*****Vipersg123's E-BOL Log*****

  1. *****Vipersg123's E-BOL Log*****



  2. Here we go!

    Male 22 years old
    195 pounds
    bf% 16-17

    Currently clean bulking.

    I started dosing friday Oct 20th. So far I am noticing some really good quality sleep... to the point where i am not waking up once during the night unless i have to go to the bathroom... this is very rare for me especially as of late. I ended up getting 11 hours of sleep the other day on accident.

    Current training schedule:

    Workout **:

    Incline Bench Barbell Press
    Flat Bench Dumbbell Press
    Dumbbell flye
    Wide-grip Pull-up
    T-bar or Close-grip Pulley Row
    Barbell or Smith Shoulder Press
    Dumbbell Side Lateral
    Dumbbell Bent-over Lateral
    Barbell Shrug
    Lying Leg raise
    Floor Crunch

    Workout A2:

    Barbell Curl
    Incline Dumbbell Curl
    V-bar Cable Pressdown
    Lying Barbell Triceps Extension
    Standing Calf Raise
    Seated Calf Raise
    Barbell or Smith Squat
    Leg Extension
    Stiff-legged Deadlift
    Lying or Seated Leg Curl
    Hanging Leg Raise
    Incline Sit-up

    Workout B1:

    Barbell Press
    Incline Dumbbell or Smith Press
    Dumbbell flye
    v-bar Pulldown
    Bent Barbell Row
    Dumbbell Shoulder Press
    Dumbbell Upright Row
    Dumbbell Shrug
    Lying Leg Raise
    Floor Crunch

    Workout B2:

    Barbell Preacher Curl
    Standing Dumbbell Curl
    Overhead Triceps Dumbbell Extension
    Close-grip Bench Press
    Calf Raise on the Leg Press
    One-legged Calf Raise with Dumbbell
    Leg Press
    Front or Hack Squat
    One-legged Calf Raise
    Dumbbell Stiff-legged Deadlift
    Hanging Leg Raise
    Incline Sit-up

    This is a 2 on 1 off 2 on 2 off training schedule

    I will have before pictures up... probably tomorrow if not then sometime this week.

    I am looking to put on some quality mass and gain some strength. This log will be mainly focused on weight gain, lift increases, and my overall opinion and exerience of e-bol. This will last 1 bottles worth(30 days).

    Tomorrow will be my first day training while on e-bol.

  3. have fun so far this stuff rocks

  4. Im looking forward to see what happens! Nothing new to report, will update later today with lifts. Got some really decent sleep last night, any reason why e-bol would help with sleep thermolife guys?

  5. Adaptogens.

  6. Just a few notes i should add... I am recovering from a lower back strain that happened early in the summer, and then happened in later summer, if you had ever followed my previous logs you will notice my lifts are lower and that is the reason. They were very bad strains and have left scar tissue and I am just now slowly getting into intense training once again. Also I am used to a more lower volume, strength trianing type of workout so my endurance blows as you will see... e-bol says it should help so we will see !!

    My desired rep range is 8-12 and over the weeks will progress with higher weights to meet this range.

    Workout **:

    Incline Bench Barbell Press 145x8 145x7

    Flat Bench Dumbbell Press 65x6 60x9

    Dips BWx7, BWx2+assistedx3

    Wide-grip Pull-up 2xBW+9reps at lvl5(asissted), [email protected]

    Low Row 140x9, 142.5x8

    Standing BB press 95x8

    Dumbbell Side Lateral (i tried a new technique after the 35 and stuck with that because i would feel it 20 times more)
    35x5+25x6, 25x8

    Dumbbell Bent-over Lateral 20x8, 20x8

    DB Shrug 50x8, 50x8 (was SO tired at this point)

    + crunches

    I felt decent today... was sort of making changes to my routine, based on the fact if I cannot feel it then im not going to do it and I will change it to what makes me feel it. Nothing much to report. I did look a little larger than usual today. Weight was 195.

