OxyMax XT / AlphaMax XT Log (unsponsored)

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  1. OxyMax XT / AlphaMax XT Log (unsponsored)

    I have been a member here at AM for over a decade, but have not been on the forum in a while and have never posted a real log before, SO if I don't adhere to any etiquette that is generally used please let me know. It took me about 10 minutes to find out where to even begin the thread, but I am pretty sure I got that right so hopefully we are off to a good start.

    I am primarily doing this log for myself obviously, but also for any other members out there interested in the two products I will be running. I am not affiliated with Performax in any way, shape or form and have never used any of their supplements that I can recall. I did a lot of researching on Test boosters etc and became interested when I saw AlphaMax mentioned a few times.on here so I figured what the hell. This log is basically a diary of sorts, so if you are already bored I apologize.

    About me, I have worked out off and on for years. I ran a Superdrol cycle and later ran Epistane before the ban so that was about a decade ago I guess. I have been natural ever since, but have tried Diesel Test Procyle and stuff of that nature. I have been working out and getting my diet in check for going on a year now and am currently 1 month into a cut/ recomp after a six month relatively clean bulk. I keep a diet/ workout log and will share all of that vaguely unless someone requests more details, but I will say that I take training, cardio and my diet to the extreme these days. I am currently focusing on form in the gym, I eat no processed foods of any sort and have eliminated sugar unless it comes from natural sources WITH THE EXCEPTION of my post resistance training shake.

    I chose OxyMax and AlphaMax because the benefits it seems to have offered other members here will compliment an upcoming lifestyle that takes place in my life next week. I will be beginning a weekly rotating shift factory job and I am hoping that these products will help keep my body stable composition wise and aid with rest/recovery.

    Stats:I am 37 years old, 5'9", currently 171 lbs with an impedance device calculating my BF ratio as 14%. I have a friend that is studying to be a trainer and he will be using calipers on me sometime soon and if there is a huge deviation I will post it, if not I will give stats as requested until the end of this cycle which will run for 8 weeks.

    Training:I do resistance training 4 days a week for about an hour and a half including a light warm up/cool down and I do cardio 2 or 3 days out of the week for an hour, generally on a Stairclimber or Eliptical

    Diet: Like I said, I eat pretty clean, but I have maintained 171 lbs @ 2,000 calories a day for a few months now and haven't noticed severe muscle loss and have noted steady fat loss around my midsection which is where I pretty much carry all of my fat. Getting rid of this fat and being able to see my 6 pack again is my objective. I have kept my diet very consistent with protein accounting for 50% of my intake, fat at 30% and carbs at 20% and plan to keep them in that ballpark unless my weight starts dropping severely. On resistance training days I up my carbs and go up to about 2,300 calories and on off days and cardio days I lower my calories to about 1,500.

    Supplements: I just ordered the products last night and will officially begin the log as soon as they come in. The only other supplements that I take currently are micronized creatine monohydrate, standard whey protein, the occasional 1/4 serving of a gainer that I found for a super price for my post workout carbs on resistance training days, and BCAA's.

  2. I will post pics as soon as I figure out how to rotate them haha

  3. I'll be following.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by AntM1564 View Post
    I'll be following.
    Awesome. Thanks for the support.

  5. I'm in as well. I've used AlphaMax and enjoyed it, curious to see your thoughts on OxyMax.
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  6. Ok, well after about two hours trying to learn how to resize photos and upload them so that you all wouldn't have to view extreme close ups of my nipples (it was creepy), I just made a collage and it seemed to compress everything and not blur everything too terribly much. The point of this is just to show the areas I am trying to work on, primarily my midsection at my lower abs and "love handles" on my sides and to maintain what little mass I have up top. It is going to be a challenge and I have a feeling that I will have to play with my diet a little bit, but I am hoping with the right regimen and a little help from this stack in 8 weeks you can see the difference and hopefully my abs. All I am waiting on is the mail...
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  7. Iím in! Lookin pretty lean starting out so should be a good 8 weeks.

  8. Well, I got super excited because my shipment was supposed to come in today... and it did, but when I go onto the USPS shipping web page to check on the status I get a big: ERROR problem with address being incomplete, inaccurate or etc. Or etc, wtf? Keep in mind I get things shipped here all of the time with UPS no problem, so I forgot that since I just moved here not too long ago and I never officially turned in any forwarding or change of address form into the postal service, so yeah, I'm an *******. In other words, it was a tad bit discouraging, but entirely my fault so I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can go up there and pick it up tomorrow morn before work and they don't send it back to Nutriverse. Not that anyone really cares about all of this, but if I am able to obtain it tomorrow morning I will be beginning the run tomorrow morning.

