6 Week Mini-Cut with MN Stimukal and Thermokal

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  1. 6 Week Mini-Cut with MN Stimukal and Thermokal

    Hey all,

    after a year that brought a lot of change in my life, I kind of put the gym as a second priority. New gf, a new job that has me driving 3+ hours a day, new apartment became priorities. I never stopped lifting, I just didn't focus on eating healthy like I usually do, nor did I go intense in the gym either. Squatting and deadlifting were not done as much as they had been.

    Recently though, I found my drive again. Lifting early before work or even late at night, focusing on getting stronger, new gym clothing and equipment all got back in the mindset. The problem I have now is, I'm too fat to bulk or focus solely on strength, but I'm too weak to do a long term cut. While I've gotten some of my strength back in the last month, I've decided to do a mini-cut for about 6 weeks to at least get my abs somewhat more visible(I live in San Diego where it's optimal to stay lean year round for beach reasons), all while keeping what strength I have and hopefully increasing it. Also, it might just be good to cut a few pounds off for insulin purposes anyways.

    Ironically, as much as I dread the coming New Years people flooding the gym, I myself will start this on January 2nd myself. They will all be gone after a few days anyways, so it isn't that bad I guess.

    Macros and training will be posted of course.

    As the title says, I will be running Stimukal and Thermokal from Metabolic Nutrition. Thermokal has Berberine in there, which I find to be a great ingredient, and Stimukal looks like a nice blend as well.

    Looking forward to my first log on this site.

  2. In for mental support ha
    Here is my loghttp://anabolicminds.com/forum/supplement-reviews-logs/216779-bigguy-vs-wilpit.htmlhttp://supplementreviews.com/users/mhseaver670/reviews

  3. Looking forward to it.. in !!

  4. I'll get in on this!
    Official Strong Supplement Shop Board Rep
    Join Us In The Pursuit of Strength - Go Strong!

  5. Alright so I start tomorrow. I was planning to start on Monday, but I have everything set up and tomorrow just works better anyways. I just got over a brutal cold that has plagued my San Diego area recently. I was out of the gym for a week after not getting sick for a year and a half. I finally got a vacation from work and ended up not leaving my house for 4 days straight...

    My routine will look like this.

    Day 1-Chest/Back
    Day 2-Legs(deadlift based)
    Day 3-Shoulders/Arms
    Day 4-Chest/Back
    Day 5-Legs(Squat Based)
    Day 6-Shoulders/Arms
    Day off

    This is typically too much for my body, but I'll try to maintain this routine throughout this. I'm adding some cardio after each workout as well, 20-30 minutes.

    My diet will be different than my usual IIFYM abuse. I won't really be counting macros, instead, I plan to do my best to eat the same thing every day. This will be a sample of my day.

    Meal 1- Oatmeal(or grits), with either a protein shake, or eggs depending on time

    Meal 2- One cup cooked rice, vegs, some sort of meat source(a basic 4-6 ounce serving)

    Meal 3- One sweet potato, vegs, meat

    Meal 4- One cup cooked rice, vegs, meat

    Post-workout- 1-2 scoops protein powder

    Meal 5- 1 cup Oikos Triple Zero Greek yogurt with blueberries.

    My snacks are pretty much going to be almonds, apples, and rice cakes. If I happen to forget a meal, I'll probably head to chipotle, and let the Mexican side of me decide.

    Some other supplements I'll be taking include vitamin D 5000iu, fish oil, creatine, ALC, Condense pre-workout, Carb 10. iSatori Amino-Gro.

    The LA fit expo is next week. I'll probably pick up some goodies then towards the end when everything is cheap.

    Tomorrow a shoulder/arm day, so expect a first update tomorrow.


  6. I know a guy that gives excellent diet advice if needed! Ha
    Here is my loghttp://anabolicminds.com/forum/supplement-reviews-logs/216779-bigguy-vs-wilpit.htmlhttp://supplementreviews.com/users/mhseaver670/reviews

  7. Quote Originally Posted by bigguyn10ec View Post
    I know a guy that gives excellent diet advice if needed! Ha
    Who might that be?

