14-wk Cut (Epi/1) to Bulk (ABE/ARA) Log-Unsponsored

  1. 14-wk Cut (Epi/1) to Bulk (ABE/ARA) Log-Unsponsored

    This is the first thread I've started here and I figured why not start with a log.

    Starting Stats:
    BF%-Approx 20% (22.8)*

    *Value on scale. Weight and BF% will be taken at same time each week (Tuesday, upon waking after using restroom). BF% is only used for relative changes and not absolute value.

    Lose around 8-10lbs of fat and add 2-4lbs of muscle (which should land me around 15-17% BF). I won't slack on my diet or my lifting during this time but I fully understand my goals are still probably near the limits of what can be accomplished.

    I will aim for 150g protein (1gm/lb lbm). Remaining calories will be split 50/50 between carbs and fat (will adjust this ratio if needed).

    Cutting will be 8-weeks based on calorie intake, but Epi/1 will only be used during weeks 1-6. I will taper calories down and back up during the cut. PCT will include the last two weeks or my cut (as I taper back to maint.) and two weeks at maint. I will then move directly into +250cal for 4 weeks while using ABE/ARA. Since this can be tough to follow as written, I decided to show it visually:

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    *Creatine, Lecithin/PA, Multi, Vitamin D, ZMA, Ashwaganda, and Forskolin will be used entire time.

    Cut Routine:
    "Leangains" style RPT on Mon/Wed/Fri (Pull/Push/Legs). Warmup sets at 25,50,75%, followed by max effort set, followed by set at 90% of max effort for +1 rep. If I hit rep range on max effort set, I add weight (5# upper lifts and 10# lower lifts). Tues/Thur will be HIIT for 20-30min.

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    Bulk Routine (planned):
    Performing Pull/Push/Legs on Mon/Tues/Wed. I will add one accessory exercise to each day, will add an extra set to each lift, and will perform straight sets. First set will still dictate if I add weight the next week. Thurs will be a rest day. Fri will be shoulder focused routine I found on the web.

    NOTE: I've run this routine before with good results except I performed a full body rest-pause routine on Friday. I've changed it out to bring up the part I feel is most lagging (shoulders), but I'm VERY open to suggestions on this part of my plan.

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    Starting Physique:
    I was a little hesitant to post these pictures. I have had gyno since I was in high school and most of what you see is not fat but is "glandular", meaning losing fat should improve but not eliminate it. However, the reality is I don't have funds for surgery, so any input people have on minimizing appearance as I progress is greatly appreciated. Also, I feel my shoulders are still lacking compared to other parts of my physique, but input on where to focus during my bulk would also be appreciated.

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  2. Sweet. I'll get in on this. I like the workout routine.
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  3. Glad I have a few tagging along! I laid the groundwork in my first post, but I actually started last Tuesday, so my second post will cover the first 9 days. For my lifts, I'll only report on max effort weight and reps.

    Day 1:
    -Neutral Grip Pullup-65#x5
    -Seated Rows-115#x12
    -Wide Grip Pulldown-145#x8

    NOTES: I took the week between Christmas and New Yearís off from any structured lifting as I was home with my child. Because of this I rolled all my previous lifts back roughly 10lbs. I was pleased with all my lifts.

    Day 2:
    -Flat Bench-205#x6
    -Overhead Press-115#x8
    -Lat Raises-12.5#x16

    NOTES: Pleased with this workout. First time in a few routines for barbell bench or overhead press and happy to see those lifts progressed even when performing alternative exercises.

    Day 3:
    NOTES: HIIT @ 20min

    Day 4:
    -Back Squat-275#x6
    -Hack Leg Press-Did not perform
    -Hip Thrusts-Did not perform
    -Calf Raises-135x12

    NOTES: Had to pick my child up early due to weather and had to cut this short. I usually donít slow progression much when cutting the hack press for time constraints, but Iíve never done it while on a calorie deficit. Hoping I donít backslide next week.

