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  1. Age force IGF 1 pacth

    Hello this will be my Age Force IGF-1 log.

    I have received 3 months’ worth of product, and I would like to thank Age force reps for my selection.

    About me:

    I have been training for the las 20 years, just turned 40 on Saturday.
    I have taken before picture to showcase any progression; I will try to post them up soon.
    Starting weigh in the morning was 219 lbs at 23% bodyfat (scale). I am down from 245 at the end of January 2017, slowly loosing weight trying to reach 200 lbs and then revert back to mass gaining.

    Stack I am on:
    1. Mk-677, from Olympus labs, 10 mg per day, I have been on this for the last 5 month and a half.
    2. High tech extrogenex depot, 1 month in at 2 caps a day
    3. KMS ashwagandha
    4. OL ep1c transdermal (3 month on Follidrone v2 and then 1 month on OL epic unleashed.
    5. Allmax ALA
    6. Cinamon extract
    7. OL blood shred
    8. ZMA

    Last night training was:
    Incline DB press 80 lbs x 6 reps x 2 sets
    65 lbs x 10-12 reps x 2 sets slow down tempo on the way down

    Lateral raise 25 lbs x 10-12 reps x 2 sets

    Triceps push down
    85 lbs x 15-20 reps x 4 sets
    Today AM work out was:
    Legs extension 130 lbs x 4 sets x 12-18 reps
    Legs curls 90 lbs x 4 sets x 12-18 reps
    Lunge with 25 lbs, 4 sets x 15-25 reps
    Standing calf raise, 10 reps, 10 second rest for 10 sets.

    I did use the patch last night for the first time, really deep sleep, more than just MK-677 alone.
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  2. Reserve for final update.

  3. I'm with ya here dude!

  4. Sweet. In for final review!
    Official Strong Supplement Shop Board Rep
    Join Us In The Pursuit of Strength - Go Strong!

  5. Today was yoga, I know I know lol, forgot to mention I do interminant fasting from 8pm to noon.

  6. Tonight is volleyball night and second patch!

  7. Nice! Thanks for pics! I have been thinking about starting yoga for mind and body. How long have you been doing it? Has it helped?

  8. Awesome start! How's the diet?
    AgeForce Rep

  9. Quote Originally Posted by wicked442 View Post
    Nice! Thanks for pics! I have been thinking about starting yoga for mind and body. How long have you been doing it? Has it helped?
    I just do it 30 minutes 2 time per week, not much for the mind more for the body, prevent injury and rehabilitate old one. Yes it help I did physiotherapy for a while about 2-3 years ago, where I could barely train, not squat or deadlift. As you age I think it is really important

  10. Quote Originally Posted by pulsefit View Post
    Awesome start! How's the diet?
    Diet is good for he most, I am not the kind of guys you drink alcohol or Pepsi or coke. So I try to stay around 2000 to 2500 per day, hole food cook by my GF

  11. Thursdays was my volleyball night and my second pact, well Friday morning I broke my fasting at 10h00 because I was to hungry, and I did not feel as sore and bruise fro the previous volleyball night. I don t know if it is just a coincidence but I did notice it.

    Friday I did a short workout:
    DB row 5 sets each arm with 90lbs reps range from 12-6, 60 second rest after a sets
    Cable bar biceps curl 90 lbs reps range from 20-12, 60 sec rest.

    Saturday was of

    Today I did not had time to go to the gym I did train at home on my bowflex.
    Legs extensions 130lbs,10 sets x maximum reps ( reps range 15-6) 45 sec rest.
    Legs curls 90 lbs, 10 sets x maximum reps ( reps range 15-6) 45 sec rest.
    Incline cable press 10 sets (chest) 90 lbs x maximum reps ( reps range 25-12) 45 sec rest.

    Really tire right now I can not wait to get to bed and put on the patch.

  12. Sleep should be deep!
    AgeForce Rep

  13. Yes but I am on mk677 also, since almost 6 months so it is hard to tell if it is better with the patch

  14. any updates 10 days....?
    AgeForce Rep

  15. I will update this week end I did train last Saturday and Sunday, than got sick as hell.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by alvin1 View Post
    I will update this week end I did train last Saturday and Sunday, than got sick as hell.
    Keep it up! Hopefully you start feeling better.

  17. Ok back with more feedback

    Saturday two weeks ago I went to the gym to hit chest and back, I did 3 exercises for 4 sets for each muscle group. I did have a great pump, and I was sweating a lot, I taught it was because I did train hard but it was not.

    Sunday morning I did train arms at home, I did have a good pump. Them Monday morning wake up sore as hell, barely could lift my arms up, so much pain in my read dealt, back, I was man I had hell of a workout. Well that was not the case started to get fever and chilling sensation. I was sore because I did train sick that all lol.

    So on Tuesday and Wednesday I took thin easy. Thursdays I went on my normal volleyball night and it was ok. Yesterday I did train chest, shoulder and triceps at home; I have just train back, traps and biceps.
    I still feel sick and get exhausted really quickly so not much to report this week. I cannot comment a lot more on the effect of the pact
    Only thing to report is that normally on Friday morning, I feel pretty bruise and sore after the volleyball night and need some Advil to get going on the morning, last Friday morning I did not need any, is that a coincidence or the patches did increase my recovery? Will see next Friday.
    Got my patch on my wrist, it is 8h00 pm my time and I really look forward to go to bed.
    Almost forgot I quit with the fat burner on regular basic as my libido took a dive on it, weight is holding steady at 219 lbs. first thing in the morning
    That all for now!

  18. Thanks!!!
    AgeForce Rep

  19. Last night was trick or treat night, and tonight is a off day, more to report on tomorrow

  20. Thursday

    I train chest, shoulder and triceps at home on my lunch time:

    Bowflex incline bench press 55 lbs each side 5 sets
    DB lateral raise 30 lbs x 5 sets
    Lying triceps dumbbell extension 30lbs x 5 sets

    At night I went for my usual volleyball night. I was bruise and stiff at the end. Put on the Age force patch and went to bed

    On Friday morning? Feeling refresh, no residual doom or stiffness!

    Weigh was 220 at 24 % body fat this morning, the scale may not be a real good indicator, but I have been sick for the last 2 weeks, ye I know I still need tissue, I feel better but is this virus is sticking up with me for 2 weeks now, hope to shake it off soon. So bottom line I ate more crap than usual.

    So, so far the thing that really shine for me on theses patches is the increase recover, and joint and general body fluidity of movement.

    I might go it legs later today.

  21. Yesterday I did not end up training, did work outside the house to prepare for winter, and got the first snow of the year.

    Today was leg and it went like this
    Squat 5 sets, 225 lbs to 245 lbs
    legs ext 5 sets
    legs curl 5 sets
    seated calf raise.

    Patch night tonight and happy since I will need to recovery!

  22. side note nails a growing like crazy!!!

  23. Quick workout at home tonight

    Incline DB press 90lbs x 4 sets
    Standing DB shoulder press 55 lbs x 4 sets
    triceps push down 95 lbs x 4 sets

  24. Quote Originally Posted by alvin1 View Post
    side note nails a growing like crazy!!!
    My wife noticed this as well. Her hair grew faster also.



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