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  1. So you're in week 4? Only gets better...
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by cubsfan815 View Post
    So you're in week 4? Only gets better...
    Yep... coming to the end of week 4 now. It has been a pleasant experience thus far so I am looking forward to finishing strongly...

  3. Day 29

    7 hours of solid sleep before I was awoken by someone knocking on my door. I was pissed. One thing that I have noticed, and think that I have mentioned it before, is that over the past month I will go from 0-100 mph in the blink of an eye on the irritability/aggression odometer. I am not even exaggerating. Ordinarily I am a very laid back person, but my fuse is SHORT these days. Don't get me wrong, I do have a temper when provoked and I have always spoken my mind when I know that I am in the right, but when I've gotten frustrated (even in the least) over these past several weeks, I can literally feel my skin begin to get flushed and I will get a surge of energy that makes me want to punch walls and throw ****. I haven't actually went that far yet obviously, but it has been an obvious change that I have taken note of. I am going to take a guess that the surge of energy that I experience when I get upset is a massive adrenaline rush, which I need to get a handle on in order to reduce additional strain on my system right now.
    On another note, my trip out of town this weekend has been cancelled, so I will have ample time to rest and recover. Eight more hours to go at work tonight and I will get a much needed five days off. You all have no idea how good that is sounding right now. Also, I called the company that supplied the PCT products that were stolen off of my porch and they were very sympathetic to my situation and have agreed to reship the entire order. I was AMAZED.
    Had a great Legs/Lower body workout last night before work and am sore as hell in a good way. Decided to simply go for a walk tonight before work and did a brisk 4 mile walk while listening to music after dosing on an empty stomach. It was nice.

    Diet: 1,700 calories P/C/F 40/30/30

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  4. Day 30

    I made it to the weekend and my much needed days off!!! I am SO relieved. It has been a fun and challenging past several weeks. I feel like the best thing that I can do is stay up a little later into the afternoon to adjust my sleep schedule back to "normal" which means I will be laying in bed and watching movies until I feel like dosing the AlphaMax with my protein and falling asleep. I am really resisting the urge to go to the gym and do cardio right now. I am also very tempted to go into the kitchen and gorge on food, but I am staying committed and focused on my quest to lean out as much as possible while running this stack. I am sacrificing more muscle than I originally intended to (if the scale is to be believed), but after I am finished with this recomp/cut I will be running a DS cycle and can put that muscle back on. This is also about discipline and following through with a plan, which will have to be continued to make the most out of these products and my upcoming cycle, so I will stay the course. I have a few ideas regarding what my work out schedule will be like over the next several days. I believe my focus is going to be on eating at or slightly below maintenance, having one minimum/two maximum fasted HIIT sessions intermingled with several one hour steady state cardio sessions, and one full body "circuit style" resistance training day. I'm just spit-balling here. I guess I have all weekend to think about it!!!

    Diet: 1,800 calories

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  5. Day 31

    Man, with all of this revolving shift work it is hard to tell when to start a new day or update an old day on this log. All I know is that I got about 8 hours of sleep and was up at 9 pm and wide awake. Dosed the Alpha and OxyMax and went to the gym and did an hour on the Elliptical for fun. Very low intensity for the majority of the hour, with sustained moderate intensity during the middle of the hour for around 10 minutes. I basically wanted to peak out at 150 bpm on the heart rate monitor and stay between that and 130 bpm which I generally get a good vibe from physically. Drank BCAA's during all of that and went to Walmart and bought some Bluetooth headphones to use for HIIT sprints (which I will be heading out to do after my next sleep/wake cycle. Using standard headphones were a pain in the ass the last two times I used them to run and were a distraction more than anything. Running without music is a no-go for me). Came home, showered, ate, watched a movie... and now it is almost 3 am and I am bored out of my mind so I figured I would go ahead and knock this out. I am rambling......

    Rather than lay here and stare at the ceiling, or type nonsense for hours on here, I am going to do Ab Ripper X and stretch for an hour, eat again, and watch some TV I guess.

    Went for a 4 mile sunrise run and walked an additional 2 miles...

