Nicksox Losing Weight With Veinquish

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  1. Good workout here today and down to 197.5, about 5 lbs down from starting log, which is awesome considering everything I've had going on! Will update with final review and pics probably on Monday! Honestly don't see any reason on not running this year round.

  2. Have a bit more than I thought, so looking like final review and pics on Friday. Weight stayed at 197 even with a few beers saturday night, and just feeling really good right now. Probably my favorite part of Veinquish

  3. Had a great week of workouts here! Finished with my run now and very pleased with the results. Full review incoming in the next few days!

  4. Thanks to everyone at Vein Nutrition for letting me log this three month run of Veinquish! To anyone following along, they know I've gone through a lot in this three months and I don't think I'd be in the spot I am in without this supp! Final stats are a weight loss of 4 lbs and the biggest indication to me is a reduction in my waist from a 34 to a 32 for pants/shorts! I am most impressed by this as with all I had going on my diet was not the best at certain points but it was really kept in check by veinquish with the amazing appetite suppression. There was never anything that stood out or jumped in your face about this product, you could just tell it was working by the little things. The way it was easier to hold off on eating, the just general good feeling I had during the entire run was also fantastic. It just really helps keep you positive and in a good light. Plus with longterm use I dropped a freaking pant size! There really is no reason to not run this year round in addition to any goals you may have. Highly recommended and will be purchasing more for sure here in the near future. Below is the final picture, doesn't really do the product or my changes justice though. I'm noticeably more veiny as well which a great indicator of dropped bf%

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