14-wk Cut (Epi/1) to Bulk (ABE/ARA) Log-Unsponsored

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  1. 14-wk Cut (Epi/1) to Bulk (ABE/ARA) Log-Unsponsored

    This is the first thread I've started here and I figured why not start with a log.

    Starting Stats:
    BF%-Approx 20% (22.8)*

    *Value on scale. Weight and BF% will be taken at same time each week (Tuesday, upon waking after using restroom). BF% is only used for relative changes and not absolute value.

    Lose around 8-10lbs of fat and add 2-4lbs of muscle (which should land me around 15-17% BF). I won't slack on my diet or my lifting during this time but I fully understand my goals are still probably near the limits of what can be accomplished.

    I will aim for 150g protein (1gm/lb lbm). Remaining calories will be split 50/50 between carbs and fat (will adjust this ratio if needed).

    Epi/1 will only be used during weeks 1-6 of my cut. I will taper calories down and back up during the cut. PCT will will remain at -500 calories (edited 3-27 to update actual diet)

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    *Creatine, Lecithin/PA, Multi, Vitamin D, ZMA, Ashwaganda, and Forskolin will be used entire time.

    Cut Routine:
    "Leangains" style RPT on Mon/Wed/Fri (Pull/Push/Legs). Warmup sets at 25,50,75%, followed by max effort set, followed by set at 90% of max effort for +1 rep. If I hit rep range on max effort set, I add weight (5# upper lifts and 10# lower lifts). Tues/Thur will be HIIT for 20-30min.

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    Starting Physique:
    I was a little hesitant to post these pictures. I have had gyno since I was in high school and most of what you see is not fat but is "glandular", meaning losing fat should improve but not eliminate it. However, the reality is I don't have funds for surgery, so any input people have on minimizing appearance as I progress is greatly appreciated. Also, I feel my shoulders are still lacking compared to other parts of my physique, but input on where to focus during my bulk would also be appreciated.

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  2. Sweet. I'll get in on this. I like the workout routine.
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  3. Glad I have a few tagging along! I laid the groundwork in my first post, but I actually started last Tuesday, so my second post will cover the first 9 days. For my lifts, I'll only report on max effort weight and reps.

    Day 1:
    -Neutral Grip Pullup-65#x5
    -Seated Rows-115#x12
    -Wide Grip Pulldown-145#x8

    NOTES: I took the week between Christmas and New Yearís off from any structured lifting as I was home with my child. Because of this I rolled all my previous lifts back roughly 10lbs. I was pleased with all my lifts.

    Day 2:
    -Flat Bench-205#x6
    -Overhead Press-115#x8
    -Lat Raises-12.5#x16

    NOTES: Pleased with this workout. First time in a few routines for barbell bench or overhead press and happy to see those lifts progressed even when performing alternative exercises.

    Day 3:
    NOTES: HIIT @ 20min

    Day 4:
    -Back Squat-275#x6
    -Hack Leg Press-Did not perform
    -Hip Thrusts-Did not perform
    -Calf Raises-135x12

    NOTES: Had to pick my child up early due to weather and had to cut this short. I usually donít slow progression much when cutting the hack press for time constraints, but Iíve never done it while on a calorie deficit. Hoping I donít backslide next week.

    Day 5 & 6:

    Day 7:
    -Neutral Grip Pullup-70#x5
    -Seated Rows-130#x12
    -Wide Grip Pulldown-145#x8

    NOTES: I spun my wheels on pulldown but progressed on everything else. Since pulldown is fairly redundant to my weighted pullup (and I did progress there), Iím not going to stress too much. Iím honestly pretty gassed by the time I got to pulldowns both times Iíve performed the routine.

    Day 8:
    NOTES: Weighed in at 193.2 (-2lbs) and 22.5%. I was surprised to see I lost 2lbs based on calories consumed. I drink 1+ gallon of water daily but hitting my diet macros reduced my sodium intake a bit from whatís normal. I also know Epi can have a drying effect. So Iím not hitting the panic button yet on losing more lbs than expected. HIIT @ 20min.

    Day 9:
    -Flat Bench-210#x4
    -Overhead Press-120#x7
    -Lat Raises-15#x13

    NOTES: This was in interesting workout. I felt pretty aggressive going in and thought I might be starting to see the effects of Epi/1 combo, but I basically treaded water on bench and press (higher weight than last week but for fewer reps). I got pissed at myself for not producing and nailed the dips and lat raises for higher weight and reps though (and I really focused on ďthe squeezeĒ while performing dips since I wonít hit chest again till next week).

  4. Day 10:
    Another HIIT day. Was pretty easy and nothing to really report. Big change on cardio will come next week. At -750 calories I'll move to an intermittent fasting structure and my HIIT will be performed fasted.