  7. Workout A2:

    Barbell Curl 90x10, 95x7
    Incline Dumbbell Curl 40x5, 35x6
    V-bar Cable Pressdown 80x8, 90x7
    Lying Barbell Triceps Extension 65x12, 75x 10
    Standing Calf Raise(smith) 2plates Each side x15, 3plates + 25 each side x 6
    leg press Calf Raise 3plates ea. side x 20, 4plates x 13
    Leg Extension lvl 14 x 12, lvl 16 x 8
    Stiff-legged Deadlift (DB) 65x10 65x 10
    Lying or Seated Leg Curl lvl 10 x 8, lvl 10 x 8


    Workout B1:

    Barbell Bench 155x8, 155x8
    Incline Dumbbell Press 60x7, 55x7
    Dumbbell flye 25x10, 25x7 + superset 20x4 low partials
    v-bar Pulldown 152.5x10, 155x7
    Bent Barbell Row 135x6, 135x7
    BB standing military 95x6, 95 x 6
    Dumbbell Upright Row 40 x 8, 40 x 8
    Dumbbell Shrug 80x4 + superset 70x3, 60x8

    Floor Crunch

    Workout B2:

    concentration curls 30x12, 35x8
    Standing Dumbbell Curl 40x8, 40x6
    Overhead Triceps Dumbbell Extension 50x8, 50x9
    Tri pressdown superstrict form lvl 5 x 12, lvl 6x12
    Calf Raise on the Leg Press lvl 16x 15, 20x12
    Leg Press lvl 20x12, 20x10
    Dumbbell Stiff-legged Deadlift 75x 8

    Sorry for the late update. These workouts have been killing me... I kind of regret doing HIT for a year, it seemed to destroy my endurance... on almost all days after the first set i can just barely do as many reps as i did in the previous set and man im tired as hell, to the point with shrugs i could barely hold the weight in my hands... I guess thats good tho, gives me more to adapt to. My weight has been constant im still 195, this makes me think i should up my calories, we'll see my final weigh in monday. I've always been a hard gainer... i don't understand how people say they can gain +30 pounds on a bench in just a month or 2... for me i've been struggling with nearly the same weight for a while. It only went up when I switched to HIT and then went on a cycle of x-factor followed by RXT + powerfull and cissus. Hopefully e-bol will do this for me as well. I've notice my muscles are much fuller than normal, I haven't been getting sore like I usually would, and im constantly thirsty. Tomorrows ** I can't wait, it's been such a lazy weekend.

  8. subscribed - good luck!!

  9. bump hows the cycle going?

  10. Great! Sorry for the gigantic delay, but i finish the cycle tomorrow and plan on writing a complete review. Midterms had me to occupied to be on the comp for more than 20 mins a night so i'll deff have the final review this weekend or early this week as I am on thanksgiving break tuesday.

  11. Final Thoughts:

    Even though I wasn't able to put as much time into this log as I originally planned I was able to put plenty of time into my diet and training to get the best from e-bol.

    The most noted effect I had while on e-bol was much better recovery, and a lot of strength! My weight stayed constant throughout the entire month, but I was getting stronger, so I increased my calories but still no weight gain, I noticed I was much more defined, but stayed at the same weight. So from that I am assuming I cut some BF while gaining some muscle. This really helped me get back to where I was a half a year ago before my injury, and then some... I had seen some people that I hadn't seen in a couple of months at the end of my cycle and literally everyone of them kept commenting on how great I looked and how big my arms looked and my legs looked bigger etc... my girlfriend noticed big time and she said that I looked bigger than I have ever been! As far as lifts, my BB standing military press went from 95 to 130... which is insane. Incline DB went from 60 to 70, bb flat bench went from 155 for 10, to 170 for 10. I am not gonna count the squat because I am just beginning to get back into lifts like that. Also I noticed my back recovery seemed to speed up.

    Overall an 8/10 It was great. Best ecdy product I have taken to date!


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