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  1. Blood shr3d raw

    Stats 24 weight 200 lbs, diet is 2300 calories have started a slowly cutting since February 1. Diet is in check, staples have been creatine 5 grams a day, protein powder is 80 grams/day multivitamin and 2 fish oil caps. Routine since then has followed 5 times a week lifting 8-12 rep range and six days of cardio. Cardio consists of 20 mins at 4.5 mph at 5 percent incline for 5 days out of the week. Sunday is same pace and incline but for a total of 4 miles which usually at 53 mins. I know some will say that's alot of cardio but I have never been a cardio or edurance guy and the field I want to pursue for a career is physically demanding and mandate you to be able to run 4 miles on any given day. So looking to better myself so not in strength but endurance. My plan is to cut till I see the results I want which is lean which I have never been before in my life. I am going to be following same routine so there is no other factors that will mess with the results of bloodshr3d results. Plan on utilizing bloodshr3d for the these next 8 weeks. Started taking blood shr3d raw this past Sunday March 5th and started with one scoop on Sunday which gave me great focus making my long walk and lifting routine a breeze but lacked sweating anymore than usually. Since then I have taken two scoops and can say what a difference it has made energy is clean and definitely been sweating a whole lot more. So If you read all the way through my plan is to show the results of bloodshr3d raw following same routine since cutting in February and try to keep you posted on how workouts fat loss goes and hopefully pictures before and after to show the difference this product has made.

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  2. That picture is as of March 5 when I get time from work and I can crop photos will be posting backside and front side view. Greatly appreciate at anyone following this log and any feedback you can give

  3. In to watch! Gotta ask, you planning to join the military or law enforcement?

  4. Subbed for this man! I had an awesome two month run of Bloodshr3d, curious to see if/hope you have the same!

  5. Subbed looking to buy this product in about a month good luck man

  6. In for gains.
    For product questions PM me or email:
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  7. More views of March 5 before dosing bloodshr3d

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  8. I plan on pursuing law enforcement no specifics area but long term would be swat something more physically demanding and challenging

  9. Bloodshr3d is a great product. Really strong. High on stims. You will notice the sides. I would recommend it as pre work out...

  10. Definitely take that into consideration usually Thursday lifting session is at 3 am and it will be leg day probably will switch it up and take it before my workout instead of cardio tomorrow

  11. Subbed.

    Im currently using bloodshr3d raw and I love the stuff. I must say though I cannot handle 2 scoops preworkout without getting incredibly nauseous. I'll stick with my conqu3red unleashed for my pre

  12. Leg day finished took two scoops pre workout definitely got me more motivated to hit workout early in the morning. Definitely enjoyed this lift energy was invigorating. My main goal through this cut is to keep intensity and strength up definitely was sweaty and felt more intense than it has been in quite some time especially that early in morning coming off a double from work.
    Workout consisted of
    Squat 1 warmup 135, 225x12, 255x12, 275x8, 275x7
    Front Squat (needs alot of work), 135x12,145x10, 155x8, 155x6
    Deadlift 225x12, 255x12, 265x8, 265x8
    Also did some calf raises 8 sets of 12-15 sitting and 6 sets of standing calf raises. Furthermore 6 sets of 12-15 reps of hip abductions and abductors. Maybe not best idea but since I had some sort of gas left in my tank I hit my usually cardio session. For 20 mins

  13. Keep you posted on my weight every sunday to me that's not as important as what I see in mirror and hopefully give you progress pics as well. So much to include in posts but figured give rundown of macros trying to stay high ish carb at least in my opinion out of 2300 calories be at 230 carbs 210 protein and 60 grams of fat.

  14. In for results!
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  15. Weighed in at 198.6 lbs (down 1.4lbs). Definitely feel trimmer around the midsection still too early to gauge but overall been a successful week with blooshr3d. Thoughts after the first week using this product
    •great energy and mood everyday except tuesday i have taken it no later than 6am and pretty much the whole day of feeling great, especially gauging it on usually work doubles 4 days out of the week and usually hit mid day slump but not at all this week
    • something I'll have to watch over next 7 weeks was Tuesday when I took usual 2 scoops in am and about 4 pm definitely crashed head throbbing lost all energy. Only day it has happend so could of been just a bad day for me
    •noticed an improvement in mental focus
    •body temp, core definitely increased, sweat more profound when using product
    •taste is pretty good have the orange starkrush,mix ability has been pretty easy very little remnants left at bottom of glass
    •fat loss? Too early to tell but feel like it can be promising to help achieve my goal.

