Labrada Lean Body RTD

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    Labrada Lean Body RTD

    This was yet another free sample of something I would otherwise never buy.

    Taste: Well, it DID taste like vanilla (as it was supposed to), but it wasn't like a real vanilla at all. Real vanilla has a kind of smooth marshmallow flavor to it. Fake or crappy vanilla flavoring has a bitterness to it. The vitamins could also be detected and, aside from missing the target of vanilla, it didn't taste good. I would much rather drink Optimum vanilla in water than this.

    Texture: It was thick and slimy somewhat like algae on the surface of a swamp. It was not fun at all. I assume it was all the cellulose they used to thicken it that gave it such a bad texture.

    Overall: The source of protein for the RTD wasn't all that impressive either. And for the price this stuff was horrible. Heck, for free this stuff was horrible. I couldn't finish mine and my sister couldn't finish hers. Folks, it was bad, really bad. Do not buy this. If you must try an RTD, I'll bet Muscle Milk's is a good one . Or if you want something healthy, just throw some Xtreme Formulations Ultra Peptide and oat powder into an empty shaker bottle and add water (or milk) when needed.

    0 out of 5 stars
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    I also got this RTD for free, and I 2nd this review. Couldn't finish mine either. 0/5

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