    I did use these past few days to iron out some of the specifics in my upcoming regimen for these next 8 weeks to test this stack and I feel pretty good about what I have decided. Instead of continuing to do steady state cardio 2 to 3 times a week for an hour I am going to begin high intensity interval training no more than twice a week on my "off days" in a fasted state in the mornings. I absolutely hate the idea of this. The intervals I am fine with, I think I will enjoy that part, it's the working out on an empty stomach after fasting all night part that I have never liked the idea of. I know the science is out there that states that this is optimal, I know a lot of people have had success with it. I have just always wanted to at least have protein ASAP upon waking whether I was trying to bulk or cut, SO this will be new for me and maybe will be just enough of a shock to my system to blast this last little bit of fat that I am sick of looking at. We will see. If I begin to whither away like the guy from "Thinner" I may scrap that part, but I plan on doing HIIT either way, sparingly, on non-resistance training days.

  9. Nice Stephen King reference!!
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by SFreed View Post
    Nice Stephen King reference!!
    I am glad that someone got that...
  11. Day 1

    After two trips to the Post Office and a conversation with the Post Master I was able to locate the missing mail. To Nutriverse's credit, after explaining the situation to them, they were going to be kind enough to re-mail the order back to me at no additional cost due to the mix up and the rep that I spoke to up there suggested that I call back up there and speak to the Post Master, so kudos to Nutriverse. The jury is still out on the USPS however.

    So, I took my first dose of Alphamax and Oxymax on a pretty much empty stomach upon receiving it because I am compulsive like that. I have the stomach of a vulture so I wasn't worried about the Forskolin and took the full dose. Let me preface all of this by saying that I am old school as hell and we used to eat ECA and ECY stacks like candy to cut, PLUS I am in recovery and have a history of abusing amphetamines, so I was not expecting a buzz from this. I have always liked PEA however, and that was one of the first compounds that caught my eye and piqued my interest in the OxyMax... and I have to say that this was an interesting sensation. I can't call it a buzz per se, but I will do my best to describe it. It was an overcast day and about an hour after dosing I noticed that the sky appeared "bluer", if that makes any sense. Visually it looked the same, but it felt more blue??? I can't really put it into words. I guess the best way I can describe the way I felt is by saying I felt "hyper-vigilant", but not nervous or jittery. I felt good. At times it felt like my vision was kind of blurry and I got chill bumps a few times, but I am pretty sure that I have experienced those side effects with cAMP compounds. Although I was unable to do anything overtly physical at the time, I REALLY wanted to hit the gym and looked forward to it all day. I didn't notice much along the lines of appetite suppression and was happy about that actually. I ate the same amount that I always do, and if anything I think I feel a bit undernourished. I took the additional serving of OxyMax at 5pm and by the time I got to the gym at 9pm I felt pretty stimulant drained. Uppers users will know what I mean. I am guessing my CNS was just a little worn out from being stimulated all day. This feeling will slowly subside in a few days I feel fairly certain. HOWEVER, MY WORKOUT WAS AMAZING. I did Back for an hour and had to tell myself to cut it short. I am going to pace myself for the next 8 weeks and not go over an hour lifting per day. I can't say what it was that made the workout great, it just was. Intensity was there, focus was good, energy consistent, BP stayed normal along with pulse rate. It was just a good ending to a good day. After the workout took the additional serving of Alphamax. After typing this I will eat and then go to bed. (Was very happy to see that the AlphaMax contains ZMA).

    Diet: 2,037 calories consumed

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    (chart represents % of each macro)
  12. Day 2

    I am trying to get into the habit of posting before I start this new job so I figured I would go ahead and jot down some notes on Day 2. I also do meal planning and never deviate from it once I have committed to a certain plan so I will go ahead and post what that will be looking like today as well. As you all can tell I like pie charts and visual aids so I am going to continue posting them unless they are a major distraction. Just trying to make it somewhat interesting I guess.
    I did sleep well last night comparatively to my norm, but I was on little rest from the night before so I can't attribute it to anything specific just yet. I got about 9 hours and woke up about 3 times throughout the night. I do remember my body feeling "heavy" if that makes sense, and feeling more relaxed when I initially laid down, but I was EXHAUSTED physically so who knows. I felt rested when I did decide to get up and that is what we are going for with sleep I presume so I will just be happy with that. My legs were/are sore as hell from squats a few days ago before beginning this stack, but I didn't let that deter me from my first HIIT session.
    I got up, took a full dose of Alpha/Oxy on an empty stomach and went out to the local track here. Initially I was going to run/sprint for 30 seconds and walk 1 minute, and repeat until a total of 2 miles was reached, but there were old people everywhere and I think I would have looked a little crazy. There is a grass infield however, and I was pretty much able to sprint from one side to the other in 30ish seconds, so I would sprint and then walk the length of it twice to a total of 10 intervals. HOLY ****1NG SH1T. I went balls out on the first 3 sprints and I felt like I was going to die.... in a good way, in a good way. Not from the product or any side effects, just from being middle aged and a vagina when it comes to running. I can't say what effect the products had on my performance due to never trying intervals before, but I know I was determined to finish, was able to do so, and felt great after completing it. The only noticeable side effect was the shaky vision thing and the colors outside being more vibrant. I got goose bumps on my arms a few times, but no GI stress noted from dosing on an empty stomach or anything. Just a good workout.