  8. Took my first dose of Thermokal and Stimukal this morning. Cleaned my apartment like a meth addict before I ate breakfast, so it was a good first impression. Felt like my nose was dripping water, which is welcome as I'm getting over a cold. Took a walk on the beach with the girl about 6 hours later, and was sweating quite a bit, which was weird as it was pretty chilly by San Diego weather standards. Appetite was killed until I forced myself to eat breakfast, which was a hassle as well. Good impression I must say.

    Hit the gym at 7:30, just a shoulder/arm workout.


    CG Decline Bench(normal bench was taken)

    Seated cable shoulder press

    Seated Rear Delt Rows

    DB Curls

    Cable Tricep ext
    OH Cable Tricep Ext


    Seated Machine cable curls
    3 sets of 8

    Machine Curls

    30 minutes cardio

    Condense pre-workout with Carb 10

    Worked out with 2 friends, something I'm not used to. Felt like the workout was too much volume and not enough intensity. I'll have to speed them up if they want to workout with me next time.

  9. Food for the day

    1 cup oatmeal, blueberries, cinnamon, almond milk
    2 whole eggs, egg whites, spinach

    1 cup white rice, broccoli, carrots, ground turkey, almonds

    5oz homemade steakburger, spinach, mustard, sprinkled cheese

    2 scoops MTS red velvet whey, 2 white cheddar rice cakes

    1 cup greek yogurt, blueberries

    What I hope to be eating every single day

  10. I'm definitely in this. Let's do this!!!

  11. Nice to have you!

    Forgot to mention it, I'm at 190.5 as of yesterday, heavier than I thought. I was really disappointed in myself after seeing that number. Preferably, I'd be around 172.

    Food for the day

    1) 1 cup protein protein cheerios, Almond milk, small apple, egg whites, sprinkled cheese, spinach

    2) ground turkey, 1 cup rice, veggies

    3) breaded chicken strips(were surprisingly low calorie, macros would be around 21f, 39c, 42p

    4) same as meal 2

    5) Greek yogurt, blueberries

    Trying to stay consistent

  12. Thermokal and Stimukal held me over on 1.5 hour drive to work this morning. def. made me sweat. Appetite suppression lasts quite a while, so it's still doing its thing.

    Hit Chest/Back

    Flat DB

    Machine Row
    Forgot weight, 12x3

    Seated cable flyes-3 sets
    CG Lat Pulldowns-3x8
    Machine Press- 140-3x10
    Machine Lat Pulldowns-3x10
    Machine Rows-3x10
    Abs/20 minutes cardio

    Pre- Condense, ALC, Creatine, Carb 10
    Intra- Amino-Gro

    Food for the day

    1)Oatmeal, mts whey

    2) ground turkey, rice, veggies

    3) 1 small sweet potato, Ground beef, Spinach

    4)Egg whites, spinach, 1 cup protein cheerios(pre-workout meal)

    5) 1 scoop mts whey, Oikos triple zero greek yogurt, 2 slices Italian bread(bread has like 16c per slice), some butter

    Snacked on carrots and almonds at work as well

    Overall a decent day, stayed low with the DB as I'm at a new gym and the benches are a bit higher, def. feel different. Should be back up to 90s in a couple of weeks.

    Girlfriend mentioned she can tell I'm already dropping water weight, so that a plus

  13. doing good , keep it up.
    Here is my loghttp://anabolicminds.com/forum/supplement-reviews-logs/216779-bigguy-vs-wilpit.htmlhttp://supplementreviews.com/users/mhseaver670/reviews

  14. Have solid appetite suppression throughout the day. Like seriously, it's not like I can't look at food, but I have no problem putting food off, or avoiding the candy that surrounds my diabetes infested office. So I guess you can say Stimukal and Thermokal are still working. Decent energy upon waking.