    Day 5 & 6:

    Day 7:
    -Neutral Grip Pullup-70#x5
    -Seated Rows-130#x12
    -Wide Grip Pulldown-145#x8

    NOTES: I spun my wheels on pulldown but progressed on everything else. Since pulldown is fairly redundant to my weighted pullup (and I did progress there), Iím not going to stress too much. Iím honestly pretty gassed by the time I got to pulldowns both times Iíve performed the routine.

    Day 8:
    NOTES: Weighed in at 193.2 (-2lbs) and 22.5%. I was surprised to see I lost 2lbs based on calories consumed. I drink 1+ gallon of water daily but hitting my diet macros reduced my sodium intake a bit from whatís normal. I also know Epi can have a drying effect. So Iím not hitting the panic button yet on losing more lbs than expected. HIIT @ 20min.

    Day 9:
    -Flat Bench-210#x4
    -Overhead Press-120#x7
    -Lat Raises-15#x13

    NOTES: This was in interesting workout. I felt pretty aggressive going in and thought I might be starting to see the effects of Epi/1 combo, but I basically treaded water on bench and press (higher weight than last week but for fewer reps). I got pissed at myself for not producing and nailed the dips and lat raises for higher weight and reps though (and I really focused on ďthe squeezeĒ while performing dips since I wonít hit chest again till next week).

  4. Day 10:
    Another HIIT day. Was pretty easy and nothing to really report. Big change on cardio will come next week. At -750 calories I'll move to an intermittent fasting structure and my HIIT will be performed fasted.

  5. Day 11:
    -Hack Press-630x8
    -Hip Thrusts-135x10
    -Calf Raise-145x12

    NOTES: I think the epi/1 is kicking in. I had good aggression and was a bit more vascular than normal. 285# for reps also ties my personal best, but that was on a calorie surplus. I hit that today on a 500 cal deficit, and did it with relative ease! It's got me feeling positive about the plan I've laid out for myself. I've either maintained or gained strength every workout this week, so if pounds are down next weigh in I'm going to be stoked!

  6. ^^^ Awesome. Nice Squat!
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  7. So epi/1 is definitely kicking in. Last night I was called to perform and struggled to rise to the occasion! Caught me a bit off guard as I ran Epi/Osta once prior and those effects didn't show till week 3 or 4.

    Sup3r 1 is dosed at 220mg but has a delivery system. Epi-GH is at 225mg and doesn't have a delivery system, but I do take it alongside the 1 or with my PA (aka phospholipids just like OL delivery system).

    -Will upping the dose of Epi help?
    -Is the fact I'm also cutting cals impacting me more?
    -I know this is going to hit eventually, but is there anything else I can do to hang on a bit longer?

  8. Day 15:
    -Neutral Pullup-75x4
    -Seated Row-140x12
    -Wide Pulldown-150x8

    NOTES: Loved today. PR on deads and I'm on a 750 calorie deficit. It's a very different feeling as overall energy is a bit down but I get into the gym and get myself psyched and my pulls are good. I technically failed on pullups today by only getting 4 reps, but my 5th rep was to my nose and I was a small kip away from hitting 5. Big difference than stalling at the bottom of 4. So even with that I'm pumped.

    Weigh-in note: Today is supposed to be my weekly weight in and I DID weight in today. I gained 0.2lbs and BF measurement was unchanged. However, I had a 3-day weekend and I did poorly with high sodium foods and not enough water (though I did hit my overall calories and macros), so I'm going to weigh in tomorrow and see if things change at all.

  9. I don't seem to have many people checking in or following along, but if you do/are, I did decide to pull the trigger and order more Epi after my struggles Friday. I went with Spartan Nutrition as it has a delivery system but a bit more flexible dosing than OL (100mg per vs 250mg per). I was hesitant as I've been very pleased with OL products in the past and it's my first time with Spartan, but I checked here and aside from shipping woes around the holidays they seem to be viewed pretty favorably.

    Got my shipping notice today and expect delivery by the weekend.


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