    Diet: 1,629 calories consisting of eggs, oats, chicken, nuts, lima beans and a protein shake. Over a gallon of water.

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  13. Day 3

    Another day down where I was lucky enough to be able to get my workout in early in the day which always makes me happy. Slept pretty well last night. Got about 9 hours (interrupted, but that is within normal limits for me). I have been taking the second serving of AlphaMax a few hours before bed, but I may play around with that a bit on the days where I workout in the mornings. Today I woke up and took the Alpha and OxyMax together on an empty stomach, ate about 30 minutes later and went to the gym an hour after that. Did Chest primarily and finished with a little Tricep work. I've really been concentrating on progressive overload with my compound movements in the beginning of my workouts to try and maintain mass. As all of you are probably aware that can sometimes be a challenge physically and especially mentally in a calorie deficit, and it was a hurdle walking into the gym, but after getting going I put in some pretty good work. I usually workout alone and I even got a spot and took a few sets past failure on flat bench. I rarely do that because of my joints, but everything felt good. Another good workout in all areas!

    Diet: No changes in Macro percentages. I am upping my intake to 2,200 calories today though. I feel like I need it.
  14. Day 4

    Not a ton to report today. Slept a little over 8 hours, I feel rested. Woke up and dosed on an empty stomach as usual and I feel good mentally and physically, however I do know that I am perhaps taxing my CNS a little much. I am getting probably one of the worst fever blisters I have experienced in a year, plus I am almost out of my medicine to fix it, so it looks like I will be starting this new job tomorrow looking like a hot, contagious mess. I am not insinuating that this stack is the culprit by any means, I have just been going pretty hard the last week, plus I have some anxiety about this career change. Due to all of this I am going to take it easy today and maybe just go for a walk later on this evening. I ended up walking 6 miles last night just listening to music and thinking. I like that sort of thing.

    Diet: Same ol',same ol' for the most part. Dropping down to 1,600 calories today.

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  15. Sub man!!
  16. Day 5

    So I go to orientation for work this morning and find out that for the first 21 shifts (my first month) they are actually going to pay me to workout for an hour before my shift officially begins. Seriously. They have a right decent little exercise room with primarily Nautilus machines, but also the standard assortment of free weights, and I have to complete a basic upper/lower split routine each day. The little dude that was giving us the tour was asking that people take advantage of the time and not use it as a social hour and I almost laughed. Furthermore, on days that we hit our production early we are free to use the gym until our shift is up as well. JACKPOT! Haha... One of the things that was concerning me about this job change was how I was going to fit in "life", gym, and rest and this will help a lot with adjusting. I get two 10 minute breaks and one 30 min break per 8 hour shift to go shovel down calories so I am EXCITED. If I figure out how to work the system consistently enough to be able to workout there while on the clock consistently, I will be rich.

    As far as these two products are concerned, I am not really noticing any "feel good" or mental change anymore. I expected this, but I am a little disappointed. The first few days were nice. It is kind of hard to put into words, but I will try. When I wake up I have the desire to take the pills, kind of like some people may need or want that morning cup of coffee to get going, but there really is no discernible sensation after dosing. That being said, I would probably be a little ill if I didn't have it though haha. I remember this same sensation when I first discovered EC and ECY stacks. You would feel like you had snorted an 8 ball the first few days and then that initial "rush" would dissipate after a week or so unless you upped your dose to stupid levels, and I am not risking my sleep/recovery time for that sensation. I am hoping that this stack will be similar to EC/ECY as far as it's fat burning effectiveness remaining strong after tolerance is established. We will see.