  5. Day 11:
    -Hack Press-630x8
    -Hip Thrusts-135x10
    -Calf Raise-145x12

    NOTES: I think the epi/1 is kicking in. I had good aggression and was a bit more vascular than normal. 285# for reps also ties my personal best, but that was on a calorie surplus. I hit that today on a 500 cal deficit, and did it with relative ease! It's got me feeling positive about the plan I've laid out for myself. I've either maintained or gained strength every workout this week, so if pounds are down next weigh in I'm going to be stoked!

  6. ^^^ Awesome. Nice Squat!
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  7. So epi/1 is definitely kicking in. Last night I was called to perform and struggled to rise to the occasion! Caught me a bit off guard as I ran Epi/Osta once prior and those effects didn't show till week 3 or 4.

    Sup3r 1 is dosed at 220mg but has a delivery system. Epi-GH is at 225mg and doesn't have a delivery system, but I do take it alongside the 1 or with my PA (aka phospholipids just like OL delivery system).

    -Will upping the dose of Epi help?
    -Is the fact I'm also cutting cals impacting me more?
    -I know this is going to hit eventually, but is there anything else I can do to hang on a bit longer?

  8. Day 15:
    -Neutral Pullup-75x4
    -Seated Row-140x12
    -Wide Pulldown-150x8

    NOTES: Loved today. PR on deads and I'm on a 750 calorie deficit. It's a very different feeling as overall energy is a bit down but I get into the gym and get myself psyched and my pulls are good. I technically failed on pullups today by only getting 4 reps, but my 5th rep was to my nose and I was a small kip away from hitting 5. Big difference than stalling at the bottom of 4. So even with that I'm pumped.

    Weigh-in note: Today is supposed to be my weekly weight in and I DID weight in today. I gained 0.2lbs and BF measurement was unchanged. However, I had a 3-day weekend and I did poorly with high sodium foods and not enough water (though I did hit my overall calories and macros), so I'm going to weigh in tomorrow and see if things change at all.

  9. I don't seem to have many people checking in or following along, but if you do/are, I did decide to pull the trigger and order more Epi after my struggles Friday. I went with Spartan Nutrition as it has a delivery system but a bit more flexible dosing than OL (100mg per vs 250mg per). I was hesitant as I've been very pleased with OL products in the past and it's my first time with Spartan, but I checked here and aside from shipping woes around the holidays they seem to be viewed pretty favorably.

    Got my shipping notice today and expect delivery by the weekend.

  10. Day 16:
    -Military Press-120x8
    -Lat Raise-17.5x12

    NOTES: Hit all my reps today and I'm just in disbelief. I mean, I went in feeling a bit "flat" again (I'm assuming from the calorie deficit), but I was determined to make the most of the day and I got everything! I also jumped on the scale again this morning and found myself at 191.6 (-3.6#) and 22.1% (-0.7%). I wish my BF had dropped a bit more, but I knew the scale-based measurements weren't very accurate going in. The fact the pounds are dropping but my strength isn't gives me more confidence I'll make real progress.

    This week my calorie reduction set me up to start intermittent fasting. On lift day I break the fast with my PWO shake. On non-lift days I'll perform my cardio fasted and then break immediately after. This should continue the next 4 weeks of the diet taper (-750, -1000, -1000, -750) and it's when I plan to make the most of the cut!!!

  11. Day 18:
    -Hack Press-630x8
    -Hip Thrust-145x10
    -Calf Raise-145x12

    NOTES: Another good workout, though I didn't feel quite as strong or aggressive as my other lift days this week. Happy I have another PR on squat and again, can't believe I achieved it on a calorie deficit.

  12. Day 19 (Saturday): Spartan EpiMax arrived. I dropped the Primeval EPI-GH (@225mg/day) and moved to Spartan (@500mg/day).

  13. Day 21:
    -Neutral Pullup-75x5
    -Seated Row-145x12

    -Wide Pulldown-150x0

    NOTES: Interesting workout today. I started strong and I'm pumped I'll be going for 405 on deads next week. However, I felt depleted pretty quickly. Not sure if the andros are giving the strong start but the calorie deficit is tanking my endurance, but I've NEVER stalled like I did on my pulldowns today (couldn't pull for a single rep).

  14. Subbed

  15. Day 21: HIIT was uneventful. Weighed in this morning at 189.8 (-5.4) and 21.9% (-0.9%). I'm happy with the weight lost but not overly excited about the amount that has been muscle (if the BF measure is accurate). Considering my strength isn't dropping, I'm hopeful I'm just at the limits of a scale's accuracy for BF measurements.

  16. Day22:
    Lat. Raise-20x10

    NOTES: MAJOR stall on overhead press. I went up 5lbs from last week but my reps were half what got then. I didn't feel weak, but when I went into the lift I just ran out of steam quickly.