    Diet: 2,141 calories P/C/F 36/31/33

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    Last edited by EMT803; 11-04-2017 at 07:41 PM. Reason: Put in Additional Work

  6. Day 32

    Off to a great start today. Got about 4 hours of sleep last night, but I had several 1 hour naps during the halftimes of the football games I was watching, so I feel better than I would expect otherwise. Got up at 4 am and decided to go down to the local rec center here in town that has a track and an outside field that some of the local teams use for football practice and did my HIIT. It was dark obviously, but they have these blue lights that go around the track (which encircles the football field) that looked really cool because of the morning mist that was pretty thick this morning. It felt great and there was no one else there so I had a REALLY good session. The best HIIT workout that I have ever had actually. Started out with a brisk 1 mile walk around the track and then did 10 ALL OUT sprints intermingled with walks while listening to music with my new headphones and gave my absolute best effort on all but one sprint due to me thinking that I had potentially strained my quad. It was at the very beginning of the workout, and I didn't know the severity of what I was feeling, so I gave about an 80% effort on that one particular sprint. The rest were 100%, capped off with another 1 mile walk. I do have yet another fever blister coming up, so I am committing the rest of the day to rest, recovery, movies and football. This whole fever blister thing is really annoying. What's more, is that I can usually feel when one is about to hit and can take my medicine to keep it from ever popping up, but the medicine isn't acting as effectively even at a higher dose than I usually administer. I am also still having issues with ulcers in my mouth as well. Any break in the skin in my mouth or inner lip results in one. This has been a consistent problem over the past month and is severe in comparison to my past. I am guessing that the combination of these products along with the stress of work and training is the culprit. I'm going to fight through it and try to train a little smarter rather than harder, but train nonetheless.

    Diet: 1,823 calories P/C/F 44/20/36

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  7. Day 33 (AM I need some help/advice)

    Please read and give some advice

    I had a really good nights sleep despite waking up twice drenched in sweat (which has happened 3 nights in a row. Kind of strange). Woke up, dosed and went down to the gym with some BCAA's to do some cardio. Decided to weigh and I am down to 162 lbs. That kind of took the wind out of my sails a bit. That has me losing 12 lbs since 9/20 over the past month and a half. I am not sure what to do. Throughout this log I have been noting that I may be losing a little bit of muscle in this process, and if the mirror is to be believed I am cutting up, but I feel like I need to do something ASAP to keep from falling under 160 lbs before the end of this thing. The obvious answer here is to up calories, but I was wondering if any one out there has experienced this and has any advice. My plan is to cut out all steady state cardio. Limit HIIT to once per week and to not perform any training in a fasted state anymore. I think I am getting hung up mentally on the losing fat aspect AT ANY COST thing as well. I am at the point where the majority of the fat that I am trying to get rid of is all collected in the area around my navel. The more I get cut, the more I am becoming consumed with destroying this little island of fat... which is ironic considering the fact that I had to consume too many calories to put it there haha. I still have a sense of humor over this so that is a plus I guess. I am not sure what the solution to this thing is. To try and ride out the next 27 days and remain where I am now weight wise and fat percentage wise? Say screw it and stay the course until the fat is gone and say **** the scale? Or is there a solution to continue cutting the fat and retain the muscle? Keep in mind, my goal for these 2 months was to get my six pack back for personal reasons and to establish a good base for an upcoming oral cycle that will begin at the conclusion of this. Any help or personal experience would be appreciated. Thanks.

    Diet:2,321 calories P/C/F 45/29/26

    Training:Ended up only doing 30 minutes on the StairClimber. Going back this evening for resistance training. Probably medium rep Upper Body concentrating on good slow form. Nothing too heavy. I am not going to do any lower body due to my thigh still being sore and tight.

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  8. Day 34

    Hmmm. Not a lot of feedback, but that's okay... Pressing forward...

    Couldn't really sleep last night. I have had the past several days off and have slept and napped a lot so I'm not overly concerned about it. I felt fine when I woke up. Well enough to hit the gym early and knock out the Upper body workout I had originally planned for yesterday. I also figure that I should be able to fall asleep a little easier tonight having been up all day. I get back to the grind tomorrow morning at work and will be on days again. Yay. Had a really good workout. Moderate intensity and didn't lift super heavy. I am going to ride this thing out at a moderate level until I feel less run down. It's weird because I have all of the mental motivation in the world, something just doesn't feel right physically. I feel like I am running on E, if that makes any sense. I am not going to let it keep me out of the gym, but I have learned to listen to my body more and more as I age. Either that, or my body just complains more than it did in my 20's. Either way I am going to listen to it.

    Diet: 3,249 calories P/C/F 35/39/26
    I was looking back at my caloric intake over the past week or so and I haven't had a "re-feed" day in a while so that is what I am going to do... and I don't feel guilty about it in the least...