    My god, for the past couple years, I have been having some really bad chronic plantar fasciitis. Just pain in my heel whenever I put pressure on it. I think it's the shoes I wear. Have to do something about it.

    worked up to 315 and did sets of 3. All OH grip. Something I want to get used to as I move away from a mixed grip. Not sure how many sets, probably 6-7

    Hack Squat
    1 set- 4 plates of 5(I've never been a fan of this machine)

    Leg Press
    8 plates, 3 sets of 12

    Calf Ext
    4 plates-4 sets of 15

    Leg Curls
    3 sets

    Standing calf raise machine-3x10
    Seated calf ext- 3 sets of 12
    Hip Ab/Ad-3 sets each

    18 minutes cardio

    Condense Pre along with Carb 10
    Amino-Gro during


    1) 1 cup oatmeal, 1 scoop whey, 1 small apple

    2) Chicken, 1 cup white rice, cauliflower

    3) Taco Rice, ground beef, bell peppers, small apple

    4) 3 slices Italian bread(under 50 carbs!), 1 scoop mts whey, small apple, butter

    5) 1 scoop mts whey

    6) greek yogurt, blueberries, 3 slices Italian bread with butter

  15. See what happens when you refuse to wear tennis shoes with pants.
    Here is my loghttp://anabolicminds.com/forum/supplement-reviews-logs/216779-bigguy-vs-wilpit.htmlhttp://supplementreviews.com/users/mhseaver670/reviews

  16. Quote Originally Posted by bigguyn10ec View Post
    See what happens when you refuse to wear tennis shoes with pants.
    I don't look like an unfashionable cuck?

  17. Just because I have a break at work, I'll be changing my workout routine to my old bro-split that has yet to fail me. This 3 days on 1 day off is just not optimal for my body. I'm starting to break out, which could also be due to the cardio. I'll be training in the following order.

    Monday- Chest and Back
    Tuesday- Legs(squat based)
    Wednesday- off, cardio if I have time
    Thursday- Shoulders and arms
    Friday- deadlifts, calves
    Weekends- cardio if I have time, more than likely will do

    I used to do a ches/back/legs/shoulder split, but I like deadlifting too much, and hitting calves twice a week should help bring them up without destroying my CNS.

    One more shoulder/arm workout before I take the next 3 days off for recovery and the LA fitness expo.

    Just to rant- my girlfriend wanted to be nice and make some meals for me. So this morning as I was packing for work, I looked at what she made, and she counted my sweet potatoes as a veggie source. She basically made 100c meals as she added 1 cup of rice to the sweet potatoes. I've pretty much learned to never trust her again

  18. Hit shoulders and arms today

    Dip machine
    3 sets of 12, slow reps

    Cable shoulder press
    4 sets of 10-12 reps, single arm

    Closed grip cable pulldowns
    3 sets of ten, focusing on biceps

    Row machine- 3 sets of 12

    Lateral Raise Machine- 3 sets of 15

    DB curls- 3 sets of 8-10

    Rope curls- 3 sets of 12

    Rope ext- 3 sets of 10


    Cardio(20 minutes)

    Pre- Condense, Creatine, ALC, Carb 10
    Amino Gro during
    Yohimbine Hcl before cardio

    Food for the day

    1) Apple, 4 light cheese sticks(28p,10f), blueberry bagel, cream cheese

    2) Chipotle

    3) 1 cup oatmeal, 1 scoops mts whey, 2 cheese sticks

    4) 2 cheese sticks(god I love these things), 2 slices Italian bread, butter

    5) egg whites, spinach, 3 slices Italian bread, butter, sprinkled cheese

    6) not sure yet, proabably greek yogurt with blueberries, either that or protein powder

    Stimukal and Thermokal- they keep my appetite at bay for most of the day. Meal 4 was more of a slight craving though. Wanted some salt and I'm all out of rice cakes >

    Taking the next 3 days off, except cardio. I'll be at the LA fitness expo on sunday as well

  19. Day off from work and the gym. Went and did some cardio around 3 or so. Took 5mg of yohimbine Hcl and sipped on Bang while I did my cardio. 30 minutes.

