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  1. So how much difference in libido/ well being from the alphamax so far? Noticeable?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Cscott622 View Post
    So how much difference in libido/ well being from the alphamax so far? Noticeable?
    Libido: I would have to say that libido has increased moderately and began after the first several days. I'm not glaring at women 24/7 like a serial rapist yet, but when the idea/opportunity arises (no pun intended), I handle things promptly (pun definitely intended) with or without help from a willing participant. (I hit up the old laptop 3 times the other day if you know what I mean... which is ordinarily a once a day ordeal if that). I hope that makes sense.

    Well Being:As for well being, it was reasonably noticeable the first 2 to 3 days of beginning the stack. The sensation lasted several hours. After those initial days however, nothing in the well being department. I do have a high tolerance to stimulants, but I am VERY sure that I could add ephedrine and yohimbine HCL to this and be just fine and feel great mentally with no problem..... I've even done this a few times before work to get the motor running due to this product lacking in this area. If I had to do things over again, even on a recomp, I would take an ECY stack in the morning and afternoon and run Alphamax stacked with MassMax instead. I was even considering going to that combo at the end of this month, but I was going to wait and pose that as an option to people here following this log and let them make the call. I am glad that you asked that though.

  3. Day 12

    Another day down, another productive day. Light leg workout today. Going to be hitting it hard again tomorrow and the weeks thereafter.

    Diet: 1,600 calories
  4. Day 13

    Got a good upper body workout in this morning and another great day at work. I am really enjoying this new job. It keeps me going mentally and physically pretty much the entire day and the time flies by. On one hand, if the stack is contributing to this being so enjoyable GREAT, but it will suck when I have to take a break. On the other, it would suck to not be responding, but great that I love this job so much. Oh well, a good day is a good dy period in my book.

    Diet:After working out this morning, running around all day and being off tomorrow for the first time in 7 days and being able to sleep in I upped my calories to 3,200 today with carbs, carbs, carbs... all from fruit. About 600 of this will be my pre-bedtime meal along with the Alphamax tonight. I will get a solid 8 to 9 hours of sleep and I am still trimming up in the midsection so I want the surplus.
  5. Day 14

    Two weeks in today and I have to say that things are going really well. Slept for a SOLID 10 hours last night. No getting up to pee, no waking up and looking at the clock, just solid rest. It was AMAZING. Dosed on an empty stomach (which is the norm), laid around and watched the newest 'Planet of the Apes' and 'Pirates of the Caribbean' and dozed off again before going to the gym and having a really good Legs workout followed by a 30 minute cool down on the Elliptical. Am I the only person that absolutely dreads Leg day, but then feels absolutely awesome for doing it afterwards? I understand the importance of lower body training, I always do it, etc etc, but I despise the notion of it before actually getting in there and going at it. It's not until I am almost done with Squats that I start to catch a rhythm and it feels good... I digress.
    I have to say that my body composition is progressing nicely. I am starting to see the cut in my lower abs and my "love handles" are receding nicely. I am also noticing a little more definition in my lower back from the fat loss as well, which is nice. I don't feel like I am losing a lot of muscle in my chest and my arms are definitely the same size if not bigger from carrying stuff at work all day. Getting thinner in the waist always helps with proportion everywhere in my experience though.

    Diet: Solid 2,200 calories today. I've been running around 40/30/30 on calories from protein/fat/carbs especially on days where I workout hard. The 1,800 calories with low carbs was killing me ever since starting this new job. It was just too much.

  6. Day 15

    Another solid productive day. Slept 9 hours, woke up, dosed, ate, went to the gym and had a GREAT Back workout. Drank BCAA intra workout which I rarely do, but I actually kind of enjoyed it today. I am not sure if my body is simply adjusting to a more physically demanding job on top of training pretty hard or what, but I feel like I am constantly craving something, but I don't know what it is. I have upped my calories a bit over the last several especially demanding days, but this feeling is different than just wanting sugar or carbs... I can't explain it. Anyways, work went well. Wasn't as busy tonight which I kind of missed because it made time go by slowly, but I feel great. About to watch a movie and let this Alphamax kick in and sleep as long as my body sees fit and hit it hard again tomorrow.

    Diet: Went slightly over what I intended to today, but I am not going to sweat it. 2,500 calories today. 40/30/30 P/F/C

  7. Looks like things are going really well with the stack. I think you are on the right track upping calories, seems like the Alphamax XT has you in a more natural anabolic state.
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by cubsfan815 View Post
    Looks like things are going really well with the stack. I think you are on the right track upping calories, seems like the Alphamax XT has you in a more natural anabolic state.
    I am definitely pleased with the way things are progressing thus far... especially being a hair over two weeks in.
  9. Day 16

    Decent nights sleep last night. 7 hours total. I stayed up a little too late watching a movie and got up earlier than I wanted to because there was too much light coming into the window. On the bright side though (pun intended), I did something a little different this morning at the gym. I did Chest and Tri's in a "fasted state" and had a really good workout. I drank the no-calorie BCAA's again intra and I really think I am starting to enjoy that. I was running a little behind due to having to wait to get a haircut so I had to fly home and eat while getting ready for work, but when I got there I was able to get a decent few shoulder presses and lateral raises in to cap off a good few days training. My entire body is sore from head to toe and I really enjoy that.

