Nasal Selank Log

  1. Nasal Selank Log

    First a big thanks to @NeuroTropic for the Selank- pic below

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    400mcg taken first on wake up. 1 spray in one nostril and one in the other nostril.

    more info on Selank

    Will use this pre workout at gym and also at work. I am a RN and run 12 hour shifts. So this should be a interesting run.

  2. FIRST DAY- 2 sprays on wake.

    Head to gym 30 min. I noticed better focus- very tunnel like. This however did not give me much energy. So its not like a pre-workout. The main thing I noticed is that mood is stable and very low amount of brain fog- in mid day. Will keep using this see if it builds up in the system.

  3. Tunnel like is a great analogy. I almost over focus on Selank at the gym on a bolt on the ceiling and have to refocus on the muscle.
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  4. Awesome! In on this!
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  5. Itís not something I would use pre-workout but thatís just me.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by ELROCK View Post
    It’s not something I would use pre-workout but that’s just me.
    will use as pre and also on work days!!

  7. DAY 4

    Two sprays per day. Focus in gym still great and hitting hard. At work days is easier-zero brain fog-which usually comes mid day. Mood is also high and very stable. Anxiety seems also down. I am more detail oriented and able to process faster.


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