log for AX's Hyperdrol + MassFX(alpha version)

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  1. log for AX's Hyperdrol + MassFX(alpha version)

    Age: 30

    Sex: M

    Height: 5'8"ish

    Weight: 173lbs bf ~7%

    Bodytype: Ecto primarily

    Training experience:

    Weight/strength training for the past decade. For the first 6 years I focused mostly on strength training while trying to maintain a weight of no more that 143 for competition. Most opponents at this weight were 5'6" or under so it gave me a decent height/reach advantage. But as I wanted to compete in mma/sport jiu-jitsu finding anyone in in these weight classes was difficult in these weight divisions. So I made the decision to compete at 155. Gained 20-35lbs in 3 years using a modified routine of IronAddicts.

    BJJ/Muay Thai/mma training for past 8 years with some breaks inbetween.

    Training Schedule/Protocol:
    Lift thrice per week. 2 workouts consists of a fullbody circuit training for about 1hr 30mins. Rep range is 13-15 reps. If you saw the All Access Rich Franklin program my workout is basically the same though my tempo differs. I move slower through the workout so I only average 7-9 sets for large muscle groups and 4 for smaller ones. Exercises are most compound movements which I could go into exact detail if necessary.
    Another workout going for 1-2 rep maxes for strength.
    Then 2-5 days per week of bjj/muay thai class depending on schedule.
    Cardio Schedule/Protocol:
    30 mins everyday on treadmill with heartrate at 130-140bpm. Once or twice a week on treadmill heart rate at 190-200 bpm till failure, rest 5 misn or until 140-150bpms. Repeat this for 20 mins.

    Current supplements: (been on these supps consistenly for at least a couple months
    3 caps curcumin + bioperine
    6g beta-alanine
    2g Spirulina
    1g Rhodiola Rosea
    500mg Bacopa
    4g Alcar
    2g Primal Defense powder/probiotic
    1g Green Tea Extract
    500mg Fruit anti-ox blend from BAC
    200-300mg Idebenone
    600mg NAC
    1g Celadrin
    3g Cissus RX
    4-6g Omega 3 Fish oil
    1 a day multi, Eco-Green, Adam, or AST Pro 32x, Centrum, etc
    1000IUs SOD every 10 days

    Preworkout shake:
    6g beta-alanine
    3g CEE
    1g Glucuronolactone
    1scoop WPI
    Workout shake:
    3g Leucine
    2g Taurine
    10g EAA
    1.5 scoops WPI
    Postworkout shake:
    1 or 2 scoops WPI
    3g Taurine
    6g Leucine
    80g carb (dex,malto, palatinose, oats, etc )
    Current Diet:
    200-250g protein, 200g carbs, 75g fat. Diet needs improvement as I don't get enough calories given energy expenditure. Diet is fairly clean with no processed/fast foods except on weekends as cheat. I've actually noticed that as long as I get 150g of protein in around my workout then it really doesn't matter what protein intake looks like for the rest of the day. I used to eat 6-8 meals per day and tried to cram down 5000+ cals. But with the current 3 or 4 meals per day and getting most of my protein in around a workout I'm getting equal results and feel better in general. The food eaten at other times is just to prevent catabolism really. For me it never seemed to increase nutrient shuttling to the muscle so no point in eating tons of food as it wasn't going where intended. And the real kick in the pants is I don't even take a night time or pre sleep protein shake anymore. I find it more beneficial if I don't eat past 8pm. I wake up in a fasted state and seem to absorb the protein and nutrients from breakfast better. I know many will say it's utter stupidty but it works well for me. The lack of habit and routine that make life possible for some is better for me as it staves of stagnation. Eating in a more unconventional and haphazard manner tricks my body into storing nutrients in a more efficient manenr as it's not sure when it will get more.

    Current Daily water intake: 1.5 gallons, not counting water added to protein shakes, or content in other drinks.

    Short Term Goal: Lean bulk to 185lbs, sub 8% bodyfat by end of year

    Long Term Goal: Hit 200lbs and sub 8% bf in next few years.