    Diet: 2,400 calories today 40/30/30
  10. Day 17

    8 hours decent rest last night. Today is going to be an off day as far as working out. I will probably do some light bicep work during our "gym time" before we go out on the floor. My entire body is sore right now so I am just laying around until work. The section I will be in tonight is pretty chill so I am just going to keep the clean calories coming in, work at a steady consistent pace and hopefully cap it off with a solid rest tonight after work.

    Diet: 1,980 calories 38/31/31 p/f/c

  11. I'm in dude, good detail

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Daff View Post
    I'm in dude, good detail
    Thanks! I appreciate it!
  13. Day 18

    8 hours of uninterrupted rest, broke my fast with amino acids and the stack, watched the new 'Spider-man' movie and did Ab Ripper X, and ordered the Alphamax and Oxymax for month 2 from NP, then I put together a bar graph of my calorie consumption over the past 18 days. I was bored, what can I say.

    Diet:Going to ramp down for a few days and try to round out this first month in more of a fat burning state. I feel like I am more than maintaining mass wise so I am going to try to stay focused on what my original goals were, and that was to attack the midsection fat.
    1,489 calories today

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  14. Day 19

    Only got a few hours sleep for some reason last night and woke up in a **** mood. Went to the gym and did an hour on the StairClimber in a fasted state and sipped on BCAA's and set a new personal best in steps in an hour... now I am in a good mood haha

    Diet: 1,624 calories today 50/30/20 P/F/C

    Dry Weight (upon awaking): 168.8 lbs

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  15. Day 20

    Didn't get very much sleep again last night. I have had a lot on my mind lately. I did have a very good Back workout and did some heavy Bicep work a few hours afterwards at the factory gym before beginning my shift. I am not sure if it has been the lack of sleep for the past couple of days or what, but I have been noticing that I have been very "edgy" lately. Not all the time, but when I get pissy it is way more pronounced than usual. I have also noted a lot better vascularity in my arms and shoulders, but could attribute this to cutting body fat as well which, in my opinion, is coming along nicely. A lot of times (especially after a workout) I feel pumped for hours mentally and physically and this has been more pronounced over the last week or so.

    Diet:1,950 calories
  16. Day 21

    Finally got back to having a decent nights rest last night for the first time in a couple of days and that was especially nice. Went to the gym and did the StairMaster for an hour at a good intensity again and felt great. Came home and ate and got ready for work. Went in and hit the Chest and Shoulder press Nautilus machines pretty hard and got some really good sets in. My strength seems to have went up over the past several weeks and I had a ton of extra energy at work tonight. I was daydreaming about how bad I wanted to do chin ups for some reason, as weird as that sounds. By the end of the night I was beat though so I came home. haha. Praying for a good nights sleep tonight.

    Diet: 1,603 calories
  17. Day 22

    Another mediocre night of sleep. This rotating shift business is taking some getting used to and also taking a toll. I am relatively sure it is the morning light that is messing things up for me. I have the room very cool and dark with no lights from electronics or phones etc., but there were still some light leaking into the room around sunrise so I went and bought some blackout curtains to seal the deal and hopefully this will solve that problem. I was off today, so I woke up and dosed and went to the gym for fasted steady-state cardio and did 1 hour on the Elliptical with BCAA's. Kept my HR around 150 bpm and didn't tax myself too terribly much. I was going to do lower body tonight, but I really want to have a heavy "dead-lift and lunge day" to break the monotony of squatting and leg pressing and I feel like that will be pushing it stress-wise due to the lack of sleep. Had another fever blister outbreak yesterday and I've had mouth ulcers ever since starting this stack so I know I am burning the CNS candle from both ends. I've been eating a lot of canned chicken lately and I am assuming that the life style change and stress is mostly to blame for the ulcers. One came from a spot where I remember biting the side of my lip when chewing gum of all things, so I am guessing acidity in my mouth is due to reflux maybe??? However, I haven't had back to back fever blisters in the absence of an actual fever in a LONG time so something is going on, but enough about my herpes, haha.
    I am just throwing this out there, and you guys can read as little or much into it as you wish, but I legitimately feel like I am taking a mild PH cycle at times with this combo. I have no affiliation with Performax and have never taken their products before so this is just me being honest. I can't quite put my finger on what the feeling is, and it is not always present like when I took the DS's back in the day, but there are times when just I feel JACKED. Granted it is generally an hour or two after a good workout most of the time, but I feel like I am getting pumps sometime and I will get the urge to contract and squeeze the **** out of my biceps, chest or legs. It is so ****ing weird, but I know a few of you out there will know what I am talking about. It feels good and I am not complaining, but it can also be kind of annoying at times when you can't stop what you are doing and bust out with isometric holds like a weirdo in front of people. Haha, anyways, I've also noticed that I am moody as shyt to, and that could still be the lack of sleep, but when it comes on it is terrible.

