually working. I definitely felt stronger when taking the Alpha Drive and Stim X definitely gave me more energy. While I was on the Stim X I did notice some pretty severe tension headaches when I started to take it twice per day. I feel that it did help with appetite suppression – after I stopped taking it and I started to get over the stomach illness I have been constantly hungry. In regards to the Alpha Drive I feel that when they labeled the bottle “Male Hormonal Optimizer” they hit it on the head. It seemed like it set the conditions internally for my body to raise hormone levels and thus charge me up.

    Well, at this point I have one day left on Alpha Drive and about a week’s woth of the Stim X left. Since I feel that I have had enough time to make honest assessments of each product I am going to end this log. I realize that I may have disappointed some of you out there by not including insane amounts of detail. I hope that you will forgive me for that but I have to explain my philosophy. It took me years to realize that for any supplement to have effect you must first have hard work, solid goals and plans and a very solid diet. If you don’t have that foundation then no aid out there short of steroids will do much for you. It always cracks me up to see teenagers spend big bucks on Muscle Tech because they saw the 10 page add in Muscle and Fiction. They talk about all that they’re on – Nitro Tech, Pump Tech, Can’t Get a Date Tech – and how jacked they’ve gotten on it. Then they talk about how hard they worked on leg extensions and how the could see their biceps peak when they use the cable crossover machine to do standing “look in the mirror curls”. When I ask them how much they squat they typically don’t say much, because they don’t squat. When I ask them how many pull-ups they can do they talk about how they feel a better stretch from the Nautilus Super Row machine and one arm diagonal pull downs or something as equally ridiculous. The point of all this is that I don’t invest details in determining how this or that supplement works. I invest my details in my program and the work involved in it. If I logged my details it wouldn’t offer much to you because we have different goals, needs and methods. Based on that foundation of hard work and smart training I will notice whether supplements affect me or not. In this case, I feel that both of these products, Alpha Drive and Stim X, lived up to at least some of their claims. I would buy both products and will do so in the future. I really liked both of them and would recommend them to any serious trainee. I wouldn’t recommend Stim X to someone who has not done other stimulant type supplements before. You can’t beat the price on either of these supplements.

    I want to thank the Board, Mods, Sponsors and everyone involved in this contest. I enjoyed the log and just wish that I didn’t get stomach sick so that I could have posted at least a couple more entries. Everyone has been real positive and the other posters are real sportsmen. Today’s workout is a squat heavy day. Call me old fashioned but you just can’t beat some heavy squats followed by Good Mornings for strength and power. If I leave any bits of wisdom let it be this – simplify your approach to things. Make up for a lack of complexity by never half assing anything. And don’t do curls in the squat rack.

  12. Classy log PC, can't wait till you do another.(almost makes me want to be a writer..... if I was good enough.)
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  13. Quote Originally Posted by prld2gr8ns
    Classy log PC, can't wait till you do another.


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