    ANY and ALL Prescription / Non-Prescription / Recreational drugs: Only if those in current supps qualify under this category
    Supplement history (as much detail as possible):
    A decade's worh of crap and fads from Cybergenics, Similax, other defunct stuff I can't even think of.
    A couple cycles of phs about 2-3 years ago, SD, M1T, 1AD/4AD/MOHN.
    Various protein powders, again too long to list or even remember for that matter.
    Past Year:
    A few nootropics like pea, the cetams, chocamine, plcar
    USPLabs Symmetry, CAMP, and PowerFull, Designer Supps Rebound XT + ActivaTe, Scivation's Anagen, Avant Labs Sesamin, Anabolic Xtreme Hyperdrol, Omega Sports Thunder and Lightning stack. Can provide brief reviews if necessary.
    Other product reviews / logs you have done (with links):
    Scivation Anagen log
    mini reviews on various products at some private sites mostly mma oriented

  2. What the hell is going to be in Mass FX alpha test version?

    Well it is time to answer that question. Not many details are going to be released until the final product is ready to launch except the ingredient.

    Now over the last couple of weeks at Anabolic Xtreme we have had some big things happen that are going to affect the final version in a pleasant way. We will probably be adding another ingredient to the product that putting it nicely will “rock worlds”. Mass FX will be nothing less than innovative and will set the bar as the companion product of choice for any stack.

    The main ingredient is a completely custom synthesis that we have been working on for some time. More on that when we announce the big news.

    Ingredients: (3b,5a,6a,25R)-Spirostan-3,6-diol, Bioperene

    How the hell is that herbal? Well a full write-up will be released upon product launch but for now all we will say is that it is 100% herbal. We have a custom synthesis on an extract that is derived from a wild plant in the DaXingAnLing virgin forest.

    The reason we are not adding in the other ingredient yet is synthesis time. It is so time consuming to make we are at least 3 months off from product launch and would defiantly get ripped off. This one will be much more difficult to copy so we feel confident starting the testing now. Thanks and enjoy everyone.

    The dosage will be 1 serving 3X a day with your Hyperdrol. Preferably one serving before you workout. Please take this with meals.

  3. AX has given testers some leeway in dosing protocol. As a result I will use 3 caps MassFX Thursday-Sunday. Then starting next week I'll bump it up to 4 caps. The following week may see 5 caps but it remains to be seen. I also had some leftover Hyperdrol so I'll be dosing it at 4 caps per day throughout this log. In all likelihood I will probably run 4 caps of each throughout as it coincides with the 4 meals per day consumed. On workout days I will take 1 or 2 caps preworkout to see what effect if any there is on workouts.

  4. Day 1- Thursday Sept 28

    Took the caps with meals but can't say I expereinced anything out of the ordinary. On Monday I will bump the MassFX to 4 caps to coincide with the Hyperdrol and number of meals. Unfortunately, I don't lift again until Saturday so I won't know how it will affect workouts.

    Today was Muay Thai training, mostly bag and pad work and only minimal sparring. Nothing to note from that but again it's only the first day.

    Blood pressure is 117/78 which is normal for me. I also have a doc appointment scheduled for Nov 1st at which time I can probably get bloodwork done.

  5. I am watching

  6. Day 2
    Had bjj practice Friday night and got caught in a guillotine when the guy pulled guard I tried for a brasilian style takedown. While getting to side control and popping my head out I felt a twang in the neck. My adrenaline was still pumping so I was able to complete training but an hour after I got home a migraine set in so I took a few advil and went to sleep.

  7. Day 3
    Went to the Doc but nothing serious just a pinched nerve and subsequent muscle inflammation. Continued to ice, heat and massage the area throughout the day. I had intially planned to workout on Saturday but thought better of it and decided to see how I felt the next day. Hard to notice any effects from the mFX or the HD as I was focused on my neck.

  8. day 4

    Felt strong enough to lift so I did. Hard to say if MFX and HD had any effect on recovery but it sure didn't hurt.