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    Diet: 1,700 calories
  18. Day 22 Progress Pic

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  19. Seems like AlphaMax is kicking pretty good based on the edge you are feeling. The Ashwagandha helps me from being too pissy on AlphaMax, however it's still there lol.
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  20. Day 23

    5 hours sleep last night FUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKK!!!!!

    Haha. I am actually being kind of generous with saying that I got 5 hours, but anyways I woke up and dosed on an empty stomach and did some fasted HIIT. I walked a mile and then all out ran 10 100-yard dashes separated by 100 yard brisk walks and then walked another mile. It is amazing how much that takes out of me, but I always feel good for getting it done when I know that I gave a solid effort and I did so today.
    Today is kind of interesting for me and I am not really sure how to go about altering my diet or counting calories. I start 3rd shift tonight so I go in at midnight. I stand pretty much zero chance of being able to sleep today so I am pretty much pulling an all nighter. I am not certain how I am going to alter my dosing with the stack. I am going to just count my calories up until midnight and then start again with what I eat at work, but I will more than likely dose again before work with both Alpha and Oxymax to combat the fatigue. Either that or take an ECY. I was going to try to get some resistance training in today but I feel spent so I am going to give myself a break and lay around the rest of the day and pray for a nap. Either way the resting is a must along with a steady stream of clean calories. I am going to surplus today with my calories.

    Diet:2,340 calories 35/35/30 P/F/C

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  21. Day 24

    Nothing good to report today. Slept like **** again this morning. 4 hours. Rocking a nice headache and looking like a zombie. Going to try to get a nap before I go into work at midnight. I am going to dose the Alpha and Oxy before I go into work. Skip the second dose of Oxy tonight on shift, and take the other Alphamax when I get off at 8am. If I don't sleep well tomorrow I am going to be in a bad way.

    Diet: 2,000 calories
  22. Day 25

    FINALLY got some rest. Came home and got a decent 8 hours. Fell asleep with the TV on and had to get up and turn that off, but was otherwise able to go back to sleep and feel a lot better today. Going to lay in bed and watch the football games that I recorded and EAT. I am still going to keep the calories clean, but I am going to listed to my body here and not go so far into a deficit since I was feeling so run down over the last couple days. I am not exaggerating when I say that I felt terrible. Not sick or anything, but just run down. Really happy about getting some rest today. I've got work tonight at midnight until 8am and from there I am going strait to the gym with a coworker who claims that he wants to start working out with me in the mornings. I have my doubts, but hopefully he will surprise me. I usually work out alone, but maybe having a partner will be good from a motivational standpoint and help me power through this cut/recomp. Until then I am going to keep the calories pouring in and sip on BCAA's while on shift.

    Diet: 2,041 calories 40/30/30 P/F/C

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  23. Day 26

    Finally got a GREAT 8 hours of sleep and felt a lot better. Went to the gym before work and got in a really good Chest and Triceps workout. Upped my carbs a little bit to replenish and to keep recovering from the few nights that I didn't sleep well.

    Diet: 2,140 calories
  24. Day 27

    6 hours of decent rest today. Had a lot on my mind. Went down to the post office today after finding out that all of my PCT ancillaries (upcoming SD run) were delivered..... and subsequently stolen off of my porch while I was asleep. I was not happy at all. They were "research" in nature, so I think I am going to just bite the bullet and go with pharm grade generics for peace of mind at this point along with dosage accuracy... and any other method of delivery that is not the USPS. Woke up around 6, dosed, ate and in a few I'm about to go put together my food for work and then hit the gym. Going to be a Back and biceps day.

    Diet:2,330 calories 35/35/30 P/C/F

    Weight:166 lbs Weighed in upon awakening yesterday. My initial goals were to not go under 165 lbs on this mission. Midsection is coming along nicely, but I have to be sacrificing a lot more muscle than I initially intended. I will continue to monitor my weight and reassess in a week keeping my surplus around 300 calories over maintenance on resistance training days and my deficit around 500 calories on cardio days. Rest days will remain 2,000 calories which I am guesstimating to be my low end ballpark maintenance amount.

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  25. Day 28

    Great night at work last night after a great Back and Biceps workout. Came home, drank some whey/casein and watched half of a movie while I waited for the Alphamax to kick in and then got another solid 8 hours of sleep. My upper body is pretty sore, front and back, and I love that feeling. I am probably going out of town this weekend and I won't have access to weights, so I am going to hit Legs hard tonight and try to get the full body soreness thing going so that I can cap it off with hopefully another decent nights rest after work tonight. I will have the weekend off obviously and will be going back to day shift next week so my plan is to schedule my "rest from training days" on the days where my sleep schedule flips from nights to days in order to reduce stress. I will probably stay out of caloric deficits during these periods as well. I am hoping that this will be the work around to these several day bouts of restlessness and feeling run down. Keeping this log has been very beneficial in regards to keeping the good and bad aspects to this stack cycle and my training/lifestyle in the proper perspective. I am really excited that I am still a few days shy of the half way point. I feel like I have a really good shot of making this run a success. Just a little more fat to go...

    Diet: 2,331 calories 40/40/30 P/C/F

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