    Diet: No huge deviations here. Staying at 1,600 calories again today

    Training: I enjoy P90X's Ab Ripper X workout and will be doing that tonight along with going for a walk a little later on. I'm going to keep it light to give my CNS a little break before the shock of rotating shift work begins on Wednesday.
  17. Day 6

    Good morning AM! Today is my last day off for a week so I figured I would go ahead and post. I actually noticed something out of the norm last night that I think is attributable to this stack. Sleep last night was AMAZING. I slept for a solid 7 hours uninterrupted, had several different dreams and woke up feeling very well rested. Best sleep that I have had in quite some time actually. Yesterday ended well with Ab's and a 4 mile walk. Today starting off well with a good breakfast and some down time here on the couch. I am going to be a COMPLETE bum this morning and lay around, look around online and watch TV. In a few more hours I will eat again, take the second dose of OxyMax a few hours after that, and then it is off to the gym to do Shoulders and Arms.

    Diet: Slight deviation to my norm. I am eating clean, but kind of saying **** it today and upping to 2,400 calories. Carbs are 20%, Fat's 38%, Protein 42%. I've been doing this about every third or fourth day on days that I lift. I am noticing a slow and steady loss of fat in my midsection and, it may just be my imagination, but I have at the least retained what little bit of muscle I did have thus far. Time will tell, or more accurately, my before and afters will tell, but we have a ways to go until then.
  18. Day 7

    Today was my first day at the new job. It was different but, things went well. I didn't have the best nights sleep, but that was due to nerves and walking into "the unexpected". Other than that everything was business as normal. Did a light leg workout. I will be on my feet a lot more at this job than what I am accustomed to so I may have to adjust my calories in the future. I am not too terribly worried about it right now. I am pretty much going to take the rest of the day off and try to get a decent nights sleep tonight.

    Diet: Calories 1,800.

  19. Nice detail in here. Seems like the deeper sleep has started to kick in from Alphamax XT. Best of luck with your new job.
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  20. Just ordered some alphamax. Im in
  21. Day 8

    Another day down. Cruising right along at work. Got a light Chest workout in at work this morning. Being on my feet all day is definitely taking some getting used to. I feel drained after work, but I also can tell that I need a little bit of rest so I am not going to beat myself up too bad for not getting an official gym workout in over the past two days. Other than that it has been business as usual. I am pretty sure that my weight is down a pound or two, but I haven't officially weighed in the morning upon waking so I can't be sure. Rest was good again last night. Libido is up.

    Diet: 1,860 calories
  22. Day 9

    Another day in the books. Another light upper body workout this morning. Trying to get my schedule, meal planning, rest, and workout time in sync is more challenging than I originally anticipated. By the time I get off of work I am exhausted. Being able to get some reps in in the morning has been nice for sure and I will probably end up scheduling my gym time before I go in to work eventually.

    Diet:Holding steady at 1,800 calories. I did weigh this morning and I am down 2lbs. I am not going to adjust anything calorie wise just yet. I am going to wait another week or so, but I am not really wanting to fall below 165.
  23. Day 10

    Another good nights sleep, another good day at work. It was a hard day, but the time goes by rather quickly because I am always busy and it is kind of fun. Came home, watched a replay of the South Carolina vs Tennessee game, ate and walked four miles. It can't believe it has only been a week and a half on this stack. It feels like forever ago that it began. I was looking in the mirror today after work and I have to say that I am very optimistic about reaching my goal at the end of this thing if I stay the course. I was kind of beating myself up after not being able to really continue hitting the gym as hard as I had been the last several months, but I honestly feel like the last few days of light workouts (no where near "failure" or breaking a sweat for that matter) have been good for me physically. Once I catch stride again and settle in to the new routine I will put it in solid gear to finish this thing out hard.

    Diet: Went about 33% across the board with macro's today. I brought my lunch, but they gave us Rib-eyes with a baked potato and macaroni for lunch and I said **** it and had my first cheat day in months. Calories 1,850 when it was all said and done.
  24. Day 11

    Awesome day today! Slept great for 8 hours AGAIN (really enjoying this aspect of the stack), went to work refreshed and early and was able to get a solid upper body workout in. Ran around like a beast at work and was on top of everything. I was able to eat during both of my breaks and a huge meal at lunch. Came home and ate a few times again. Now I am just sitting here feeling relaxed as a productive day comes to an end waiting on the Alphamax to get in my system to hit hard again tomorrow.

    Diet: Today was a splurge day of sorts. I haven't had a day in MONTHS where I went crazy and ate any and everything that I had the urge to with no regard to macro's or timing etc etc. and this may have contributed to today feeling so rewarding. I still ate clean, but I had fruit at every meal, whole grain bread at dinner, 4 servings of peanuts... I even splurged on a piece of cheese haha.

    3,000 calories today


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