    Lifting 5 or 6 days a week while trying to incorporate muay thai and gi and no-gi jiu-jitsu is nearly impossible. As a result the only practical lifting program is a full body workout twice a week. I use a high rep range of 12-15 reps per set as it's supposed to help with muscular endurance which just happens to be highly beneficial in mma. Once every ten days I incorporate a 1-2 rep range to focus on raw strength which aids in more explosive movements. While the lifting progam is centered around increasing performance for an mma athlete rahter than adding shear mass it's still easy to bulk on this program.

    Typically I choose 2 exercises per major muscle group and one exercise per minor/smaller group. 2 sets for each major group and 1 set per minor per iteration. The workout consists of one run through block A with minimal pause between each exercise followed by another run of block A and then one run of block B. This is one iteration and is repated two or three times. I may rest 5 mins between each iteration. For the warm-ups I run through block A once foloowed immediately by block B once at 75% of the actual lifting weights and at only 7-9 reps.

    Workout: Circuit training
    Block A
    Flat bench press (135lbs) 15, 15, 15
    Lat pulldowns (120lbs) 15, 15, 15
    Seated Rows (120lbs) 15, 15, 15
    Deadlifts (135lbs) 15, 15, 15
    Squats (185lbs) 15, 15, 15
    Calf Raises (185bs) 15, 15, 15
    Block B
    Overhead dumbbell press (40lb dumbbells) 13
    Barbell curls (60lbs) 15
    Cable tricep pushdowns (100lbs) 15

    I decided to reduce the number of iterations and weight due to the injury. Can't say I noticed any increase in endurance, pumps, focus, etc but I was taking it easy as to not aggravate the situation.

  9. Watching my friend be safe...

  10. Day 6

    Thanks guys, I feel pretty good now, no more headaches. It could be that the injury wasn't as severe or perhaps the HD+MassFx aided in recovery but I feel a lot better today and will resume normal workouts tomorrow.

    I did some mild cardio today running on a treadmill for 20 mins at a heart rate of 140. There's no change in endurance as it took roughly the same amount of time to reach 140 at 6mph. Heart rate also reached rest rate 15 mins after cardio so no changes there either.

  11. you almost slipped by me over here!!!

  12. Day 7

    Flat bench press (185lbs) 15, 15, 15, 15
    Lat pulldowns (180lbs) 15, 15, 14, 14
    Seated Rows (180lbs) 15, 15, 14, 14
    Deadlifts (185lbs) 15, 15, 15, 14
    Squats (245lbs) 15, 15, 14, 13
    Calf Raises (245lbs) 15, 15, 15, 15
    Overhead dumbbell press (60lb dumbbells) 15, 13
    Barbell curls (80lbs) 14, 14
    Cable tricep pushdowns (140lbs) 13, 13

    Good to be back into the full swing of things. Noticed an increased intensity in the gym today though I can't say if it's due to the products or if it's being able to workout all out again. Strength/endurance seems to have increased as as I was able to complete the workout with more energy than I thought I would have.

  13. Week 1 Summary

    Weight 174.1 up 1.1lbs

    Acne/Oily skin: none

    Aggression: no change

    Appetite: No change. No digestion problems or nausea either

    Bloat/Water retention: None, in fact a slight diuretic effect

    Cardiovascular Endurance: no change

    Cramping: none so far

    DOMS: no increase

    Joint Soreness: no increase

    Lethargy: again none

    Libido: Up slightly. No change in erection quality or size of 'load' for those who care.

    Endurance: Up slightly
    Fullness: No change
    Pump: Again up slightly but quickly subsides after workout
    Strength: Appears to be up as the weights feel easier to move. 1-2rm lifts should determine what if any strength increases there are

    Sleep- No change in duration. No effect on dreams or how deep the sleep is.

    Training Intensity: Appears to be up but intenisty for me is always increased while using a new product.

    Vascularity: No change

    Too early to jump to any conclusions but the lack of sides is welcomed. I'm a bit surprised in the weight gain given the past week but the hope is the trend continues. Next week I'll up the dose to 4 caps to see what if any changes occur.