    Thermo and stimu are doing what they do, getting noticeably hot when I take it still.

    Food for the day

    1) 1 scoop mts whey, small apple

    2) El Pollo Loco ultimate double chicken bowl. Macros(74p, 98p, 34f)

    3) Ground beef, taco rice, bell peppers

    4) 4 light string cheese stick, baby carrots, cucumber, 2 white cheddar rice cakes

    5) haven't eaten yet, but I'll end it with greek yogurt.

    Probably won't log tomorrow, or Sunday. I'll be at the expo on Sunday, then watching some football after and enjoying a cheat meal.

    Have a great weekend... Go Patriots!

  20. Weekends notes

    Went tanning on Saturday, ended up getting burned. Oh well, still have 2 more free sessions. HGad a KFC popcorn chicken bowl, but the macros were easy to fit in with my day.

    Yesterday was the day I went to the LA Fit Expo. Picked up some goodies, including knee sleeves, isatori whey(2 tubs for $35, with a hat and t-shirt), a tank top with Swolemander on it, Ghost nutrition Aminos and Legend which came with 2 cups and a hat, 2 bottles of Super HD as well. My gf won a tub of Beast Nutrition's pre-workout as well.

    I really wanted some Glycofuse or Carb 10, but neither the MTS booth or the Gaspari were had them. Was quite a disappointment tbh. There weren't many deals towards the end like their usually is. EVL usually throws out a lot of product towards the end of expos, but they ended up giving my gf a hat and stringer for free.

    Looking forward to using the Legend soon, it actually looks like a solid profile.

    I gave myself a cheat meal yesterday, Only had an apple and protein shake in the morning before the expo, only had some protein bars while there(mostly just chunks), and then headed to Hooters and got a cheesesteak sub, some curly fries, and 10 wings. All I ate, so I may still be under maintenance calories.

  21. Up early this morning. Had to get to work and get things ready for the fire department, inspections can suck.


    Seated cable flyes-12/12/12

    Incline Bench-3 sets of 8

    Machine Press-3 sets of 10

    Machine lateral raises- 12/12/12

    Cable shoulder press-3 sets of 10

    Rope tricep ext.- 8/8/8

    Abs/Calves/20 minutes cardio

    Pre- Ghost Legend(actually liked this stuff), Carb 10
    Intra- Ghost Aminos
    Post- 1 scoop whey

    Food for the day

    1)2 Quest cereal bars(taste really good)

    2) 1 bagel, cream cheese, 4 light cheese string cheese sticks(going through a phase with these)

    3) 2 small chicken breasts, apple, baby carrots, 2 string cheese sticks

    4) 5 hour energy protein shot

    5) 1 cup oatmeal, cinnamon, almond milk, blueberries, 2 rice cakes

    6) 1 scoop iSatori Whey

    7) greek yogurt, blueberries, 5 rice cakes(low on carbs for the day)

    Thermokal and Stimukal helped with the drive to work. Didn't get much sleep due to me getting home late. If my foot allows, I'll be deadlifting tomorrow.

  22. I'm down 6.3lbs so far, after 8 days. Going good so far.

    Thermokal and Stimukall are helping me make good choices throughout the day, and I've noticed I have no problem giving into temptations. Liking it more than I thought I would.

    Hit back today, not going to post numbers really, went with a friend and did a lot of volume. I didn't go as heavy as I could, but lately I've been focusing more on contraction as it is. On a side note, I wanted to deadlift originally, but my plantar was bugging me a big, so I made the decision to back off. I'll do a few sets of 315 after I squat on Thursday.

