First Cycle on MK-2866

  1. First Cycle on MK-2866

    Today is the first day of the MK-2866 cycle.
    25mg a day of MK-2866 from sarms1. The plan is to get a little bit of bulk along with cutting. I'm 5'7 and 180 pounds and not for sure but probably have 16-18% body fat. I plan on eating roughly 2500-3000 calories a day.
    Eating about 4-5 meals a day starting with 2 eggs in the am and around noon a banana and egg whites including a protein shake.
    Around 5-6pm another banana and a chicken breast. And around 10:30 usually fish/steak/chicken and some kind of vegetable.
    The plan is for a 6-8 week cycle and I'll be updating 2-3 times a week.

    Also if anyone has any ideas on what kind of PCT I should take after the cycle it would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Subbed I'm same height and weight as u Intersted in how u respond

  3. Day 3 of the cycle. I can't really tell a difference in energy or gains just yet which is expected since it is only day 3.
    I can say I've had trouble going to sleep last night which I've read is expected for the first few days.
    I can say yesterday I did 30 mins on the stair master and 25 running in the treadmill and after I was finished I had no heavy breathing but I was drenched in sweat. It's possible I was having a good day or my endurance is already getting better.
    Food wise I've stay pretty clean on day 1 I had an intake of about 2300 calories and yesterday was the same however since I had trouble sleeping I had got into a bag of chips. But I'm seeing clean weight loss and my muscle is building.
    I will say the liquid taste like **** but having a chaser helps but everyone have a good day I'll post again soon

  4. Day 6
    Yesterday was my day off so I just did some stuff around the house and had a small cheat day.
    But Saturday I did a killer leg workout
    4x12 back squat 4x12 front squat
    4x12 barbell calf extensions
    3x12 leg press
    3x12 leg extensions
    3x12 seated leg curl
    3x12 donkey calf raises
    And hour on the stair master and completed 320 flights of stairs. And I feel no soreness in my legs and I feel refreshed.
    My belly is shrinking and my pudge is decreasing more and more each day.
    So far I am happy and I'll post in the next couple of days with more updates

  5. You won't need a pct after mk677

  6. It's day 10 of the cycle and so far it's going good.
    I can tell a huge difference in my stamina however my endurance isn't improving as fast as I would like but it hasn't even been two weeks so we will see how that goes.
    I've lost a lot of water weight and still working on my stomach pudge.
    I will say my legs are getting stronger about a month ago I was doing 225 3x12 and now I'm doing 265 3x12 on squat and the product does a tremendous job of not feeling sore the next day couple days.
    I'll post soon for more updates
  7. First Cycle on MK-2866

    Quote Originally Posted by fitfreak_CP View Post
    You won't need a pct after mk677
    Umm... but he's taking MK2866 (OSTA) not 677 and yes he will need a serm on OSTA.

    Does look like he fell into the SARMs1 crap lol

  8. Oh yea on osta u will need a serm for sure

  9. Quote Originally Posted by fitfreak_CP View Post
    Oh yea on osta u will need a serm for sure

  10. The usual you will see when you search the forums for 2866 cycles. Clomid or nolva

  11. Day 20
    Sorry I haven't posted in a while I was waiting to start feeling more
    Last week was a good week with gains I have improved on workouts by at least 5-10 pounds and that being said I do high reps and 4x12 for just about every lift.
    My upper body is slowly improving and my endurance is improving so I'm happy with that.
    My lower body is improving fast I was able to do 275 3x12 on back squat without any real struggle. I've always lost a lot of fat and have put on 5 pounds of muscle. However my belly pudge is still there but it's slowly decreasing and my appetite has increased a lot so trying to snack late at night has gotten hard but I have done alright.
    I'll post within the next week for my updates

  12. Day 36
    Sorry I've been super busy with work lately.
    So far it's going good I'm still doing 4x12 work outs but have recently started doing legs twice a week and combing back and shoulders and doing that twice a week along with chest and arms combined at twice a week.
    I've stopped taking protein for almost two weeks because it was holding me back from losing my stomach. And since then my stomach is shrinking fast and I'm still gaining muscle.
    Mk-2866 has been good for me I rarely feel any soreness after my workouts my endurance is increasing slowly but it's still increasing.
    As my cardio goes it's hard to say if osta because I've wrestled most of my life so it's always been easy to get into cardio.
    I still have several weeks left of osta so I'll post whenever I can

  13. The mk if good will cause bloat. If your training I wouldn't cut out protein but maybe consume half of what you were consuming before.


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