Age Force IGF1 + MGF Time Released Patch Sponsored Log from SDog

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  1. Age Force IGF1 + MGF Time Released Patch Sponsored Log from SDog

    What up good peeps!

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Shout-out @djbombsquad, @wicked442, & @pulsefit for giving me the opportunity to share my experience with these time released insulin growth factor patches. 90 DAY SUPPLY nonetheless!!! Thank you all!

    Applied my first patch lastnight on inner wrist and left it on overnight (~8 hours). Dosing instructions state to apply a patch every third day (1 day on 2 days off) and to leave patch on for 8 hrs on dosing day, so nothing much to report as of yet. The patch itself resembles a square bandaid. It stays on strong, but comes off easy. No smell. Not sure how they taste. lol

    Nothing much to report on yet, but that was to be expected I would assume.

    Stats: 40yr old, 5'11, 235lbs, ~19%BF (based off one of those handheld things with electric pulses, for what thats worth. I'd imagine it's fairly accurate though)

    Background: Intense training from age 15 - 24, took a 15 yr break for women, booze, and anything in between. Just got back into the gym 1.5 years ago after alcoholism and a near death experience woke me back up. Put it this way, in April of 2016, my CNS was so fried from drinking, I didn't have enough strength in my legs to stand on my own. I am now repping 350lbs+ in the squat rack. I've come a long way and am very lucky to be here. Needless to say I no longer drink and also quit smoking after 20 years.

    Training/Diet: Currently on a 2 day on, 1 day off weight training routine. This coincides perfectly for this dosing regimen, so I will be dosing only on my off days from the gym. Right now, I am finishing a 3 month bulk, where I put on 15lbs. That ends this weekend. I will be starting a month long burn after next week to drop some bodyfat and prepare for my end of the year anabolic cycle, which I would like to start early to mid Nov. to take advantage of good upcoming eating windows lol. Ideally like to be around 15% by the start of that, but if I'm going to preserve muscle and lose fat, dropping ~5% in 4 weeks is a little too aggressive and unrealistic for they way in which i will do it, but I'm not at all concerned.

    I will not go into rep by rep detail of my workouts, because quit frankly that's boring. I usually skip over those sections in people's logs. I will report any noticeable changes during my workouts though, along with sleep, the feeling of recovery, and diet/weight.

    I guess our goal here will be to determine if these patches work, right?

    So feel free to ask anything you want, and help me to come to a final conclusion on these.

    I'm off to the gym now for heavy back/bi's/core

    Peace out for now!

  2. In bro. Kill it

  3. Great start!
    AgeForce Rep

  4. Following

  5. I'm interested in the produxt for sure. Please note your hunger and sleep levels and such

  6. Quote Originally Posted by sespress View Post
    I'm interested in the produxt for sure. Please note your hunger and sleep levels and such
    I hunger carbs on these patches for sure. Sleep has been deep for me.
    AgeForce Rep

  7. Ok guys, so I woke up this morning and had the numbness of hands going on more so than usual. Now, I do have an issue with the ulnar nerve entrapment in both elbows and gets pretty bad if keep them bent throughout the night. This usually really isn't an issue for me, as I am usually conscious enough to keep my arms extended somehow. Plus, I normally don't sleep that well and do lots of tossing and turning, so i really don't stay in one position long enough for this to really be a problem anyway.

    So could the patches have directly resulted in enough GH release to cause the numbness, or did they help me sleep to the point I didn't toss and turn as much to naturally correct this issue as I normally would, or was this just an anomaly?


  8. Deeper sleep maybe. Try stomach for patch.
    AgeForce Rep

  9. Quote Originally Posted by pulsefit View Post
    Deeper sleep maybe. Try stomach for patch.
    Yes, good call!

    I will rotate all application sites that are recommended by the brochure. Stomach will be next.

  10. In, nice start

  11. Changed application site to just below belly button, maybe 2 inches to the right. Nothing much to note.

    Patches don't leave any lingering indication they were on your skin. Very much bandaid-ish in feel and appearance.

    Haven't had any more over tingling sensations that I experienced the first night.

    Yesterday was an off day from the gym.

    Back at it tonight with heavy squats and accessory work for legs.

    Diet has changed to accommodate fat loss (~ -500 calories per day range) and cardio will be implemented starting tomorrow.

