White Flood flashback log

  1. White Flood flashback log

    Hey guys! Been a while since Iíve logged something. Controlled Labs was very generous to allow me to log White Flood for them. Iíve used the OG version and the updated version before but itís been a long time since both. Letís get started

    I will be logging my workouts but I will be mainly focusing on how White Flood is treating me. I usually workout around 6pm during the week as well as weekend mornings. Currently doing a modified PHAT routine to change it up. My goal has been lean bulking. Currently using MassMax XT + AlphaMax XT for 8 weeks. Starting week 5 on Monday. First log entry will be tonight! I am open to routine suggestions/thoughts also!

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  2. 09/29

    Leg Hypertrophy day

    Took WF about 20 min pre workout. Mixes very well, taste is not bad (I revived watermelon). Didnít notice anything different with pumps. Had a little bit more energy. Didnít feel wired or anything. Just a clean smooth energy with motivation. Tomorrow will be upper body strength.

    Legs - I have a torn up ankle, degenerative disk disease in my back and unaligned hips so I squat on an angled squat machine.

    Angled squat machine - 3 sets of 20 reps

    Reverse hack squat - 20/15/10

    Leg extension - 15 super set with 10 for two sets total of this

    Leg curl - 15 super set with 10 for two sets total for this

    Straight leg deads 3x8

    Donkey calf raises - 3 sets of 20 reps

    I donít go heavy on hypertrophy day. Usually do negatives, drops ...etc really nail my form and feel the muscle work. Love it. Less stress on my back and more focus on the muscle working.

    Will update the next workout sometime tomorrow.
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  3. in for this
    Pro God, Pro Gun, Pro Life.

  4. In on this! I love white flood by controlled labs.
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  5. 9/30

    I forgot to update my saturday workout so Iíll start with that.

    Did upper body hypertrophy. Mainly did 2 exercises per muscle group with reps between 7-15. Drop sets and super sets were included. Woke up very sore in my back and chest


    Today was lower power day. My rep range was 4-8 reps. I donít like going below 4. There isnít really much benefit for me from doing that. Had a great left. Saw a PR on reverse hack squats. My leg workout was reverse hacks, leg press, sumo DB squats, leg extensions, standing calf raises and donkey calf raises. Thatís pretty much my go to leg routine plus or minus a few things (leg curls, lunges...etc). I change it up a lot but thatís the basics.

    White Flood- Iím not really seeing any added pump but then again I only trained upper body once so Iíll keep an eye on it. It does mix really easy. It tends to have a chemical flavor to it so I may try to dilute it some more on my next workout.

    I havenít been taking PowerMax XT as my intra because I wanted to see how WF does solo. Once I get a really good feel for it, Iíll start to include my intra again.
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  6. Sweet! Keep it up man. I love PowerMax XT. I've used it multiple times.
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by LeanEngineer View Post
    Sweet! Keep it up man. I love PowerMax XT. I've used it multiple times.
    I canít wait to get my hands on the new labeled one ďintramaxĒ. I love that stuff. I havenít ever really liked intra workouts. My stomach gets too full. Really solid product IMO.

    Anyways, decided to take 2 days off in a row and let my body heal. This change of routine is making me pretty sore. Leg hypertrophy is tomorrow.
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  8. 10/6

    Today was leg hypertrophy day

    Reverse hack squats - 20/12/10/8

    Leg press - 15/13/7

    Leg extension - 20/15/10

    Leg curl- 15/10/8

    Dumbbell sumo squat - 10/10/10

    Donkey calf raises - DC style

    Had a really good leg pump actually. That rarely happens for me. Might be the higher reps I was doing but Iíll continue to monitor this for legs. I mix it with about 8oz of water and chug it.

    Endurance was great. Itís a really smooth stim. Seems to be perfect if you are sensitive to stims.
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  9. Week 1 Review

    As you all have seen, Iím doing a modified version of PHAT. Completely different than what Iím used to so Iím definitely feeling DOMS. Letís get to the review

    Taste - 2/10 - even my fiancť says it tastes terrible. The flavor I received was watermelon. It smells decent but just has a strong chemical taste to it. I personally do not care what it tastes like. I used OG NO shotgun back in the day and was fine and we all know that tasted TERRIBLE. I also do realize itís hard to make pre workouts taste like something from sonic.

    Mix- 10/10 - mixes very easily. No effort at all. No left over clumps or anything.

