Peckers Extreme Cuttint Hydroxy Elite Log

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  1. Peckers Extreme Cutting Hydroxy Elite Log

    Well unfortunately I chose to end my Msten cycle after only a week because of an injury....where I can not really grip weights for a little while due to it....instead of seeing it as negative I've decided to use the time to diet VERY strictly (2000+ calorie deficit)....while also focusing on balancing my legs with my upper body (2-3 leg workouts a week, no upper for a few u til injury progresses)

    Day 1: Eating extremely light and starting at 179lbs

    Starting pic:
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    Day 3:
    173.8lbs ( water weight probably lost....barely any sodium in diet, etc)

    Day 6:
    Eating 1500 calories a day, Fitbit says daily calorie burn is anywhere from 3800-4000 depending on the workout for the day
    172.4 lbs

    Creatine (5-10g a day)
    Hydroxy(2x 8:30am & 1x 11:30-12:30pm)

    Day 6:

    Burned 4100 calories according to Fitbit, intaking only 2050.
    Did a 35 minute leg day including 4 sets each of hack squat, leg press, standing calf raises, leg curl forward/back and seated glute curls.

    As for hydroxy, I take 2 after breakfast around 8:30....only fat and carbs I get are in the form of peanut butter sandwich x2 for breakfast. Take 3rd pill around 11:30-12:30....and the energy lasts all day. Lunch dinner and late meal consist of all lean cooked plain chicken breast....really need to throw In a fiber supplement as well

    Appetite suppression is UNREAL

  2. Aww that sucks. Injuries ruin everything glad you're turning a negative into a positive and running this log!
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    Join Us In The Pursuit of Strength - Go Strong!

  3. Day 7: Biked for 15 mins and aiming to eat around 1500 cals again! Tomm is going to be my first cheat day, going all out

    Weighed in 171.1lbs

    Burned 4250 cals and ate 2150!

    Tomm first cheat day celebrating the bday

  4. Day 10:
    Deficit will probably be only around 1800 today...craved a pudding late at night. Still super full of energy ALL day....did some great biking and cardio today so still burned around 4000 calories and ate 2200!
    Weigh in: 171.8
    After a meal so not sure what the deal is?? Was 171.1 a few days ago even

  5. Still going great...burned 3800 calories today and consume 1750! Going to start weighing in every morning starting tomm so it'll be more consistent! Hard to see certain differences in the picture that are definitey more noticeable in irl

    Current pics:
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  6. Day 13:
    Weighed in this morning at 168.2 lbs!
    Hasn't even been two weeks and I'm down a good 8 lbs or so (4lb/week loss is on target)

    Also I developed a severe ear infection and am on an antibiotic.....R.I.P going to the gym anytime soon

  7. Day 14: boss invited me in for pizza and couldn't resist eating 9 pizzas so I decided to go all out and have a cheat day, did cardio despite ear infection so total calories burned around 4200 and I ate at around 4000-4200...not too big a deal

  8. Day 15: weighed in at 170.6 lbs today...Had a huge deficit though so should be back Tomm, 2300 calorie deficit eating around 1450 calories.

  9. Day 16: weighed in 166.6 today! Going to try to eat another 2000 deficit today and my injury is healing nicely, should be back in the gym for next week. Still on antibiotic for ear infection so maybe that is why I don't have much of an appetite

  10. Day 17: weighed in 168.6 lbs

    Going to get an easy 2000 calorie deficit again today eating around 160g protein and 1500 calories

  11. Day 18: weighed in at 166.8 today....May hit a 160 goal sooner than expected but I also might cut my deficit to only 1000 a day instead of 2000 soon.

    Water intake upped dramatically (1.5-2 gallons a day) so weight might go crazy over next few days

  12. Day 19: 164.9 lbs.....Looking leanest ever.
    Pics later and what my diet has been

    Breakfast is usually 2 peanut butter sandwiches.
    For lunch I have been eating 8oz chicken tinderloids or breast, and green beans or broccoli.

    Dinner is another 8oz of chicken.

    Snacks include smart popcorn for 35 Cals per cup.

    My total intake has consistently been 1700-2000 calorie deficit per day based on Fitbit calorie burned readings

  13. It's really hard to take pics due to lighting, I almost look worse in my opinion on the photo. In person the differences are extremely noticeable. My chest mainly looks less saggy
    Pics of today: Name:  IMG_3502.JPG
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  14. Day 20: weighed in 164.2
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    Going to make my deficit around 1500 for 5 days, then change it again to 1000 for another 5, then 500, etc. then I'll eat maintenance for around 1 week

  15. First day so far I can start to see far lower abs definition. Deficit of around 1700 instead of 2000

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  16. Day 21:
    Weighed in 164.2 again
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  17. Day 22: 164.4lb but looking way leaner again. Unfortunatey all my weight is staying on my chest, it's the last place to go it seems. Either way I have reduced my caloric deficit to around 1400 and tomm. I should be good to hit the gym for the first time in a month!

  18. Day 23: HUGE cheat day...probably 2000 over maintenance haha. Tons of Buffalo wings and ice cream!

    Day 24: Weighed in at.....169 haha. Must be all the sodium from yesterday!

    Yesterday hit chest: strength decreased a bit but not nearly as bad as I thought. Non free weight exercises I actually get stronger believe it or not (cable flies reps increased by 5-6 reps in some high volume sets)
    I also took pre workout the first time in past 3 months so maybe that helped.

    First day back able to do arms in the gym after a month off. Bicep curls stayed the same at 45lbsx8-9 for 4 sets. Preacher curls as well. Pull-up increased in reps since I am so much lighter.

    Today I took 3 Hydroxy Elite as well as six star preworkout (270mg more of caffeine)

    Felt great.

    Ate 1300 calories today and burned around 4100....oops

  19. Day 25: weighed in at 165
    Ate around 2300 burned around 4000 as of 10:30pm

  20. Great log. Is the hydroxy helping with your appetite?

  21. Quote Originally Posted by gav86 View Post
    Great log. Is the hydroxy helping with your appetite?
    I almost Feel like I am feeding myself to stay alive and not because I am hungry, so I believe that is the best component of hydroxy so far. I have gone a few days with 2500+ deficit in calories and felt great, alert, and full.

  22. Day 27: Had around a 2400 Cal Deficit Today, mostly calories from Chicken today. Also did cardio

    Day 28: Not sure if Chicken was seasoned with more sodium than usual, but gained a lot of water weight bloat...went up to 168.7 lbs after being back in the 164 range! Will keep an eye on this because At a 1500-2000 deficit I should still be losing fat here.

    My water intake has also been about half what I desire (5 Litres daily) While still on Creatine. Need to fix that TODAY!

  23. Meeting with a Endocrinologist today to assess my Gyno! Will get bloodwork as well so I'm interested.

  24. Getting blood work done tomm morning, gynecomastia confirmed for sure by endocrinologist today as well.

    2000+ calorie deficit toda!

  25. How's the muscle loss at such great deficits?


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