Chaos and Pain's Hypnos + Chem One

  1. Chaos and Pain's Hypnos + Chem One

    What and Why: As the title says I will be testing Chemical One and Hypnos. I will test Hypnos by itself for a week to test its sleep and recovery effects alone and not confound the results. The main goal will be testing the recovery so the log will detail about my sleep and general fatigue/energy throughout the day. I will also of course detail any strength/hypertrophy gains made as well that I believe aren't accounted for soley by my programming.

    This is mainly for me to keep a log on how I'm feeling over the next month or so as I do a test run in preparation for a brutal weightlifting program I have coming up.

    I am not good at sleeping, I find it hard to go to bed until early in the morning, when I do sleep I wake up a dozen or so times over the night, and when I wake up I generally have to lay in bed for 10-20 minutes before feeling fresh enough to move. So, I feel if Hypnos works on me it'll work on most people and its the product I am most looking forward to testing.

  2. Ok received everything in the mail yesterday morning so I can begin.

    General Overview of Hypnos: I ordered Lemonberry Nectar and mixed it with 12oz of water about 30 minutes before I was planning to go to bed like the instructions said. I'm not a fan of the flavor as its very strong and leaves a weird after taste. I'm gonna try diluting it some more and see if that helps but I feel I'll just have to get used to the aftertaste. My opinions on the taste may change down the road.

    It definitely does not mix incredibly well as there will still small granules along the bottom of my shaker but it mixed well enough that nothing stayed behind in the cup when I was done.

    It's effects were almost immediate. As soon as I finished the drink my head started to feel heavy and groggy and about 5-10 minutes after I felt a noticeable increase in lethargy and overall relaxation. I will say the drink didn't knock me out and it still took my about an hour or so to finally go to sleep but it was still an improvement. I also woke up around half the amount I usually do which probably saved me that hour anyways. When I woke up I woke up feeling refreshed with no "sleep hangover" like you would have after a nightquil or something.

    My body feels quite good with the soreness I went to bed with last night mostly faded but that's obviously cause I slept well. I can't say I had any above average dreams but that's not why I bought the product, though I will note if anything wild starts to happen.

    Miscelaneous: aesthetically the containers for both supps are pleasing and don't look like some companies stuff which can be so loud and annoying you wonder if a colorblind graffiti artist designed it. The smell from both is quite strong with Chemical One hitting like a weak dose of ammonia.

  3. Day 2: Theres some problems with my pipes so dealing with a very loud noise is ****ing with the restful properties of the supp. I'm not able to fall asleep too quickly but again once I do it feel very deep. I again didn't wake up as often and when I did I was able to quickly fall back asleep. I also found I could plug back into the dreams I was having after waking up. I woke up just as refreshed today as yesterday and I will say thats one of the biggest benefits I'm seeing. My recovery is again about identical to that of a normal nights sleep so nothing amazing there but if this happens consitently that will be the benefit. I'm also interested in seeing if there is a compounding effect with Chem One which I'll start Monday.

    I diluted the drink and the taste was more manegable but I'm not a big fan of drinking 20 oz of water right before I go to bed.

  4. Day Three: Probably the worse day of the bunch, it took forever for me to sleep and when I woke up I didn't feel any more rested than I usually do and I stayed in bed longer since I had nothing to do this morning. So last night I can't say I saw a difference between me sleeping without Hypnos and me sleeping with it. I hope this is the only day that reoccurs.

    Looking Back: My recovery the last two days in the morning has been comparable to a real good nights sleep but I write these reviews as soon as I wake up and I've noticed that my stiffness fades away quicker than usual after waking up. So even though I'm as sore/stiff as usual if I walk around a bit I loosen up more than I did before.

  5. Sweet. I'll get in on this!
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  6. Day Four: Hypnos is seeming exceptionally bad at helping to put me to sleep. Right now the amount its actually helping me go to sleep is like a hot cup of tea and maybe a decent wank and both of those are much cheaper. After a long night of trying to go to bed I finally did and had probably the most complete night of sleep within the last four days, I can't remember waking up more than once. I gotta say my biggest goal was a supplement that could help put me to sleep so this is quite disappointing.

    Chem One: Its a medium/large red pill that you take once in the morning and once at night with a 12hr gap b/w. You're not supposed to take it with caffeine and I workout in the morning so its a bit frustrating but I'll cope. I don't notice much after I take the pill except a bit of a "flush" feeling in my skull.

  7. No need to take Chemical one with caffeine
    I have taken mine with some fats usually like a spoon of peanut butter
    The particles in Hypnos happens with all those ingredients. If you want just mix it earlier and leave it in the fridge before consuming. @pyrobatt
    -Chaos and Pain Rep -

  8. Day Five: My tea comment the other day gave me an idea and I mixed Hypnos in with some hot water from the kettle and it went down way ****ing better than when mixed with cold water. It was also more relaxing to drink and didn't feel like I was taking a BCAA or pre-workout which was a good mental connection to break. Had a decent night's sleep and I think one thing I might not have mentioned enough is the ease with which I can fall back asleep after waking up, it feels instantaneous.

    I don't think I'll be discussing Chem One until I feel some effect as there is no immediate change once taking it nor a change throughout the day. Seeing as its more an accumulation thing it mak sense to only review it once it accumulates.

    Tomorrow I will have to wake up quite early so I have set an alarm hours before my body is used to waking up and I'm interested to see how Hypnos deals with that. I will be documenting any grogginess and "sleep hangover" effects if there are any.

  9. Day Six: The important finding of Hypnos was that I woke up with no sleep hangover and no grogginess. When my alarm went off it went off I woke up as well as I would without having taken anything. I will say I had a stressful night as prepping for a presentation I just completed and I felt zero anti-anxiety benefits. But this could be a case of I don't know how bad it could've been. As this is all hypothetical when I review the product I won't use this as a big case against it.

    I am doing a decent bit of volume and I've so far woken up without much accumulated fatigue. Normally by this time in the week my legs feel leaden and by back is fairly knotted up but right now my body feels pretty loose and I'm ready for my last session before I take a day off. If it goes well then thats a good sign for the Chem+Hypnos working well as recovery agents.


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