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  9. Where do you estimate body fat to be? Cutting is typically easier than a true recomp.
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by cubsfan815 View Post
    Where do you estimate body fat to be? Cutting is typically easier than a true recomp.
    If memory serves it was around 14% at the beginning of the log according to an impedance device. It has of course went down from there I am assuming (if the mirror can be trusted). If I had to guess, around the 10 to 11% range??? With the scale going down over 10 pounds in a month I am assuming that I am unintentionally on a cut rather than recomping.
  11. Day 35

    My sleep schedule is so messed up right now. I fell asleep earlier than I intended and was up around 2 am, but I feel rested. I know that I got decent rest because I remember having a few pretty vivid dreams and woke up a few times with crazy morning wood. Only on these forums would I ever just blurt that out to the masses, but I do feel like it is a good indication that this product is working behind the scenes in a positive way to some degree. The aforementioned potential "side effect" isn't necessarily out of the norm for me off of the stack, however it does seem more pronounced ever since beginning it. Anyways, I dosed and watched a movie, ate a small protein bar, and went to the gym and had a decent, moderate intensity lower body workout. The left thigh that felt a little strained didn't give me any problems and I avoided isolation moves due to not wanting to aggravate it further. I go back to work today and I am looking kind of forward to it actually. My life has pretty much revolved around laying around and the gym so I feel like I need some social interaction. No better way to get some of that and at the same time get paid for it haha. Today will be my first day out of training and I will be on my own set running it by myself. I feel like the past several days resting have put me in a good position to give my best effort. I am happy that I will be able to take the Oxymax before going in and will probably take an ECY on my lunch break.

    Diet:2,323 calories P/C/F 40/40/20

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  12. When is the refeed? I would do that, and then go right back to what you were doing. Then, after this run, you could start adding the calories back in.

    I would worry more about mirror than scale. The Alphamax/OxyMax stack can shred fat, and I doubt you are losing much muscle.
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  13. Quote Originally Posted by cubsfan815 View Post
    When is the refeed? I would do that, and then go right back to what you were doing. Then, after this run, you could start adding the calories back in.

    I would worry more about mirror than scale. The Alphamax/OxyMax stack can shred fat, and I doubt you are losing much muscle.
    I upped to 3,249 calories a few days ago, now I am back to approx a 500 calories deficit on cardio/off days and 300 calories or so over maintenance on resistance training days, usually in the form of carbs. I guess I am probably getting a little hung up on the scale to be honest. I just really don't like the idea of being 150'ish pounds. My ultimate goal is to be up to about 180 and lean. As far as me having a concrete reason for desiring this specific number, I have none. I will take your advice and stay the course. I only have a little over 3 weeks to go so I will let the results and pics speak for themselves. I can definitely attest to the fact that this stack can certainly shred fat however.
  14. Day 36

    Went to bed early last night after a long, but very productive, day at work that went extremely well if I do say so myself and slept like a baby for 8.5 hours. It was WONDERFUL and much needed. Woke up, dosed on an empty stomach, and went for a short run in the cold and rain to get the day going before returning to work again. As strange as it may sound, it was a great way to start the day. When I went in to work it was total chaos, but everything went well. Came home, ate, showered, and now I am going to lay in bed, enjoy some T.V. and the rain, and hopefully fall asleep early and get some more quality rest. If I wake up early again tomorrow morning I am going to get some HIIT in. If not, I will lift weights after work.

    Diet: 1,800 calories P/C/F 40/20/30

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  15. Day 37

    Went to bed at a decent hour and got a decent nights sleep. Around 7 hours or so. Woke up, dosed, watched the game that I recorded last night and hit the track to do my usual HIIT workout. Felt pretty good eventually. It was kind of a slow start initially and I wasn't all there mentally, but my motivation in 40 degree weather at 5 am isn't exactly brimming over and I pushed through the laziness. One thing that I have noticed about doing HIIT training as opposed to steady state, is that afterwards I will have more of a full body mild pump, whereas after steady state my muscles will seem "flat" if that makes any sense. Anyways, just an observation. Big day at work today. Looking forward to making it great!

    Diet:1,641 calories P/C/F 35/35/30

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  16. Day 38

    9 hours of AWESOME sleep last night. So much in fact that I pretty much had to wake up and get ready to go to work... which went awesome as well. Came home, watched the Carolina/ Florida game and I am now going to lay in bed until I fall asleep. Not a ton to report, but a great day all the same.

