SNS X-Gels - First stab at ARA!

  1. SNS X-Gels - First stab at ARA!

    Hey everyone!

    It's not often I choose to log a supplement as I'm kind of a newb in general with certain supplements. I just finished another "natty anabolic" that I actually wish I logged (results were great!), so I don't want to miss another opportunity here.

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    My plan is as follows:

    - 4-day upper/lower split training (Fierce 5 Upper/Lower)
    - 1.5g SNS X-Gels (6 caps)
    - 81mg baby aspirin
    - 6g GMS (from BulkSupplements)

    I write down all of my workouts and willing to mirror that writing in this thread. I'm currently on a deload week but started X-Gels yesterday to get it in my system.

    My GMS is arriving today, so I will start using that beginning with Thursday's upper body day. Otherwise, below will be my first two workouts with X-Gels and baby aspirin combo. The only "kink" i'm working on is figuring out what to do for a pre-workout meal. Right now I train in the morning, before work, so I'm testing eating LITTLE food pre-workout (day 1 & 2) and trying a fasted workout (day 3 & 4) since ARA works best with an empty body.

    Anyway, below are days 1 & 2. It's not much but I'm not expecting much yet.

    Day 1

    Stack: 1.5g ARA, 81mg baby aspirin

    I canít say I have much to report. I will say that my pumps felt pretty intense after lat pulldowns today. I usually get a nasty bicep pump with those, but being deload week and even doing the lighter weight (~50% my max) I got borderline hurtful pumps. I understand ARA needs to build up a bit before I feel its full effects, but I was kind of surprised here.

    Anyway - iím very excited to run this. Iím looking to put on some size at the moment and X-Gels seems like a good path to take. I have some ďbeforeĒ pictures, and will be taking ďbeforeĒ measurements either later today or tomorrow morning. Currently all I know is that my waist is around 33 1/8" at the moment.

    Day 2

    Stack: 1.5g ARA, 81mg baby aspirin

    Today was day 2 of X-Gels, day 2 of my deload week. Today was lower body day including some squats, leg press, leg curls, leg extensions, and I threw in some deads to practice form and get a little extra in.

    Itís still tough to judge whatís going on with X-Gels as I feel itís too early to tell and itís a deload week. Iím really excited for next week though since my lifts will be back to normal (going for 5lb upper and 10lb lower PRís since that's what is programmed for next week) and 4 days worth of ARA will be in my system.

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    Happy to have you guys here! Tomorrow is day 3 with X-Gels and I just received my bulk GMS from BulkSupplements yesterday, so 6g of GMS will be going down with my pre. I will also be training fasted.

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    Happy to have you guys here! Tomorrow is day 3 with X-Gels and I just received my bulk GMS from BulkSupplements yesterday, so 6g of GMS will be going down with my pre. I will also be training fasted.
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  8. Day 3

    HUGE shoutout to SNS for hooking me up with a 2nd bottle of X-Gels for this log. This was 100% out of their own generosity. Ballin' on a budget as a recent college grad, working a cheap paying job at a small company in a broke city is not easy, so such generosity is appreciated beyond belief. Thank you very much guys!!

    Added a picture of the stack to the first post because pictures make threads nicer. :slight_smile:

    Stack: 1.5g ARA, 81mg baby aspirin, 6g GMS

    Today was day 3 of X-Gels, day 3 of my deload week, my first fasted workout test, and my first day dosing 6g GMS with X-Gels. Needless to say, this was a very different approach for me this morning. Normally I'm slamming down a good amount of food pre-workout, a full serving of Re1gn, and off I go. This morning I didn't eat (was a little hungry), didn't have caffeine (used Carbon Prep, stim free pre), and used straight GMS for the first time. I'm mostly just taking a break from Re1gn while deloading this week, but lack of stims pre-workout kinda sucks.

    Before I get into the better part of this day's review, let me just say - downing GMS was VERY weird. I chased it with my pre-workout drink and the stuff was clumping in my throat before I even swallowed one mouthful of pre. Otherwise it was tasteless as far as I could tell.

    As for my workout, training fasted wasn't so bad. I think next week once I'm back to my usual schedule, Re1gn will make my body forget that I'm fasted lol.

    Today was upper body day consisting of standing overhead press, pendlay rows, and some isolation work. Something very interesting happened by the time I was done with my 4th/final set of overhead press.. my triceps were in pain. Not a bad pain, but a pump-like, sore type of pain.. hard to describe. I have a feeling this may have been some ARA action taking place because I've never felt this before and I didn't tweak anything because they feel fine now, a few hours later, and they didn't limit the rest of my workout in any way. I was actually pretty excited by this being that the weight was fairly light (about 55% of my 1RM, 75% of my 3x6) yet this new feeling still came to me. My triceps hardly ever get any sort of pump as they're one of my weakest parts unfortunately, so this was very cool.

    Otherwise, not a whole lot else to report. I'm feeling kind of sick like a head cold is trying to get me, and being on a deload week is keeping my intensity down a bit. Next week I should have lots of great things to report I'd imagine.

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  10. Day 4

    Stack: 1.5g ARA, 81mg baby aspirin, 6g GMS

    Today was day 4 of X-Gels, day 4/final day of my deload..thank goodness. Not pushing near my limits is boring!

    Today was lower body day including front squats, rack pulls, banded/deficit deadlifts (first time trying these), and leg isolation stuff. This isn't my usual routine, but wanted to try a different lift combo. It was definitely a good time and using a resistance band doing deadlifts is quite a sensation. Easy to get off the ground but that ends quickly as the band resistance kicks in. Fun stuff!

    I'm not sure how well training fasted is doing. I feel pretty low on energy, but I also blame the pre I'm using. Once I use Re1gn again on Monday, all should be well, so I'll wait to pass judgement until then.

    As for any effects - not much to note. My quads/glutes got a nice little pump that is uncommon, so that felt good.

    My next post should be gold. Heavy upper body day.. Hoping for some nasty pumps from the ARA.


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