Tank's Recomp mission on Alphamax and laxo

  1. Tank's Recomp mission on Alphamax and laxo

    Hi guys

    So after mulling about what to run next i decided to go for an alphamax xt and laxogenin run. I've run both these products apart in the past, so i think we should be good to see what works and what doesn't. I previously bought one batch of laxo from Hi Tech, i just got one to see how it works before buying a second. i then got a special on massacre from olympus. I'm starting the run off with the hi-tech and if it goes well, i'll get a second, or i'll switch to the massacre. Now i some people are gonna say no, you can't do that, but based on my androcrine run, i know what to expect with laxo and if i don't get the same effect with a product, i'm assuming it's not working as well. that might be a stupid way of looking at it, but let's see how it goes.

    my goals for this run is a recomp. I'm trying to lean out a bit, so i'm cutting my calories down. due to me trying to get my cholesterol levels in check, my protein will mostly be chicken based (great) and carbs will mostly come from rice, veggies and fruit. My plan is to stay around 210lb, but to lean out a bit. Strength wise, I am hoping for some PRs in the gym, the strongest i've probably ever been was when i ran androcrine, so i'm hoping that with laxo and alphamax, we can push that on a bit.

    I'm going for 8 weeks here, so it'll be a full 8 weeks on alpha and the laxo. Other supplments include:
    Cellucor Whey (will probably last me throughout the 8 weeks, might switch to something else)
    Scivation extend bcaa's intra workout(my supply is almost done, probably most of the run will exclude bcaa's)
    gaspari super carb (post workout)
    creatine mono
    mesomorph for pre, i probably won't use pre's a lot, i'm finishing a tub of the old meso, have a tub of the new formula, so might use that every now and again
    aps nmda, i love this product so far, got it as a freebie, gives solid pumps, this will not last throughout the whole cycle either

    In a nutshell, that's the plan. i'm kind of running this on a budget, which is why the bcaas and nmda won't be run throughout, but let's see how it goes

  2. Day 1

    Chest day

    This was my first workout in about a week, the time between christmas and new years wasn't really spent in the gym. I ate pretty bad and drank a little bit, so wasn't expecting too much for this workout.

    i took the first round of alpha as a i woke up, the second right before bed. Will do this throughout the cycle. Took my first laxo serving pre workout and that last one before bed.

    I took the nmda as well as a pre, but not other pre workout.

    Machine flyes, 5 sets, working up from 60lb to 110lb, all for 15 reps
    Incline dumbbell press, 60lb, 70, 70, 70, all sets for 12 reps
    Incline barbell press, 135lb, 4 sets of 10
    Dips, 4 sets to failure, around 10-12 reps each time
    Cable cross overs with pulleys at the bottom, 4 sets of 15 reps
    4 sets hanging leg raises, 15 reps
    3 sets crunches to failure (around 10 each time)

    All in all, not a great workout, but like i said, you can't expect too much after a week of bad eating and drinking. Can't say i felt anything yet, but it's just day one, when i ran androcrine i probably felt it working after about a week.

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  4. Day 2

    Back day

    Followed the same protocol for my alphamax and laxo servings as i did on the first day.

    Pullups, 10, 6, 6, 5 reps
    Lat pull downs, not sure what you call this machine, but in essence it has individual grips that you pull, 5 sets of 15 reps
    Deadlifts, 225, 275, 315, 365. on the last set i did a drop set with 225. Most of these sets were 6 reps
    Bent over barbell rows, 135 for 12, 135, for 10, 175 for 10, then a drop set of 205, 175, 135 all for 6 reps
    Hammer strength row machine, just with a 45lb a side, 100 reps. i try to do a 100 rep set in each workout for each body part, i take little breaks in between, but this helps keep your workouts interesting
    hyper extensions, 3 sets of 15, just bodyweight
    behind the back smith machine shrugs, sets of 15 with 135.

    This was only day 2, so can't really report too much back, this was a really good workout, i felt like i could go higher on the deadlifts, i did 405 two weeks ago, so hopefully i can do that again next week. i did take meso pwo again, i'm almost out and will then take a break from pwo's. but overall this was a good workout i feel, energy was good, had that hunger to keep lifting.

