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  1. Age Force Weight Management Patch - Sponsored Log

    Hello all!

    I was given the awesome opportunity try out the weight management patch by age force. I was given a 60 day supply as it's definitely a long run type supplement that requires at least that amount of time to see some noticeable results.

    You can find out more about this patch here:

    I've currently been on a cut for about 8 weeks. While I was originally going to stop at 12, I will be going on to 16 with this new patch.

    Here's some info about me:

    Height: 5' 11.5
    Weight: 204.2 (Starting weight 8 weeks ago was 218 so I'm definitely already down a bit)
    BF%: ~20%
    Calories per day: 2400-2500

    Lifting routine is a 5 day split doing each body part separately. On days I'm not lifting I will be getting some cardio in. Truth be told, I can't stand running so I get on a treadmill and increase the incline until my heart rate gets up beating fast enough and I keep it there.

    My goal for this run is to get down to 195 from where I'm currently at, so roughly looking at another 10lbs. I think this is a realistic goal considering 8 weeks on this patch and that's less than 1.5lbs each week.

    @djbombsquad @pulsefit
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  2. Reserved for final review as well as before and after pics.

  3. Great start!!! Going to take some discipline this time of year
    AgeForce Rep

  4. Quote Originally Posted by pulsefit View Post
    Great start!!! Going to take some discipline this time of year
    Well, I live by myself and no significant other to speak of. I also have no family out here where I live so December is really just another month for me. Don't have to worry about crazy Christmas dinner or anything like that. When you have just yourself, it's easier to be on point.

    Currently, I'm really on a role and diet is dialed in so this patch should just really help things along. Thanks again!

  5. Subbed
    Anima Vestra
    Anima Vestra


  6. Subbed as well, this sounds very interesting. Next time I cut, I am determined to actually reach my goals. This sounds like it could be a novel approach to success. Ingredients look quite promising!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Voldyne View Post
    Subbed as well, this sounds very interesting. Next time I cut, I am determined to actually reach my goals. This sounds like it could be a novel approach to success. Ingredients look quite promising!
    The ingredient list is what really piqued my interest. I've used berberine quite regularly as well as the T2 and 7-keto. The 7-keto is in Mr Supps Keto burn and that was a great product as well.

    Wore my first patch last night per the instructions. It suggested putting it on before bed and wearing it through the night.

    Weight this morning was 202.6 so I'm down from yesterday, so that's good. First goal like I mentioned is 195, but if I can get into the 180's I'll be super stoked.

    When I originally lost weight, I went from 260lbs down to 180, but I still looked like a "Skinny fat"....I haven't been back under 200 in about 2 years, but I've made plenty of strength gains and put on a decent amount of muscle along the way so despite being heavier, I look much better. I figure if I can get back down to the 180's with the new amount of muscle, I should look pretty good! I think my lean weight is probably in the vicinity of 165 or 170.

  8. This patch looks very intriguing. It's the first patch that I've seen that I would actually use. I'll be following your progress and see what you think about it.
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  9. Sweet. I'll get in on this log!
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  10. Had a small refeed day yesterday. Realistically just increased my calories from about 2500 to 3000. 3000 is about maintenance for me.

    So I'm up to 205 from 202.6 yesterday, but I expect to be down tomorrow morning.

    As per the instructions with the patch, I did not wear one last night, but will wear one tonight before going to bed. There are 18 patches so they are to be worn every other day to give you the 30 day supply.

    I'll be sure to check in tomorrow!

  11. I was in similar boat 270 to 170. I then focused on powerlifting and now I'm right around 200
    AgeForce Rep

  12. Quote Originally Posted by pulsefit View Post
    I was in similar boat 270 to 170. I then focused on powerlifting and now I'm right around 200
    Dude that's awesome! Sounds like you've had quite the journey yourself!

    Weight: 203.2

    Wore the patch last night, down 1.8lbs this morning. Like I mentioned, I was only up yesterday by having a bit of a refeed day. I was just feeling particularly tired/hungry and knew I needed to refuel myself properly to still perform in the gym.