  16. Forgot to add the appetite suppression has been pretty amazing with this supplement I was easily consuming 2900 calories prior to cutting and it has made eating 2300 calories a breeze without having unnecessary cravings

  17. Workout last night back/bicpes
    Pull ups 3 sets to failure

    Neutral grip lat pulldowns, 105x12, 120x11, 150x7

    One arm dumbbell rows (each arm),
    60x12, 65x10, 70x7

    Reverse grip lat pulldown
    90x12, 105x9, 120x8

    Bicep curls with cable (warmup), 60x15, 70x12, 80x9

    Barbell curls, 55x12, 65x10, 70x9

    Preacher curl, 55x13, 55x13, 65x11, 70x7

    Energy and intenseness have been there since starting bloodshr3d no sign of slowing down feel great all day without any signs of crashing.

  18. Coming to the end of two weeks using bloodshr3d raw and I definitely feel the euphoria that comes with it. Energy and output of workouts and daily tasks have been great and have had no signs of crashing this week what so ever. Taking the usual two scoops on an empty a stomach right before cardio and notice accelerated heart rate increased sweating. Today I will be using it preworkout will be following up with workout routine when finished. Weighing in at 196lbs this morning usual routine empty stomach and such. Uploading progress pics to be honest I can't tell the difference since starting the cut and hard to tell in photos at least for myself probably because I see myself everyday. Any input would be greatly appreciated as weeks progress and the people get more input and photos of myself don't mind the criticism only can make me better.Name:  IMG_20170319_095541_crop_607x607.jpg
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  19. Side by side from end of two weeks of bloodshr3d to day I starting using it.Name:  Photo_2017-03-19_10-27-38_AM-800x800.png
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  20. I wouldn't expect to see a huge visual difference in 4lbs and less than two weeks (assuming the before photos are from when you started this log). 4lbs and just under two weeks is good weight loss progress though, so I'd try to keep up that rate of weight loss.
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  21. Yea the before pictures are from the start of the log March 5, I'm going to keep this log updated with weights fluctuations and progress pics as weeks go on so I can get a second opinion from the people who are following this log to see how I'm progressing.

  22. Workout from last night took 2 scoops of raw preworkout. Thought I made an effective workout.
    Pullups 4 sets to failure, 10,8,6,4

    Pullups negative goal to slow for at least 5 second decline. 3 sets 10, 10,8

    Chinups 3 sets 8, 8, 6

    Chinups negative 5 second decline, 6,6,4

    Abs 3 sets of each 10-12 reps. adominal twists with cables, decline situps, leg raises

    Reverse grip barbell curls(forearms) 4 sets of 12-15 reps with 55lbs

    Plate hold 2-10lbs plates hold till failure 4 sets

    Cardio- 4 miles 4.5 mph at 5% incline

  23. Today's workout fasted 2 scoops of raw 30 mins prior. Took place at 10 am.Energy felt great and my output even though fasted was still on point. As well as after workout still felt full of energy don't get me wrong sore as hell and felt like an intense workout but definitely noticed since starting raw I still seem to have energy focus and such after the workouts that help me push through long work days/tasks.
    Incline bench press
    210x11, 215x9, 225x6, 235x3x2

    Barbell bench press
    195 warmup 15 reps, 210x10, 220x8, 225x4

    Chest flyes machine 2 sec squeeze, 60x11, 70x9, 80x8
    Dips 3 sets of 8-12 reps superset with Tricep pushdowns bent bar 80x12, 90x10, 100x8

    Cable overhead Tricep extension 40x12, 50x11, 60x9 superset with rope pushdown 40x13, 50x12, 60x9

    Cardio after 20 mins 4.5 mph at 5% incline.

  24. Weighing in at at 194.8 lbs this morning will post my thoughts of bloodshr3d after week 3; tonight at some point.


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