    Cable Rows-8/8/8

    Machine high rows-10/10/10(don't know the name of this HS one off the top of my head)

    Machine Rows-8/8/8

    Behind the neck lat pulldown Machine-10/10/10

    Cable pullovers-10/10/10

    Dorsiflexor-10/10/10 (think that's the name, good on the rear delts)

    Machine rows-10/10/10(random machine we have there that gives me great contractions)

    Cable bicep curls-3 sets to failure

    Abs/20 minutes cardio

    Pre- Ghost Blue Raz sample(actually tasted really good, an d I am not a fan of blue stuff anymore), creatine, Carb 10
    Ghost aminos during, 7.5mg Yohimbine Hcl pre-cardio
    Post- 2 scoops mts blue muffin with almond milk

    Food for the day

    1) 2 slices multi-grain bread, smoked salmon

    2) 2 light string cheese sticks

    3) 1 cup oatmeal, 1 scoop mts whey

    4) carb 10 pre, 2 scoops mts whey post, apple

    5) Egg product, spinach, bagel

    6) 2 white cheddar rice cakes, 1 cup greek yogurt, blueberries

    Tomorrow is an off day, I'll probably head in and do some fasted cardio while sipping on some Aminos(which apparently is really really stupid). Have a good night

  23. No lifting today, just a late night cardio sessions with Yohimbine and coffee. Sipped on aminos during cardio

    Thermokal and Stimukal are keeping my appetite down for the majority of the day. Still have to fight cravings every now and then, which I do by eating small apples or rice cakes.

    Food for the day

    1) 1 scoop mts whey, oatmeal, pear

    2) Quinoa, steak, green beans

    3) chicken breast, sweet potato, apple

    4) 2 rice cakes, 1 scoop isatori whey

    5) 2 whole eggs+egg product, spinach, salsa, bagel, coconut oil

    6) 1 scoop iSatori whey

    Hitting legs tomorrow. Deadlifts and squats.

  24. Thermokal and Stimukal to start the day off. Kept my appetite at bay. Forced myself to eat right when I got to work. This rain here in SD has been obnoxious to say the least. Took me close to 3 hours to get to work, about double what I normally dead with.

    Hit legs, got to test out my new knee sleeves on squats.




    Seated calf raises-3 sets

    standing calf raises-3 sets

    Thighsolator- 3 sets for legs, 3 sets of calf ext.


    10 minutes cardio

    Pre- Ghost Legend(really enjoying this one)
    Intra- SizeOn
    Post- greek yogurt, blueberries, one scoops iSatori whey, bagel, coconut oil

    Food for the day

    1) oatmeal, mts whey

    2) One large sweet potato, steak, green beans

    3) Quinoa, chicken breast, green beans, 2 rice cakes

    4) 1 rice cake, one apple

    5) Guess I should say SizeOn due to the carbs in there

    6) Post-workout- bagel, coconut oil, blueberries, 1 scoop isatori whey, 1 cup greek yogurt

    While the 295 squat isn't too impressive, I'm very happy with it, as I have not gone over 300 in well over a year. It went up with little struggle as well s as I lean out, my strength is making a comeback. Everything is going well at this point. The knee sleeves may have made my left knee ache though, but that could also be due to some of the exercises I was doing. I'll update on how I feel tomorrow.

    Ghost Legend- not gonna lie, while the profile is not bad at all, I'm surprised that I'm enjoying it so much. I usually hate watermelon products, but this one is not getting to me like other pre-workouts do(C4 for instance). Energy is solid and clean, and I never feel cracked out. Focus is good too.

    SizeOn- Took a nap when I got home from work and boy am I happy I did. When I woke up and was getting ready to leave, I opened my door and found this gem. It's nice to sip on, and I can tell my endurance stays with me throughout my workout. I usually wouldn't use this during a cut, but since this is more of a transformation, it is actually a perfect add-on as I try to cut of some fat while keep my strength up or even getting my strength up. It's nice to not have to add creatine to shakes anymore either. I will have to make a product thread on it tomorrow.


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