O.N. Colossus Cookie review Choc Chip, "Delicious oven-baked protein cookie"NOT

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    O.N. Colossus Cookie review Choc Chip, "Delicious oven-baked protein cookie"NOT

    OK, I tried this due to the 30g protein and the 380 cals, not bad
    but the profile is not great and I hoped the "less than perfect profile" would equate to good taste.
    OK, not that it's bad, well OK it is bad.
    It's that damn aftertaste, just nasty chemical flavor.
    Sorry Optimum, you missed here.

    I had originally ordered the "Powerhouse Nutrition Power Protein Cookie" but it was backordered so I switch, bad idea.
    Just say no. Maybe other flavors are better, but not likely.
    Flavor - Chocolate Chip
    Cals - 380
    Fat - 15g (I know, too high, and it STILL tastes bad)
    Carbs - 32g
    fiber - 2g
    sugars - 18g
    sugar alcohols - 12g
    protein - 30g

    Gotta give this a 2 out of 5, not bad enough to toss, but bad enough for me to post this bad review and never order them again.

    See my review on the Awesome TriOPlex Cookies though

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    Sounds like you need to give Crowler's cookies a try. Here's some insight, they ARE DAMN AMAZING.

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