**Wesley VS Gear by MuscleGELZ**

  1. **Wesley VS Gear by MuscleGELZ**

    Wesley VS Gear by MuscleGELZ

    Introducing GEAR by MuscleGELZ
    10mgs of SR9009 and 10mgs of RAD140 per serving or per mL
    3 pumps of lotion = 1mL or 1 serving
    A bottle is 8 oz. 8oz= 236mL. So depending on how you run this product is how long it can last.
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    In doing this log I want to make it very clear that I am a REP for both IML and MuscleGELZ, but I assure you I will give only truthful and unbiased reviews.

    2018 would be my 22nd year of competing, however I have not competed in the last 2 years, primarily due to the fact I tore my entire Quad off 1.5 years ago and am only about 90% recovered.

    31 years of Weight Training and 22 years in the Supplement Industry.

    I started this product 4 weeks ago. I wanted to do this a little different. I will post up my next workout and give my initial 4 week review of this product. Also at the end I will be comparing this product to AndroSHRED, AndroHARD and my previous use of SR9009 and RAD140, though admittedly I have never used them together, and I have never used any other topical version.

    Remember topical use is going to have far higher absorption.

    Let me show you what I am going to judge the product on over the next 4 weeks-

    I will be posting regarding the following:
    Muscle Hardness
    Cardio Function
    Overall Mood
    Oily Skin
    Changes in mood/temperment
    Agression in the Gym
    How this effects Sex
    Sex Drive
    Any sexually related issues
    Night Sweats
    Any conversion to gyno/pre-gyno
    liver or kidney issues if they present themselves
    Hair thinning
    Hair Darkening
    Hair growth

    Now let me tell you a little more about this product per the manufacturer-

    • Male and Female Friendly
    • Non-Hormonal
    • Clean gel, no scent or residue & dries quickly
    • Rapid superior absorption
    • Targets slow to respond/stubborn areas

    Active Ingredients

    STENABOLIC (10mg)
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    Stenabolic enhances exercise capacity by increasing mitochondria in skeletal muscle. This is why it has been marketed and hyped around the internet as “exercise in a bottle.”
    Stenabolic has the ability to alter the activity of the skeletal muscle mitochondria, or in simple terms – it boosts your metabolic activity. This makes it similar to what the drug DNP does, but being much safer and not counter productive to your endurance goals. What’s more unlike DNP Stenabolic has the ability to mimic actual aerobic exercise without actually putting in the conditioning. Therefore, it will boost your endurance instead of hurting it!
    Stenabolic binds to a protein called Rev-erbA. This is important, as this protein influences fat and sugar burning in the liver, production of fat cells, and the body’s inflammatory responses. As a result, this interaction between Stenabolic and Rev-erbA allows you to make your current exercise regiment much more effective. In fact, even sitting on your butt all day will not hinder your objectives. All in all, the ultimate goal is to burn off for energy from what you eat, instead of getting it stored as fat, which Stenabolic does great. Furthermore, it will attack the existing fat and burn it off.
    Stenabolic will help a person become leaner, and it will help them do more distance with cardio without getting winded as fast. Overall, it will increase your VO2 max allowing you to improve your endurance. Additionally, Stenabolic can benefit non athletes as well since it can possibly reverse obesity, metabolic syndrome, and ultimately type 2 diabetes.
    Developers took mice that had low amounts of muscle, low metabolic rate, and had poor running capacity. Hence, the mice were basically human versions of out of shape couch potatoes. Once given Stenabolic, muscle and metabolic rate increased, even without being allowed to exercise. Then, once these mice were allowed to exercise, they were able to run 50% further without getting winded.

    TESTOLONE (10mg)
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    Testolone was designed to behave like the hormone testosterone in the body, but its not a hormone and has no negative/androgenic side effects that steroids have. It does this by having a massive 85:1 anabolic to androgenic ratio causing the body to burn fat and build lean muscle mass (anabolism) at an extraordinary rate comparable to anabolic steroid use.
    Testolone is one of the newest compounds, and its objective is to give a blast of testosterone without the negative side effects associated to anabolic steroid use. Hence the reason why it is an alternative to testosterone replacement therapy. Specifically, it has been shown to interact with hormonal receptors in the tissues in the same way as a large doses of testosterone do. Furthermore, it also exhibited a greater anabolic effect than testosterone, and a more reinforced effect as well. However since Testolone is not a hormone it is “female friendly”.
    So far Testolone has been shown to increase endurance, stamina, and speed during an athlete’s training. Obviously, it is capable of increasing strength and muscle volume in a much shorter time, especially in those who are deficient in the male hormone testosterone. Moreover, Testolone has anti-catabolic properties so it will be a great help at preventing muscle wasting problems as well.
    Those that can benefit from Testolone