  5. Day 3

    Leg and biceps day

    So this workout didn't workout completely as planned, who knew a gym would be packed on leg day and you'd have to wait in line to maybe get a shot at doing legs. I also had to throw in biceps since i'm out of town and friday and wouldn't get to do 5 workouts this week, although doing bi's with legs does give you something to look forward to when doing legs

    Leg extensions, 5 sets of 20 reps, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80
    Sitting leg curls, 5 sets of 20 reps, 30, 40, 50, 60, 60
    Hack squat, 4 sets of 10, with just a 45lb plate a side (don't laugh)
    lying leg curls, 4 sets of 15, 35lb, 40, 45, 45
    Seated calf raises, 45lb, 4 sets of 20
    ez bar curl 70lb, 4 sets of 10, doing 2 sets with a wide grip and 2 with a narrow grip
    3 sets of hammer curls, 30lb, 18 reps
    100 rep machine preacher curl

    One thing i will say, the pumps were pretty good on this workout, didn't take the nmda again today, but my arms started hurting after a while doing arms. Also, i've had a sore shoulder for the last few weeks, and it might just be my imagination, but it's feeling better, this could be a sign that the laxo is starting to work. Overall, i was happy with this workout and if my shoulder stops hurting, i'm even happier. So far so good

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  7. Quote Originally Posted by LeanEngineer View Post
    Nice volume on legs!
    Now I just need start pushing some bigger weight on legs! but that's what happens if you skip leg day for years...

  8. Day 4

    This was actually Thursday evening's workout and I did shoulders and triceps

    Dumbbell shoulder press, 55 for 12, 65 for 12, 70 for 10, 75 for 6, 80 for 5, then dropped to 60 for 6 and 45 for 6
    Dumbbell front raise, 30 for 18, 35 for 16, 40 for 16, 50 for 10
    Machine lateral raises, 100 reps at 30lb
    Rear delt flyes, 3 sets for 15 reps
    Barbell shrugs, 225 for 12, 315 for 10 and 405 for 8
    Skull crusher and tricep pushdown superset, 4 sets at 15 reps

    I did take meso pre workout again, but this was my last serving on the old formula. Also ran the nmda again. Pumps are getting really solid now, I wear wrist supports on the dumbbell presses and it felt like my forearms were going to explode. It seems that the nmda and laxo are complimenting each other here. This was a pretty hard workout, I did it pretty quickly as well, and my shoulders felt good afterwards, so the laxo is definitely helping my joints. Was pretty happy strength wise, I wanted to shrug a bit more, but at 405 I was maxed out, but the weights on the dumbbell presses and front raises were good. Don't think there's any effect yet from the alpha, but this is only week 1, probably will only see something in week 3

  9. Day 8

    I didn't train monday night, i went on a bit of a bender on Saturday night with my office's holiday party, so Sunday i felt like death and wasn't much better on Monday. I didn't want to waste a workout, so just made sure i recovered fully on Monday. I didn't take any of the supplements on Sunday, i know that's not the right thing to do, but i did not feel good. but at least i know something like this shouldn't happen anytime soon again.

    I did a chest workout, considering i hadn't trained since Thursday, a bad weekend diet wise, i wasn't expecting too much. Since working is ramping up a ton now, i've changed my meals around a bit. I'm now having dinner around 6, then working out after 8, then for post workout, i'm just doing 30g whey and 30g glycofuse. there's no more solid food post workout now. for now i still have bcaa's intra as well. i'd like some thoughts about this plan from any other users.

