Going to start off my first log by giving a shout out to Hardrock Supps and Strong Supps for giving myself and the other loggers are great opportunity to test out this highly rated PWO and give honest feedback on it.

    I received a full tub of SS Fruit Punch along with sample packs of the Blue Razz, a shaker and a tank. Pretty awesome to include those other things to go along with the full tub already given.

    Quick Stats overview:

    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 260
    Age: 28
    Occupation: Teacher/Coach
    Workout Schedule: In season - 5 times a week (Night time during the week, Afternoons during the weekends) with typical split of Legs, Chest, Back, Shoulders then Olympic lifts on the 5th day.

    Bench: 360
    Squat: 475
    Dead: 505
    Push Press: 280
    Power Clean: 295

    Goals: Continue to decrease BF% and weight while maintaining/increasing strength.

    Quick story about myself:

    At the age of 21 I was weighing 365lbs, decided to change my way of life and figure out the necessary things for me to do to achieve my goals. It's been a long road but with over 100lbs lost I am continuing to push forward to achieve my ultimate long term goals.

    So enough of that, on to what you guys really care about...SEISMIC SURGE!

    Initial thoughts on first workout/consumption:

    Mixability and Taste: Not being so much of a Fruit Punch fan, as well as not caring too much about flavor in general, this was a nice smooth fruit punch. Not tart, not too sweet but just the right amount of punch you would expect from any FP flavored drink. This mixed really well and there was very little to no residue left in the shaker.

    Workout: Considering the fact that I workout during our season (football) at nights after a full day of teaching then another couple hours of coaching, I typically try to use PWO with a good amount of stims in it to really light my ass up and get me focused heading into the workout. Hit the gym about 15-20 minutes after downing a full scoop and could feel slight tingles from the BA on my drive. Nothing crazy or major as I am used to the feeling but it was there as expected. Initial energy was a smooth clean feeling as I warmed up and got started on deadlifts to begin my back routine. Good energy throughout as I moved from exercise to exercise, as I started doing more typical back exercises the pump was starting to get very prominent. Not a harsh "THIS FREAKING HURTS" type of pump but a very dense and lasting one. Very nice feeling. The pump and energy lasted through my 60 minute workout. Had a clear and focused vision for my workout throughout it's entirety. This was definitely a very successful workout and the best part was after heading home and downing my protein I did not crash from it. Am very happy to report this as sometimes with high stim type PWO's this typically happens to me.

    Overall Thoughts after first run: Enjoyed the taste and the workout that came after with Seismic Surge. I am hoping that these workouts are consistent with the one that I had on Wednesday. Will be updating as much as possible! Very excited to head into my next workout with Surge and see what it brings to the table for shoulderd

  2. Second Session:

    Went in to hit legs yesterday afternoon. Nutrition timing was on point, had a great night of sleep and was ready to wreck legs and see how SURGE would get me through.

    Chugged about 15 minutes before arriving to the gym. Again very light tingles, smooth surge of energy on the drive to the gym. While going through my typical warmup routine which consists of a lot of band stretching and light cardio mixed in to get the juices flowing, I started to feel the dreaded Y chills. Now the first time working out with Surge I did not feel this at all, which surprised me and made me quite happy since my brother and myself are prone to experience all the sides that come with Yohimbe.

    It's just odd that sometimes I can experience it, then other times nothing comes of it. The main thing I hate is being cold or having that cold feeling while working out, which is exactly what I feel when I get these Y sides. It severely puts a damper on my workouts when I experience this. But regardless I pushed on with my workout while working through it.

    Had good energy throughout the workout, endurance seemed to be rocking and was able to get through everything I had planned even with the Y sides.

    So far 2/2 with successful workouts, but not sure how successful they will end up being if the Y hits me as hard as it did yesterday. It literally will drain me mentally trying to block out those chills and shakey feels I get when Y is dosed high.

    That's my only real negative so far with the product. Looking forward to a full week of workouts and if the Y feels persist or if it's just a random occurrence.

  3. Sweet! Looks good so far and great detail!
    Official Strong Supplement Shop Board Rep
    Join Us In The Pursuit of Strength - Go Strong!

  4. Update #3

    Next couple of workouts, same effect as last with the yohimbe. Hate that it effects me this way but I still get great energy from the Surge just those yohimbe chills wreck my mood big time!

    Will continue to see how things go and update.

  5. Next workout was more of the same, started off pretty good hitting legs (warming up with deads) then about 10 mins in got SLIGHT yohimbe reaction but not nearly as bad as the previous workouts. Still working through it and enjoying the other parts of the pre.

  6. Glad you're enjoying the other parts! Energy is definitely off the charts with this pre.
    Official Strong Supplement Shop Board Rep
    Join Us In The Pursuit of Strength - Go Strong!

  7. Overall update from a crazy week. Used Surge 3 separate times, only once had the chills and it was when I was on a pure empty stomach. So obviously when I am having some food in the system it's not effecting me. So going to continue to test this out and finish up my tub. Enjoying it for sure on the good days!


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