    Pumps - 7/10 - I did the first few workouts without PowerMax XT to see how it was. Decent. Nothing crazy but you can notice an improvement

    Endurance - 8/10 - this may be due to the stim that seems to be long acting for me. I dig

    Stim- 10/10 - I didnít rate it in terms of being strong. I rated it a 10 for being great FOR ME. I enjoy strong stims but I also enjoy a smooth long lasting stim. Iíve been on HyperMax XT off and on for a while so this is a change of stim for me (at least it feels that way).

    Will hit upper body hypertrophy tomorrow night.
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  10. Iím still here, decided to take the weekend off. Had a lot of car stuff to do so I didnít wanna go in and have a crap workout because I was tired. Hitting it tomorrow night then Wednesday morning since Iím off.
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  11. I'm in
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  12. Iím pretty sure I can only train 3x this week (work schedule and a wedding Iím in). Sucks. But I hit back and biceps tonight.

    Again, for me, the energy is a really clean stim. I worked a 10 hour shift on my feet all day and I was exhausted after work. Had a shake, waiting about 45 min then took white Flood and went to the gym. It hit me within 10 min or so. Iím really digging the stim effect it gives me.
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  13. 10/11

    Killed chest and triceps today. Pretty high volume because I can only train them once this week

    Incline - 8/6/4

    Flat - 10/8/6

    Machine decline - 10/10/10

    Machine flat press - 12/10/8 drop set 10

    DB incline fly- 15/10/5

    Machine seated fly - 20 very slow

    I know Iím going to be sore tomorrow. I had prob the best pump Iíve had in a long time. The combo of white Flood with PowerMax xt is really good. Next time I hit upper body Iíll just take WF to see what differences I see
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  14. Sorry for the lack of updated, been very busy...nothing has really changed with White Flood. Still enjoying it. Havenít gone past 1 scoop because I like how it hits me. The taste is still tasting like poorly flavored chemicals but itís doable. Not too too bad. Taste doesnít really bother me anyway as long as the product works.

    So for this week Iím changing it up because I have about 5-6 days where I can hit the gym. Going to take a week break from PHAT and do the standard one body part per week minus legs (twice a week). I hit back today and will do legs tomorrow.
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  15. Took today off. Not sure if Iíll take off tomorrow or not. Got 2 more lifts to hit this week. Arms and legs. Will update later this week.
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  16. How's it feeling for you?
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  17. White Flood flashback log

    Sorry, been crazy at work! Itís been decent! mild stim but I def feel it! Itís a warm steady rush that doesnít fade away easily. Iím diggin it

    I have a detailed update coming tomorrow night.
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  18. Things are going great. Still on the same routine but Iíve lowered my weight (on purpose) to focus on form and time under tension. This is making me very sore. Usually for 2 days or more. Tweaking my diet to accommodate for this. White Flood has been treating me well.

    Taste - the more I drink it the more I get used to it. I mix it with maybe 6oz of water and chug it. I donít like sipping on pre workouts nor do I like entering the gym with a belly full of water. Taste isnít great but Iím getting used to it

    Pumps - I can def tell a difference but itís not anything overwhelming. Nothing really positive or negative besides I can def tell a slight difference.

    Endurance - this may be from the stim but endurance is really good. The stim seems to have a slow lasting effect on me which I really like. No crash. No ďpre workout is kicking in!Ē Feeling but I can notice that Iím more hype and more into my workouts once I get started

    Overall, so far my rating would be a 7/10. The 3 points missing would be for taste and pumps. But those are not a big deal for me anyway. I just lift weights and I get a nice pump.

    I killed chest today. Worked 10/10/8/8/8 for 4 exercises then ended with 20 reps of flys. Focused on perfect form, a small negative and keeping time under tension. Loved it.
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  19. Definitely felt great in the gym tonight! Did arms with half rep deep squats (6 sets). My diet is really kicking in. My recomp is really coming along now. White Flood continues to give the same effects/results. Really enjoying my run with it. Iíll have a final log/review sometime early next week
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  20. Final Review

    White Flood has always been a pretty decent product. While it def is not the strongest pre, itís a great all around supplement that does what it claims to do. Pumps are decent, the stim is a mild stim (at least for me it is) and the effects tend on creep on you and slowly fade away. No crash and no jitters. I have a little bit left in the tub so I will be finishing it. If I could make one suggestion on improvement, I would say the taste. Itís not very good. I just take a shot of it and deal with it. Overall, I would rate it a 7/10 and would purchase again if it ever went on sale
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  21. Thank you for the feedback!
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