    3 sets warmup on the pec deck just to get a bit of a pump and my joints moving
    Dumbbell incline press, 55 for 15, 65 for 12, 70 for 10, 80 for 8, 85 for 6, 90 for 3.
    Decline barbell press, 155 for 10, 185 for 6, 205 for 5.
    Sitting cable flyes, 4 sets of 20
    Hammer strength press, 3 sets of 20 with a 45lb plate a side, just really focusing on squeezing the muscle
    Cable cross overs, 2 sets of 20, couldn't do anymore, my chest was done
    Hanging leg raises, 3 sets of 15 and crunches, 3 sets of 15

    I was really happy with doing a 90lb dumbbell press, wasn't expecting it, the most i've done in the last while was probably 85, i could never do more than 90 on my alpha and x gels run. I maxed out 100 on my last laxo run (my gym doesn't have anything over 100). So for week 2, i'm happy. I think i could've gone higher on the decline presses, but my shoulders were having none of it. Please also note i did not take a pre workout with this.

    As i'm writing this, my shoulder feels ok even though the pressing hurt it a bit. I'm really stoked, i feel we're on the right track here, so excited to see what the next few weeks bring. I'll post my weight and some pictures tomorrow too

  10. Day 9

    This was a back day. I was shooting for a bit more volume in this workout.

    Lat pull down, 5 sets of 15, working up from 80 to 120, with a drop set on the last set
    Lat pull down behind the neck, i do a 21-type set for these, where the first 7 reps i'll pull all the way down, the next 7 i just pull to the top of my head and then i hold the stretch at the top of the rep for 7 seconds. Did 3 sets, two of 80 and one of 90lb
    T bar row, 18 reps at 2 plates, 18 reps at 3 plates, 10 reps at 4 plates and then a drop set of 10 for 4 plates, 3 plates and 2 plates each
    Deadlifts, 4 sets of 12 reps with 225
    Machine rows, 50 reps with 100lb
    Face pulls, 4 sets of 15

    My shoulder was still a bit sore from the night before. Overall, my energy was pretty good in this workout, i kept feeling like i could keep pushing, so it feels like the products are starting to work. Recovery has also been pretty good, i've been trying to push hard in these workouts and i'm generally feeling less sore afterwards.

  11. Day 10

    This was another leg and biceps day.

    Leg extensions, 5 sets of 12, 50lb, 60, 70, 80, 90
    Seated leg curls, 5 sets of 15, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120
    Hack squats, only did 4 sets, couldn't get more than 10 reps, 2 sets with one plate a side and 2 sets with 2 plates a side.
    Seated calf raises, 2 sets of 15 with one plate, 2 sets of 10 with two plates
    z bar curls, 4 sets of 10, 70, 70, 80, 90
    close grip preacher curls, 4 sets of 15 with 50lb
    hammer curls, 4 sets of 16, with 40lb

    I felt pretty beat during this workout, as soon as i started i was feeling tired and not really in the mood to train anymore. I pushed through, but it wasn't the best workout, the back workout the night before really killed me. I also didn't get to train the rest of the week, had too much work and had to leave town too. From next week i expect to start feeling a bit of a boost from the alphamax too, so we'll see

  12. Day 14

    Chest day

    For today's chest workout, i was trying to do a bit more volume. This was in part to just give my shoulder a bit of a break and change things up too.

    3 warm sets machine flyes, 20 reps
    Barbell incline bench 2 sets of 12 with 135, 2 sets 5 with 155, then dropping to 135 for 10 more reps
    Dumbbell incline bench, 4 sets of 15 with 65
    Incline flyes, 3 sets of 15 with 25lb, i tried this new thing where you lie on an incline bench but keep your shoulders off the bench to try and focus on your chest
    Hammer strength press, sets of 185 for 20 reps, one set of 225 for 10 and one more of 20 with 135
    3 sets crunches of 15 reps
    2 sets hanging leg raises of 10
    i tried to cable crossovers, got through 2 sets and i was done
    3 supersets, reverse barbell curl and seated hammer curls

    Overall, i was happy with the workout, i didn't eat too much today, so the energy on the workout was surprisingly good. My shoulder feels ok, so the laxo is probably helping out. I feel a bit short tempered and libido is also feeling up, so i guess the alphamax is starting to kick in now too.

  13. Day 15

    Today was a back day. I was planning on going for lower reps and higher weights, and wanted to do deadlifts first to see if i could maybe do a PR, but the gym was so packed, this plan did not workout.

