Short Vicaine log

  1. Short Vicaine log

    One of our members was kind enough to send me some his personal bottle to try out, so I am going to run a short log to pass along my experience.

    I am starting today with 1 cap and will take 2 tomorrow and 3 the following. I'll post up what I observe after each and use the next few days running what I determine as the right dose for me.

  2. 1 cap shortly after starting this.

    I took this on an empty stomach and felt a slight energy increase about 45 min after ingestion. I just felt like doing something, so I mowed the lawn and painted a new column set I built for my back patio. Lol. What I noticed is that this is a project I have put off for a few weeks and I actually wanted to do it, so a plus there. Mood is fine, no agitation for the energy I was having. No euphoria noticed. This lasted for about 3 hours and then just faded off. No crash at all.

    I waited a couple of hours and decided to try 2 caps on an empty stomach. Honestly forgot I took it and went to the pool and was in a pretty elevated mood and talkative. Looked at my watch and remembered that I took this about 90 minutes prior. I was in a social setting and I am normally outgoing and all over the place, so nothing noticed there, but I normally love having drinks at the pool and I wasn't really wanting anything. Just wanted to talk and hang out. I was asked several times if I wanted a drink and declined, just felt pretty good. So, there was some mild euphoria going there and mild energy. Again, nothing crazy noticeable, but that is a good thing. Lasted about 4 hours and then just went away without much fuss. No crash, just went away. So another plus. Not sure I see a noot benefit here just yet, but seeing as how I have a lot of experience with all of the ingredients in the product, I am encouraged that I have not seen any of the sides they can accompany.

    Tomorrow I will try 3 caps and report back.

    I will say that this is similar to kratom in euphoria, but with 1 and 2 caps, not on the same level if that is what you are after. I know tianeptine builds for me, so that could be in play. Based on a short 2 dose experience, I would buy this if it were at a different price point. This is a $45-50 product to me especially considering I now see I will need at least 2 caps each time.

    All in all, I am pleased and happy to see a company going out of the norm with the profile. We need more of this.

  3. Sweet. in on this log.
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  4. Last night I found that there were obvious remnants from the day as I was pretty alert going into the time of night I would usually be winding down. I made myself go to bed around 11pm, about an hour later then normal for a Sunday, and had no trouble getting to sleep, but woke up around 2:30 and felt like I slept 8 hours. I forced myself back to sleep and woke up again around 5, feeling like it was time to start the day. So, I am thinking that later afternoon may be too late to take this if you are sensitive to any stimulants.

  5. Ok, 3 caps is where it is at. I took 3 around 9am this morning with some OJ and sat down to start firing off some emails for work. About 20 min in, I was in complete tunnel vision with a few emails I was furiously constructing. Got some IMs and texts at the same time and was just effortlessly switching between everything keeping it all compartmentalized. Literally 7 things happening at once and it was a piece of cake. Got up for a break and took the dog on a walk and just did not want to stop. I started for a 2-3 mile walk and then I kept going with it and ended up taking a 5 mile. She was panting like crazy from the heat and I was just blissful.

    The interesting thing is that there is no speedy or even energetic feeling, just a desire to not stop doing things. Euphoria is slight, but definitely there. Along the lines of a Maeng Da strain of kratom, but not near a Bali or strong opiate feel. Which, I personally find just fine because that tends to make you feel a little drugged out and that limits the application. I definitely notice the sunifiram at 3 tabs and the very quick mental checks with the ability to place things where they need to go- much like Aniracetam.

    It's now 2:30MST and effects are slowly fading a bit, but still here, so 5 1/2 hours- not bad.

    I just want to say how happy I am that a company came along and isn't afraid to put out a truly unique product and not rely on the old standbys that are fine, but nothing fresh or exciting about them. This is a cool product and if there are discount codes, I'd probably pick up a bottle. The only downside is that even when funds aren't an issue, $75 is a lot for about 20 servings.



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