    I had an obligation outside the gym which caused me to shorten my rest between sets. My last routine was a 4-day upper/lower split and it allowed me to superset when pushed for time. Since my other lifts progressed, I think stalling on overhread press was self-inflicted. I'm expecting to rebound next week.

    And if there is a silver lining, it's that stalling on overhead press kept enough strength to hit my reps for 20# on lat raises...with good, controlled form. That's something I've never done!

  17. Day 23: Another HIIT day. I'm almost through with my 4th week and I honestly don't feel much different than I did at the start. However, I think that's actually a sign of how well these supplements work and, I hope, a sign that I've timed my calorie cuts perfectly with the increased effectiveness of the supplements.

    I started this log because I read a lot about how Epi/1 is great for cutting, but I couldn't find any real world examples. I've cut calories week over week and I'm now at a 1k deficit, but my strength has progressed similar to what I was seeing with a 250cal surplus. Hopefully things continue to progress well and my log will serve as a good sample of Epi/1 being used for a cut.

    Only side of note is my acne has increased every so slightly. I normally have clear skin and I'm seeing 1-2 spots show up. Again, nothing major and I don't think a person besides me would notice, but it is there and so I wanted to share.

  18. Day 24:
    Hack Press-630x8
    Hip Thrust-115x10
    Calf Raise-155x12

    NOTES: Another uneventful day. Didn't hit my target for squats, but since I went up in weight from last week, I basically treaded water again. If I were on the bulk side of this log, I'd be bummed. Since I'm keeping my strength at -1kcal, I'm stoked.

    Next step is to see if I can hit 405# on Deadlift on Monday and see where I weigh in on Tuesday. I'm hopeful that the scale supports what I think I'm seeing in the mirror...progress.

  19. Day 27:
    Neutral Pullup-80x4
    Seated Row-150x9
    Wide Lat Pulldown-150x4

    NOTES: Four-oh-five!!!!!

  20. Day 28: Weighed in at 188.0 (-7.2) and 21.4% (-1.4%). If accurate, I've lost 4.3lbs of fat and 2.9lbs muscle (or 60/40). However, I'm placing less and less faith in the BF measures. I'll continue to do them for continuity, but I'm going to focus on keeping my strength up and the total weight going down.

  21. Day 29:
    Military Press-125x8

    Lat Raise-20x7

    NOTES: Mixed bag today. Every bench station was occupied (one by a guy doing curls!!!) so I started with press. Hit my reps and was happy because I jumped from [email protected] last week up to 8. Turns out I gave my all for press, because I felt flat the rest of the time.

    I'm also over the diet. I feel tired, irritable, and weak (even if muster good lifts in my workouts). It's only 250 calories, but how I feel at -750 and how I feel at -1k right now is worlds apart. I get to go back to -750 on Sunday and it can't get here quick enough!!!!

  22. Day 31:
    Hack Press-630x8
    Hip Thrust-165x10
    Calf Raise-165x12

    NOTES: Took the HIIT off yesterday and it made a big difference in my energy. Still feeling a bit flat, but strength was back up in the gym. Progressed on everything and hit 315 on squats. I've not expected miracles with these supplements, but to date I've hit PR's on both Deads and Squats (((during a cut))) and I'm pretty please with that!

  23. Day 34:
    Military Press-135x4
    Lat Raise-20x12

    NOTES: Started the week with my Wednesday routine because I started building a table for the misses over the weekend and my back didn't feel 100% today. Seemed prudent to not go for a 410# lift! Regardless of the why, I'm pumped because I just achieved a long-standing goal!!!! 1-plate military press. 2-plate bench. 3-plate squat (last Friday). 4-plate deadlift (last Monday).

    As far as the overall log, I'm climbing to maintenance and couldn't be more ready (-750 this week, then -500, and -250). my epi/1 run also ends Friday. I'm very curious to see where my strength is next week, but I'm optimistic that gradually increasing calories will prevent a rebound on weight but will also allow the strength gains to be keep-able. Time will tell.

  24. Day 36:

    NOTES: Had a meeting so my workout was shortened down to the "essentials". On paper it looks like I fell short of my target on both too. I got 3 reps on DL but my form broke...so I only counted 2. I got 4 reps on pullup but was a kip away from 5, so I held the 4th rep for as long as I could instead of "cheating" the 5th. Neither should be taken as an excuse, I'll repeat both weights next week, just sharing why I'm not especially disappointed with this workout.

    I also weighed in today. 187.0 (-8.2lbs). Mirror and strength say I'm doing pretty good at not losing much muscle mass, which I'm using as a judge now instead of the BF measure on the scale. It just feels much too inaccurate. Having said that, I'm probably going to repeat this 14 week cycle again. Maybe tweak it, but after the 4-week bulk I'm planning to go right back into another cut.


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