    1. Those who have low testosterone because of health issues, or prior abuse of anabolic steroids.
    2. Bodybuilders who want to bridge between steroid cycles. Imagine being able to use testosterone in between your existing anabolic steroid cycles without worrying about suppression and damaging your HPTA. This will allow you to keep more strength and muscle off cycle then you ever have before.
    3. Those who want to use a performance enhancing drug, but are concerned with the possible side effects. In such situation, one could cycle Testolone instead of anabolic steroids and not worry about shutdown or the negative health effects caused by anabolic steroids.
    4.Those sensitive to gynecomastia. Testolone is like using testosterone, but without the risk of estrogenic side effects because it does not aromatize into estrogen. Therefore, if a testosterone base is needed during a cycle, Testolone can be used without fear of getting bitch tits or bloating.


    Dimethyl Isosorbide (DMI) – is a high purity solvent and carrier which offers a safe, effective delivery enhancement mechanism for the active ingredients in GEAR™.
    Ethoxydiglycol – is a cosmetic grade solvent that conforms to the current USP/NF monographs. Ethoxydiglycol is particularly appropriate for skin care preparations where it acts as an excellent solvent and carrier.
    Propylene glycol – is an organic compound that is used 2 primary reasons. First, it has the traits of a humectant; it is able to absorb and help the skin retain moisture. Second, it helps active ingredients penetrate the skin.
    Glycerin – when used on skin works as humectant, which is why it attracts moisture onto your skin.
    Carbomer – helps to distribute and suspend the active ingredients in the GEAR™ gel.
    Triethanolamine (TEA) – Helps the water-soluble and oil-soluble ingredients blend better. TEA neutralizes fatty acids and solubilizes oils and other ingredients that are not completely soluble in water.

    Any questions please feel free to ask or post up questions about this product and it's use, I am happy to help. I will be in this log only about 3x per week, so I will do my best to respond to you guys in a timely manner.

    Thanks for following!!
    Lightweight Sponsored Bodybuilder/Strongman Competitor- Iron Mag Labs "WES15" for 15% off
    Iron Mag Labs=- www.ironmaglabs.com /Iron Mag Research- www.ironmagresearch.com / "WES20" for 20% off at MA Labs- www.masupps.com

  2. In on this. Sounds interesting and I love AndroHard.

  3. Sweet in on this!
    Official Strong Supplement Shop Board Rep
    Join Us In The Pursuit of Strength - Go Strong!

  4. Great! Looking FWD to your results Wes.

    I'm looking FWD to Estrozone coming out,any idea when that will be roughly?

  5. Thank you guys!!!

    Yes Estrozone will be out in roughly 6-8 weeks is the ETA. Based on that number and not mocking MG or anyone at all, I would say lets expect it in 8-10 realistically imo

    Also we have another product coming that is DHEA, Tongkat and Epimedium. Should be solid product for libido increases and improved erections.

    Basic Stats
    5'8- 205lbs? Pretty lean, maybe 8-10%bodyfat if I had to guess. Not optimal shape at all Our baby is 7 months old, and the first year I will not be able to workout or eat like I normally would. So I plan to just sit at 205-210 and kind of go through the motions until she is 1 year old and easier to handle LOL.

    Had only 30minutes. I should add that my very first experience thus far for 4 weeks is this product has been insane for my Endurance. I have taken it in different quantities. 3 pumps 3x per day, 5 pumps 3x per day, and 6 pumps PWO (1.5 hours prior) so i have found very different effects depending on how I run it.

    Fat loss wise I have seen small bodyfat loss, but in all fairness I have not been dieting, eating clean or trying to lose bodyfat, so I don't think how I have run it thus far is a fair judge of bodyfat loss.