    Diet: 1,734 calories P/C/F 34/30/36

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  17. Day 39

    Yet another great nights sleep. I am really enjoying this aspect of the stack. Deep sleep, vivid dreams. It has really helped out in the recovery department and I feel better than I expected I would, being in a caloric deficit and all. Another thing that I have noticed is that I have only felt hungry a handful of times during these past several weeks. Don't get me wrong, I feel like I need more food, but I'm not miserable. I am looking forward to being able to eat more eventually though haha...

    Diet:1,779 calories P/C/F 35/27/38

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  18. Day 40

    I am officially 2/3 of the way through this stack today. Got seven hours of decent rest last night. Really strange dreams and vivid. I am really starting to notice the fat loss in my midsection. Not sure if it is because there is less and less of it, so I am noticing the recession more, or if progress is accelerating due to being on this stack for a few weeks, but I am pleased nonetheless. Woke up, dosed, and went to the gym super early to kick this week off strong and did Chest/Shoulders/Triceps. Instead of focusing on isolating muscle groups and being really anal about training, I am going in and performing lifts that I enjoy to keep my motivation up. My energy levels and strength aren't exactly peaking right now, but I really feel like this has more to do with being in a caloric deficit more than anything. I would hate to see my performance on a cut/recomp with no "help" at all. That feels terrible to even type. I am really looking forward to my upcoming clean bulk/ cycle, but I am going to see this thing through. It is starting to drag by however. Having all of the staples and products for the cycle and PCT staring me in the face in my closet every morning wasn't helping so I put them away in a drawer.

    Diet:2,222 P/C/F 35/33/32

    Weight: 162 lbs (Weight is starting to level out a bit thank God)

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  19. *Day 41

    Kind of a blah day today. Kind of lethargic. Not a ton of rest last night. Had a great workout though. Ate any and everything in sight and have NO REGRETS!

    Diet:3,300 calories P/C/F 30/40/30

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  20. Day 42 and 43

    Fell asleep early last night before I could post so I will lump two days into one. Nothing crazy to report really. Two good days at the gym. Did legs yesterday, did chest today. I've pretty much scrapped cardio at this point. Focusing more on short and sweet daily gym sessions, rest, and upping my calories. I feel so much better when I am eating more so I am going to cruise the rest of this thing on out with an increase in the eating department unless I start to notice my abs disappearing again.

    Day 42- 3,300 calories
    Day 43- 3,400 calories

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  21. Day 44

    Didn't have a great night of sleep last night. Again, changing shifts always throws me a little out of whack in the rest department, but not getting sleep messes with me more than I like. Anyways, woke up, dosed and had a really good Back workout. Feeling a lot more energetic from upping the calories... mainly in the form of carbs. Definitely don't look as "flat" in the mirror and the scale reflects the change as well. Guess I was a little more depleted than I intended to be.

    Diet:2,800 calories P/C/F 33/37/30

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  22. Day 45

    Decent nights rest. Kind of took an off day from the gym today, but still did Ab work. Laid around, ate, rested... now it's off to work again.

    Diet:2,800 P/C/F 35/30/35

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  23. love the consistency of your posting keep it up

  24. Quote Originally Posted by rowz4broz View Post
    love the consistency of your posting keep it up
    Thank you. I really appreciate that. I began this pretty much as a progress diary for myself and anyone else that wanted to follow along, but had started wondering if anyone else was beside 'cubsfan' was watching haha. Thank you for the encouragement!
  25. Day 46

    Another day in the books and this one was a doozy. Got about 6 hours of great rest and volunteered for 4 hours of early overtime at my job, so I went to the gym before hand with the intention of doing a light full body circuit for an hour or so. You know, just something to get a good full body pump, get the blood and endorphin's flowing... y'all know the drill. After about 20 minutes and getting good and warmed up, went absolutely ape-**** and CRUSHED it. Then I went to work and was placed in an area that I was unfamiliar with and got my ass handed to me on an epic level. It was terrible. 12 hours of running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I was able to keep a steady stream of calories coming in all day to aid in all of this from a physical stand point, but I got my ass kicked. Came home. Went strait to bed without even watching the football games that I recorded. After it was all said and done it felt like a very productive day, but it was hard earned.

    Diet:2,800 P/C/F 36/31/33

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