I was lucky enough to be selected for a chance to review this product. Ive always enjoyed Gaspari products, Glycofuse is a staple in my intra-workout regimen, and i have really enjoyed size on and some of the myofusion products as well.

    Since reading of Precision Protein i was very interested. Hydrolyzed whey proteins have always been favorable for my post workout protein source as well as in my intra-workout shake. I love the ease of digestion and the mix-ability. What really caught my attention of the Precision protein was the triple layered Neapolitan flavor and the fact it is 100% hydrolyzed.

    Packaging: I really like the fact that the bottle is clear, its easy to see the three flavor layers. this is great. the label has a very crisp look to it.

    Profile: 25g protein, 2g fat, 2g carbs, 1g sugar, Is 100% hydrolyzed whey with enzymes and is gluten free.

    Mix-ability: extremely easy to mix, no issues, very light powder and no clumps or excessive shaking needed. Thin consistency.

    Taste: The taste was good, but I cant fully answer this because my tub was completely mixed up in the shipping. that said it is the best vanilla, chocolate, strawberry protein Ive tried. lol. All in all still tastes great. As I'm drinking it I get a taste of each flavor with every sip. Kinda interesting.

    Digestion: This is in my opinion the best part of this product. This was very easy to drink, almost like water and it digests the same way. I am currently in a bulk phase and eating heavily peri-workout, this product is great. I can get in 50 grams of protein post-workout no problem and then focus on my whole food carbs, this is the best feature of this product.

    Overall great product, Would purchase in the future and would recommend to a friend. Tne only gripe I had was the flavors being mixed up. If I had paid full price for this and I received this mixed up I would send it back. I think that there should be some paper separators or some type of in the bottle packaging to prevent the shippers from ruining the product. If i were to order it online I would get the vanilla or chocolate flavor and not risk it. All in all Gaspari did a great job on this!

  2. Great review. I saw another review on this product and I really want to try the Neapolitan flavor now!
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  3. thank you for the review, and for me with the powder mildly shaken, i get a slightly different shake every time. Some times Strawberry is dominate others it's chocolate. The vanilla is always more subtle. Glad you enjoy it brother!
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