    I truly was using it mostly PWO, and at 6pumps PWO, I feel like I can workout and never run out of Oxygen. Which is not like me normally. I usually will huff and puff around 20 reps,bc truth be told, but not at all on this. I even cut my rest periods to 30 and 60 seconds to experiment with it. I repped out 135 for 50 reps on incline and though my muscles burnt like crazy I stood up and was not even remotely struggling to breathe....which is 100% unlike me.

    So my workouts are not going to be as intense or going as heavy as I would like. I will be using gear regularly from this point forward in this log.

    Today I am going to do 4 pumps 3x.

    Yesterday was 6 pumps PWO and this is what happened.

    WORKOUT 2/8


    Supinated Dumbell Curls (weights per hand)

    Incline Bench Press
    135x20 warmup

    Dumbell Rows


    Ran out of time-

    Here's what my inclines look like normally- (this footage was not today)

    Not pushing it on any of the workout intensity wise. So let's see what happens in the gym this weekend.

    Oh yeah I have a few female clients using this, and I have some feedback from one of the female PL's and her Trainer also gave me his unbiased feedback. Will post that info asap.

    I am very very curious how this will respond to the female population tbh.

    Thanks everyone for following!!
    Lightweight Sponsored Bodybuilder/Strongman Competitor- Iron Mag Labs "WES15" for 15% off
    Iron Mag Labs=- www.ironmaglabs.com /Iron Mag Research- www.ironmagresearch.com / "WES20" for 20% off at MA Labs- www.masupps.com

  6. Strong F'ing inclines in that vid, excellent!

  7. Great to see this! I put mine in the cycle logs section, though I see now this might get more traffic. I might have to see about having it moved over.

  8. Wes! Great intro and log thus far. Looking forward to seeing your progress. Keep it up brother.

  9. Thank you again everyone for the comments and following.


    So I tried something different over the weekend. Just now having time to post.

    I did 9 pumps of lotion about 2 hours before workout.

    Def noticed that I was much warmer body temperature, sweated more during workout, the endurance was off the chart and energy was good as well. Mood was slightly improved. So I did see immediate benefits more noticeably on the higher dosage.

    Not going to run it that way though thinking I might just try 5 pumps 3x per day all week and go from there...

    Another thing I have noticed since I started this product. I feel like I am shaving my face and head more often..also body hair that pops up here and there seems increased.

    Feeling good, Feeling motivated.

    Here was workout-

    **I am still recovering from my Torn Quad 1.5 years ago...so I cannot squat heavy right now...thus why I am in the smith machine. Never thought I would say that. Deadlift is coming back, I can hit 315-405 for reps again which is awesome, because after tearing the quad I could not even walk for nearly 3 months...let alone dream to squat again...

    Here's some pics of when it happened-
    Name:  wesleyQUADTEAR.jpg
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    Immediately after surgery. Prior to 11 months of Physical Therapy
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    Leg Extensions

    Smith Machine Squats-

    225x10 (most I have done since surgery)


    Called it a day. Don't want to go too heavy or too much volume on legs. Really trying to ease back into it very consistently but also being very smart about it.

    Here is a photo of the quad about 5 months ago. Right at the end of PT. I am adding back size and have back all of my striations, which makes me super happy.

    The repair was as such. They had to do the incision, reach in and pull all muscle heads down and attach Kevlar Anchors to the muscles. They then drilled 4 channels through my kneecap vertically. Was only supposed to have 3 but the the Drill bit broke off inside of the kneecap (to show you how strong bone can be) and so now I have a souvenir.

    They pulled the kevlar through the channels and then sewed and anchored the Kevlar into below the kneecap.

    My surgeon did an amazing job, if you look at the scar, even then it was barely visible.

    It healed very nicely. MK677 was also part of my supplementation that helped me heal so well..

    Anyways...back to the gym later today and will post up asap.

    BTW, the Gear topical smells nice. It has an orangish pink tint of color too it. And it spreads super super thin. I really try to make sure to apply it right after a shower. It def absorbs best after a hot shower.

    Be back shortly-
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    Lightweight Sponsored Bodybuilder/Strongman Competitor- Iron Mag Labs "WES15" for 15% off
    Iron Mag Labs=- www.ironmaglabs.com /Iron Mag Research- www.ironmagresearch.com / "WES20" for 20% off at MA Labs- www.masupps.com

  10. The large dose pre-workout sounds solid. Great idea Wes!!!

  11. I might give the bigger pre-workout dose a shot next deadlift and bench volume day.

    Loving this stuff so far.


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