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  1. I hate doing curls. They just bore me...probably why I have smaller biceps lol
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  2. Missed some posts this week due to network issues so here are 3 at once:

    Heavy squat day Tuesday:
    Limited time because of GD traffic so I had to just go for broke on squats.
    350x 5
    355 x 4
    360 x 3

    None grinders, no question of depth in my mind.

    Finished with some heavy deadlifts. Worked up to a 455 single, which usually I can get for a triple, feel like I need to re dial in my technique.

    Same story, horrible traffic shorter faster workout.

    OHP 160 x 8 x 3
    Hang cleans (with no hip pain!)
    Lateral raises
    Close grip bench 275 x 7 x2 and 280 for 6 to finish.
    Face pulls and cable rows.

    If it wasn't for white flood I don't think I'd have the interest recovery to have completed this much.

    Heavy bench
    Still a rep off

    320 x 4
    320 x 4
    330 x 3
    280 x 9

    I'm starting out good but having issues resetting between reps which makes the later ones more tenuous. Not a strength issue but a technique one. Every once in a while it's like I "forget" how to bench and have to relearn at a Lower weight again.
    That being said I somehow pulled it together for a 330 x 3 with a belt, right as a coworker of mine saw me so the legend spreads. Last rep was a little Englishy but I didn't want to risk some irritating g person spotting me with whom I'd then have to have a conversation with the rest of the session.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Hyde View Post
    I hate doing curls. They just bore me...probably why I have smaller biceps lol
    I'm the same way. Never cared much for them. Most guys at the gym have big biceps and smaller Tri's.
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  4. 1 scoop of white flood, cup of joe, and a zero cal orange monster prior to some light squatting.

    In the groove today, left a rep in the tank on each set. Squats were so smooth and dare I say comfortable I didn't want to ruin any set with a grinder.

    I've honestly never felt so stable on a walk out before.

    325 x 7
    330 x 6
    335 x 5
    300 AMRAP beltless

    Observation: what is with these jerks wearing weight belts under their shirts? Can't be more effective or comfortable.

    3 sets of 15-20 on leg press, weights on leg press are arbitrary so I'll just put that it was hard.
    Leg press is so unsatisfying that I find it more difficult than squats just for that reason.

    Couple of accessories and some balance rehab exercises and it was a great day.

    It's been over thirty days so look for my final review soon.


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