    Patch stayed on like a champ through the night. Wearing it right before bed as recommended by the insert that came with it. Realistically, I kind of find it odd that you are to wear it at night considering it contains some stimulants in the ingredient profile. I got some shoddy sleep last night, but I can't necessarily attribute that to just the patch so I tend to get iffy sleep on most occasions anyway. Generally waking up multiple times throughout the night, especially to use the restroom.

    If I continue to get bad sleep, I'll probably swap the time that I wear the patch.

    Really hoping to be under 200 by Saturday. Don't think I'll make a 3.3lb jump just from today to tomorrow lol, but one can hope!

  13. Try it first thing in the am
    AgeForce Rep

  14. Weight: 211.8

    Here I was just talking about "Oh, I don't have to worry about the holidays too much..." But I visited a friend this weekend who moved away and I hadn't been to his new place yet. With that in mind, diet wasn't the greatest whilst enjoying some chicken and cheese enchiladas on Saturday night. Most of the rest of the day was clean eating, but I definitely just got a surplus of calories overall.

    I find when I've depleted myself for a couple weeks, one bad day can easily pack on 10lbs, albeit I realize a lot of that is water and glycogen.

    Back on track today of course so I anticipate I will be on the downward trend again.

    Bah! Feel like I undid everything, but I know realistically it's not all fat. All I can do is get back on the grind!

  15. Weight: 208

    Back on track with diet and on the decline again on the weight loss. Wore the patch last night so won't be wearing it tonight.

    Had a pretty good workout this morning and got in chest. Looking forward to staying on track and continuing to lean out. I could tell I just got rid of a lot of water weight yesterday.

    Already have all of the days calories planned out so now it's just sticking to it!

  16. Weight: 205.6

    Been back on track and steadily on the decline. I believe I was holding a lot of water weight as well as there was one day I couldn't stop using the restroom and was down quite a bit.

    Wore the patch last night and down a couple pounds this morning. Diet remaining consistent as I know on Monday it will be hard to maintain it as I have an old flame coming into town I'm hoping to reconnect with. WIth that in mind, I already know a breakfast out is in order as well as mini road trip, so eating healthy will be a challenge that day.

    Overall, noticing nice leaning out effect. My weight is fluctuating a bit, but that is to be expected to some degree. Ultimately it's still on the steady decline which is what I want to see. Little under 2 weeks in, so just about 6 weeks left overall!

  17. Weight: 201.6

    Ahh, at the bottom of end 200....exactly where I was looking to be. Obviously I'm still wanting to get a bit lower, but after having let myself get back up to 211, I feel better and look better down at this weight.

    It sucks that I have to 'look for abs', but I can certainly notice where they are and them starting to pop a bit. I"m far from being shredded, but it's nice to be able to see that body that you've striving for.....even if you gotta squint a little bit. =P

    Diet has been on point this week. Yesterday and today are rest days. I'm pretty bad about taking rest days although they are just as important as training days. Like I've read in a lot of places, it's while your body rests that the magic happens, not while you're breaking it down.

    Old flame is in town...I was the one who was broken up with about 20 months ago, but somehow we've come back together. With that in mind, hitting a little breakfast and sushi today so tracking calories will be the most difficult part. Will still be able to keep the eating fairly clean, however.

    Haven't noticed the patch disturb anymore sleep, so perhaps that first night was just a fluke.

    Didn't wear the patch last night, but will be wearing it tonight.

    I think I previously mentioned, but my first goal is to get down to 195....190 would be ideal, but one goal at a time!

  18. Weight: 198.6

    Finally got below 200 and on my way to my first goal of 195. Getting pretty close so I think I'm going to shoot for 190 or just keep going until I hit the old weight loss plateau.

    Last night was a non-patch night so I will be using it today. Going to try and confirm tonight, but I think when I wear the patch before bed I get just a bit warmer during the night and have a little bit of night sweats going. Nothing too crazy or uncomfortable though, just noticeably running a little hotter which just means some good thermogenic action is happening.

    I've also noticed the adhesive is damn persistent lol. It's tougher to get off the skin that you'd think. Just a minor detail that caught my eye.