  14. looks good...
    i would also recommend uping to 4 caps...

  15. day 9

    Upped to 4 caps to coincide with HD and per recommendations. Libido increase is becoming more apparent and I can notice it within an hour after ingestion.

    Finally went back to bjj tonight and a few commented on changes in my physical appearance, notably muscle fullness and wondered if my absence had something to do with it: little do they know. I'm feeling fully recovered now so mood is improved and am looking forward to tomorrow's workout. Went easy on the grappling to conserve strength and gear up for tomorrow.

    Still noticing the mild diuretic effect which may be contributing to muslces looking more full.

  16. doin' good!!

  17. Here's how last nights workout went. Dosed two caps pre and it seemed to provide more focus and higher intensity.

    Workout: 1-2 rep max
    Flat bench press
    5 x 205 | 5 x 205 | 2 x 280 | 1 x 305

    Incline Bench Press
    2x 205 | 1 x 225

    Seated Rows
    5 x 200 | 2 x 250 | 1 x 280 | 1 x 280

    5 x 265 | 1 x 305 | 1 x 305 | 1 x 305

    5 x 265 | 2 x 305| 1 x 345

    Calf Raises
    5 x 305 | 2 x 345 | 2 x 345 | 2 x 345

    Overhead barbell press
    5 x 100 | 2 x 150 | 2 x 150

    Barbell curls
    5 x 80 | 1 x 120 | 1x 140

    Cable tricep pushdowns
    5 x 100 | 2 x 150 | 1 x 170 | 1 x 180

  18. Day 11
    Not much soreness today, not that there ever is. I did notice that my dreams were more vivid last night, something that hasn't occurred in the past.

    Did some cardio today and again I don't notice much of any difference. I did weigh myself this morning and came in at 175.3 which is a 2lb gain in 11 days which I am very pleased with.

  19. nice gains....
    how much muscle vs. fat?

  20. Due to a fairly clean diet, excess cardio and genetics I have a problem putting on bodyfat and even lean body mass to a degree. While I can't necessarily attribute the changes in weight to lbm I can say it's certainly not body fat.

    I didn't think 4 caps would make much of a difference over 3 but the it is readily apparent. Increase in libido is more noticeable and nto as iffy so I can say with certainty it's due to the supps. Also experienced more vivid dreams last night whereas this effect was not present at 3 caps. While the effect is mild it's still noteworthy though I'm not sure what it signifies.

    I noticed aggression or irratibility is increased slightly. Tonight in bjj class I really wanted to blast a couple people in the face to pass their guards but knew better.

  21. those are all good signs!!!

  22. day 13

    Flat bench press (185lbs) 15, 15, 15, 15
    Lat pulldowns (180lbs) 15, 15, 14, 14
    Seated Rows (180lbs) 15, 15, 14, 14
    Deadlifts (185lbs) 15, 15, 15, 14
    Squats (245lbs) 15, 15, 14, 13
    Calf Raises (245lbs) 15, 15, 15, 15
    Overhead dumbbell press (60lb dumbbells) 15, 13
    Barbell curls (80lbs) 14, 14
    Cable tricep pushdowns (140lbs) 13, 13

    Hard to notice any increase in sweat as this routine leaves me drenched. Other trends are still holding true, libido, training intensity, vivid dreams continue. Hopefully the mass increases continues as well.

  23. Great Log. def 4 caps is better. Aggression is nice for a fighter ...

  24. Must I beg for pictures???????

  25. Quote Originally Posted by FitnFirm
    Must I beg for pictures???????
    It would be appreciated

    I'll try to get pics but I might have to edit them to some degree to cover some identifying tattoos. My biggest problem is finding someone competent enough to take decent pics. Friend and training partners like to take close-ups of knee caps and other body parts including the venerable crotch shot. And others take pics with improper settings so the pics are blurry. That's the result of the iso speed being set too high, right? But I'll try to get some pics up, circumstances permitting.


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