  12. Applied last night to inner arm. Very tired when I woke up, although I feel like I slept better than usual. I think my alarm just went off in the wrong stage of sleep.

    Any ideas how synergistic these patches would be with taking MK677?

    I was on 20mg per day, but had to back that down to 10mg due to hunger just being outrageous, which is counter productive during my slight caloric reduction.

    Weight is down to 234, which was my goal by the end of the week. I'm now shooting for 233 by next tues. Nothing crazy here as I'd like to keep as much LBM as possible.

    Yesterday (dosing day) was an off day. Day before that I hit shoulders well, with a good pump. High rep, low rest in between, & 25min cardio =~250 cals burnt.

    If anyone could chime in on how these patches (let's assume they work) would interact with the MK, that would be great.


  13. I wanted to do that stack too. Iím tanning mk on all days and patch on days you lift ? Thatís my thoughts
    Knowledge is power- The power to do your part and make a difference.

  14. So, I am doing the MK (10mg) on lifting days, and the patches on my off days. Makes everything easier to remember for me (2 on 1 off, then dose accordingly on those days).

    I was only dosing MK 5 out of every 7 days anyway, as was recommended by those with more experience and far smarter than myself. lol

  15. Cool which brand of mk do you have ? How do you know is real. I bought several brands and think it was fake
    Knowledge is power- The power to do your part and make a difference.

  16. Honestly not cause I'm a rep best ipamorelin I've tried is the AgeForce patches. I know this bout time I really started craving carbs.
    AgeForce Rep

  17. Have you tried PRE's MK? I believe they are a board sponsor and their's is legit!

    Dosing was lastnight. Nothing to note. Slept a ton yesterday.

    Heavy squats, lunges, leg work, and 25 min cardio today. Felt good.

  18. You should be on your way to great results!

  19. Dosing was lastnight. Woke up this morning very tired again. I'm always gtg once I get that morning coffee in me though, so I was good not long after. Feel like I slept well too though.

    Hit back, bi's, abs, & 25 of cardio tonight. Good sweat. Wt. is at 233. Will be 232 by sunday. No rush there.

    Think that's about it for now.

  20. I am a little sleepy for the first week or 2 after starting HGH or IGF patch. That should fade away.

  21. Dosed again lastnight, and I have to say this is definitely doing something to my sleep.

    I am waking up feeling very tired. I normally don't have any issues waking, but on my dosing mornings, I am exhausted when I wake.

    Not a big issue for me though. I'm not a "hit the snooze button" kinda person. When I know it's time to get up, I get my @ss up. I only even need an alarm maybe 2-3 times per week. Otherwise, I pop right up usually within 10min of alarm going off. Kinda strange.

    Anyways, today is my squat day. Might go heavy for a few reps, then some lunges, accessory isolation and another 25min cardio.

    I went a little light on calories yesterday (being an off day) and I certainly feel it. I may overshoot my weight goal if i don't make up the calories today. Should be 232-231 weigh in tomorrow. Feeling lighter too.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by Sdog77 View Post
    Have you tried PRE's MK? I believe they are a board sponsor and their's is legit!

    Dosing was lastnight. Nothing to note. Slept a ton yesterday.

    Heavy squats, lunges, leg work, and 25 min cardio today. Felt good.
    How's the diet?
    AgeForce Rep

  23. Diet is well balanced.

    Eating 7 times per day for ~ 3,000 cal.

    250g's of protein (various sources including eggs, nuts, red meat/poultry, dairy, & powder)

    6-7 servings of fruits/veggie servings per day.

    I usually keep everything clean (don't doctor up food with condiments and those hidden calories).

    Gave up soda long ago. No alcohol. Only water.

    Right now, I have eliminated my main dinner carb (which would usually be a large sweet potato or rice) and replaced it with 1 serving of beans (which may be the single most complete food made by God).

    I have also made minor adjustments (morning oats serving is smaller, cut my eggs from 5 down to 4 as my pre lunch snack, and have replaced skim milk with water in my pre-bed Casein shake).

  24. Dosed lastnight and woke up less tired today than on previous dosing mornings.

    Weight was at 232 right on the nose late sunday after dinner.

    Shooting for 231 on Friday.

  25. Nice job. I personally keep my carbs lower when I was on the patch and seem to make a difference .
    Knowledge is power- The power to do your part and make a difference.


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