  19. Weight: 199.0

    Been kind of hovering around this 199 area. Haven't gotten below the 198.6 that I posted on the 20th. Had a refeed yesterday and still managed to be lower in weight the next day despite adding in approximately 750-1000 extra calories over my 2500. I believe I've hit my plateau this week as all my lifts haven't been very good. Just not feeling very strong in the gym, not being able to put up the same amount of weight the week before, etc..

    This makes sense considering I"m about 13lbs lighter than when I was putting up said numbers. Last night was a patch night as well so I'm sure that helped with my refeed day not making me balloon up. I also just played it a bit smarter and made sure I ate clean all day aside from the refeed/cheat meal of pizza I had in the evening.

    Had a great arm workout this morning so the refeed seemed to help. I may have to consider the reverse diet approach and try upping my calories about 150 or so per week for a couple weeks before dropping back down to reinitiate the weightloss.

    Leaning out is coming along nicely so I can't complain about that. Guess I can't expect to set PR's every single day PLUS lose weight...just doesn't work like that.

    I try to time my refeed days with the same nights I"ll be wearing the patch in hopes of really making sure the extra calories don't pile up on me.

    My next sub-goal is 195, then 190....I think I'll be pretty happy to be down at 190 considering I started this journey at 218 (Although was at around 204 when starting this particular log. Thus far, since starting the patch I've dropped about 6lbs in 3 weeks which I'd say is good. 2lbs per week is a pretty aggressive cut in my mind so I'm not disappointed with that by any means.

    Any amount of weight I get to below 190 will just be icing on the cake at this point!

  20. Your making great progress man
    Anima Vestra
    Anima Vestra


  21. Quote Originally Posted by Godstrength View Post
    Your making great progress man
    Thanks man! We are our own toughest critics so sometimes it's hard for me to see the progress. I need to take an updated photo to see where I'm at, but I'm gonna hold off until the very end when I'm closer to the weight goal I'm aiming for. With another 5 weeks left of this weightloss patch, I'm hoping to drop an extra 10lbs, so roughly 2lbs per week still. Currently pretty on track for that assuming I don't get stuck in this plateau.

    Really not feeling like making chicken today, but alas....I'll get her done!

    No fancy Christmas dinner for me as I have no one to celebrate with, but Christmas eve I'm feasting with a buddy. I believe filets are in order so there's some good gains right thurr!

  22. Weight: 202.8

    I ate pretty well over the last couple days. 1 of which being a rest day after having yet another sub-par workout. Good news is, today I had a great leg workout and set a PR on my squats with 280 for a single. I definitely had just gotten a bit depleted, which kind of goes hand in hand with my weight tracking as it had been dropping non-stop.

    So, as you can notice, the weight is up today, however I'm not worried about it. Diet is on point, the weight will drop back down. I just really needed an adequate refeed day and rest day to get my energy back in the gym. Feeling strong and motivated again.

    Taking this week as an opportunity to deload. Just getting in there and having some fun, and chasing the pump as it were. Not beating myself up over not hitting certain weights, etc...

    Tonight is a patch night, so combined with today's workout, I expect I'll be lower in weight tomorrow.

  23. Weight: 199.00

    Kind of like I figured, still dropping weight like I had planned. I definitely needed the rest day and refeed day. Apparently my last couple refeed days just didn't cut it. Mainly because even though I was 'refeeding' I was still being mindful of how many calories I consumed.

    This week is starting off much better. Felt good on my dead lifts today and busted out 275x5, 295x4, 315x3, 325x2, and 335x1. Last week 275 felt heavy and I couldn't get past that so strength is still there and weight dropping. As usual, can't ask for a whole lot more!

  24. Wow awesome job so far !
    Knowledge is power- The power to do your part and make a difference.

  25. Quote Originally Posted by djbombsquad View Post
    Wow awesome job so far !
    Indeed. Progress is certainly being made. I know the last post was only a difference of 5lbs from my originating post on this thread, but I've been as low as 196 before my refeed day which is a solid 8lbs in about 4 weeks, so I believe I'm right on track with exactly the kind of weight loss I had been expecting.


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