The Solution logs Major Gains

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    The Solution logs Major Gains

    Major Gains

    What it has

    Six battle tested ingredients plus a pharmaceutical grade bio-availability agent all geared to help create an unstoppable force of muscle growth, strength, recovery and fat loss.

    Phosphatidic Acid which was able to help produce 5.3 lbs of muscle gains on just 3 days of training in studies with up to a 600% increase in mTOR signaling. Maral Extract which as able to increase working capacity by up to 15% after just 20 days of use. Ursolic Acid which boasted 413% more muscle gains and 5 lbs of fat loss in a 4-week university study.

    Assault Labs presents Major Gains - The Most Potent Natural Anabolic Ever Made.

    Get Major Gains Now!

    Key Benefits of Major Gains:
    •Helps Increase Lean Muscle Mass*
    •Helps Increase mTOR Signaling*
    •Helps Accelerate Muscle Recovery*
    •Helps Reduce Mental & Physical Fatigue*
    •Helps Increase Muscular Strength*
    •Helps Improve Protein Synthesis*
    •Helps Reduce Body Fat*
    •Helps Prevent Catabolic Muscle Wasting*
    •Helps Increase ATP Restoration Within Cells*
    •Helps Improve Mood*
    •Helps Improve Mental Focus*
    •Helps Increase Nitrogen Retention*
    •No On Cycle Or PCT Required*


    - Increase Body composition
    - Increase Strength
    - Increase Recovery
    - Muscle / Weight Gain


    Weight ~ 178


    What i will provide

    - Workouts
    - Calories / Macros
    - Food Porn
    - Feedback weekly and when I notice things during my training

    Anything else the reps or followed want to see let me know

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  2. First in for gains
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  3. Good to see someone honest actually review something

  4. You set the bar high!

  5. Subbed

  6. Will we find the Solution to Major Gains in this log?

  7. Extremely interested to see how it treats you. May be picking up some after finishing this second bottle of vector.

  8. Subbed
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  9. I'm in...But you need to work on your pushups
    I mean if you really hate your balls, go for it. But, what did they do to you?

  10. In for sure

  11. In!
    "At the water's edge, I bowed my head to drink, only to drown.
    Retrace, then return. Time won't take us back.""

  12. Subbed

  13. No food pics yet? Wtf!

  14. Awesome! In on this for sure! Can't wait to see how you like it.
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  15. I am in to get some honest feedback from you, as always.

  16. In...

  17. I'll bounce in and out now and again to bring some strong coffee.. (pinky) and humour de jour. (That's French).

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  18. In for feedback

  19. Subbed!

  20. In for the ride !!

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  21. I'm always in on your logs for the food. Getting hungry just thinking about them...
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    I figure the product will take a week to get here.

    in the mean time Ill log my workouts just to show you guys how I do train.
    I will be starting the Gamma Bomb routine by John Meadows next week.

    Mesocycle #8
    Week 8 Day 3

    Tempo Indication: Eccentric:Pause:Concentric:Fle x (x:x:x:x)
    All Rep Tempo's are 2:1:2:2
    Rest Times are 90 Seconds

    Hack Squat:
    2 Plates/Side x 10
    2 Plates + 25/Side x 8
    3 Plates / Side x 6 → 2 Plates x 10

    Reverse V squat machine:
    210 x 8 (4 Sets)

    Barbell Squat:
    135 x 20
    225 x 15
    315 x 12 (2 Sets)

    **: Leg Extensions:
    A2: Lying leg curls:
    4 Rounds of 12-15 Reps

    B1: Seated calf machine: (3:1:2:1)
    2 Plates + 25 x 8 (4 Sets)

    B2: Standing Calf Raise:
    BW X 25 (4 Sets)

    Birthday Cake Cookies
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  23. Let the gainz begin!


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