    Hammerstrenght lat pull down, 2 warmups at 90 for 15 reps, 140 for 15, 180 for 15, 230 for 10, then a drop set with 270 for 5, 180 for 5, 90 for 5
    Pulley lat pull downs, 3 sets of 15, 40lb a side
    Hammer strength row, 45lb a side for 15, 70 for 12, 2 sets of 90 for 8 each
    Deadlift, 135 for 12, 225 for 12, 275 for 12, 315 for 8
    Reverse barbell rows, 3 x 10 at 135
    V bar lat pull down, 3 sets of 20 at 80lb
    3 sets of Facepulls

    Felt really good throughout the workout, you keep feeling like you can always push a bit more, add little more weight or do a few more reps. This feels a lot like the first time i ran laxo, so I'll give Hi-Tech some props for this product. I know a lot of people are always giving them trouble, but i can't say anything bad about their laxo so far. Right now i'm eating less calories than normal, and my workouts are getting better. Also, my weight's going down slowly but surely, pants for example are getting a bit more loose than a few weeks ago, which is a good thing, but again my strength is improving, so i'm really happy.

  14. I haven't logged anything for the last two weeks, but have been training, work is just crazy at this stage.

    I'll kind of just run through what's happened in the last two weeks:
    Eating has been pretty good, had a bit of a slump last week where a client took me to dinner and i just basically ate everything i saw, and ate burgers for lunch like three days in a row (i know great for cholesterol levels..)I've cleaned it up again over the weekend and this week has been good, just one bad meal so far and even that wasn't as bad.
    Training wise, i'm trying to keep volume pretty high, what i'll do is maybe do a volume week and then a lower rep higher weight week, so far i like this split. it gives my joints a bit of a break too.
    Chest: I had one volume week and this week dropped the reps and tried to up the weight a bit, got incline dumbbells back to 95lb, first time in about a year i could do that, did a 225 bench for reps, but i find barbell presses are killing my shoulders, so i'm done with that for a while. Also got to 225lb for 15reps on the hammer strength press and maxed out at 275 for 10. i've done 365 in the past, so i want to beat that in the next few weeks.
    Legs: Volume and weights are going up on my legs, the highlight was 6 plate a side leg press, it's the most i've ever done i think or at least the most in a while
    Back. I'm struggling to go over 3 plates for deads, maxed out at 365 last week and that was a struggle, so a bit disappointed in this, although i tried deads in the beginning and at the end of workouts, neither seem to be the sweet spot. Did 245lb barbell row for 8 reps and did a 260lb machine row (PR), but all in all for back i'm really focussing on high reps, i think my back has had the least improvement strength wise on this run, but i'm happy with the amount of volume i can get through
    Arms: Since i'm doing arms with another bodypart all the time now, there's not much to say for them, i did do a full stack on tricep pushdowns with ease which i've never done
    Shoulders. I've done 60lb front raises and 90lb dumbbell presses now, which is my max for both of these from the past, so hoping i can get these up.

    Progress wise, in my mind i've gained size and sometimes i look a bit leaner. I've let myself down with some of my food choices, food will always be my problem since i love eating. Also, i will say, this is probably not the best stack for leaning out, i just want to eat, i find myself counting down the time to my next meal. THat might be because i'm eating less and eating lots of salad, but i'm always hungry (and hangry). I can see more veins on my arms and my chest, so let's see what the next 4 weeks bring.

    Joint pain wise, my shoulders are never 100%, but it's not too bad, so i feel the laxo is helping me out there. One thing though, i'm running APS nmda too and i've use calum von moger's koala freak pwo (which is more of a pump product) the last two weeks and all i can say is that those two combined with the other products are giving me pumps that almost hurt me. it's a strange feeling, hard to describe, i almost like the feeling, but also on the other hand it does kind of hurt. I'll give von moger props for that pwo, i really like it, it's kind of expensive and sometimes i feel it's almost too strong, but it works pretty well. it delivers on pumps and focus and energy


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