The Solution's CL Stimino Log

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    The Solution's CL Stimino Log

    Controlled Labs Stimino


    Fruit Punch – Man this is good, very refreshing, strong, and leaves an incredible after taste. So far I mixed it with 8oz of water for 1 scoop, but will try around with dosing’s and water amounts to see how it alters the overall flavoring of the product. This FP was nearly Kool-Aid like in flavoring. I am very happy with this. Coming from CL and their protein, Green mag, white pump etc, this is no surprise. Their WFR is fantastic as well.


    There is 0 problems with CL products all the time, This powder is so fine upon touching the water it basically dissolved. CL is quality stuff and I have never had a problem mixing anything of theirs powder wise.


    A tub has 60 servings of the following:

    60 Servings
    - 2,500mg L-Leucine
    - 1,500mg Betaine Anhydrous
    - 1,000mg Taurine
    - 125mg Caffeine Anhydrous

    Very basic stim (125mg Caffeine)
    Adequate Leucine for dosing between meals for MPS (5g) and 5g Leucine for pre-workout fasted training (upon waking in AM)
    Forms of Betaine helps boost performance and muscle growth
    Taurine aids recovery and recovery

    Also with Stimino this is a product that could stack very well with other products (half scoop WFR), Green Mag, White Pump etc which makes it a very nice product to the CL Line.


    1) I like to train the majority of the time in the AM due to schedule, so I will start with 1 scoop and then bump up to 2 scoops as the log does go on.

    2) If I do train in the afternoon I will try to aim or match up my meal timing to make it a bolus between meals as layne Norton shows in his MPS hypothesis (5g leucine or BCAA’s between meals 4-6 hours apart)
    So for example pre-workout meal at noon, and then Stimino around 2-2:30 and then next meal around 4:30-5 p.m.)

    A Big Thank you to CL for allowing me to log this product !

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  3. Woo! Thanks for the great start up.

  4. Glad to see you on this. Looking forward to your thoughts.
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  5. In. I was able to take a peek at the powder before work this morning. Looks super fine and easily mixed, glad you confirmed it.

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    Updated Pictures
    Weight has dropped a few pounds (168-169) even with some kcal bumps. Kcals around 2800 and were down to 1700 at the end of my cut (166)

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    Inov8 Elite Performance
    Mesocycle #14
    Week 4 Day 1

    Tempo Indication: Eccentric:Pause:Concentric:Fle x (x:x:x:x)

    Lying Leg Curls (1:1:1:1)
    90 x 15 (3 Sets)
    90 x 30

    Barbell Squat (1:1:1:1)
    235 x 5
    285 x 5
    325 x 5
    345 x 5
    315 x 5 ---> 225 x 8 --> 135 x 15

    Single Leg Leg Curl: (1:1:1:1)
    30 Each Leg x 25 ---> 20 Each Leg x 15 ---> 10 x 20 Partials + Iso Tension

    A1: Smith Machine Front Squat2:2:1:1)
    185 x 10 (3 Sets)

    A2: Back Extension (Glute Focus): (3:1:1:2)
    BW + 45 x 8 (3 Sets)

    Adductor Machine: (1:1:1:1)
    120 x 12 (4 Sets)

    Seated Calf Raise (3:1:3:1)
    2 Plates x 10 (5 Sets)


    Molten Chocolate Cake with a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Glaze + Strawberries/Banana's
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  9. Lookin lean!
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    Thanks for the support fellas
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    No Stimino today its an off day(take 3 this week on this current mesocycle)
    will be back to 5x a week training next week so i will dose 5x a week

    Thoughts so far:

    - Great energy, i dont need a lot of caffeine to get me going 200mg is a sweet spot. I had a pre-wrokout meal around noon, and then dosed the Stimino around 2-2:15 and trained at 2:30 till 3:45 for legs

    - Hit a new PR of 365 x 7 on Squat at 169 pounds, energy was streaming and overall recovery was good. Was sweating up a storm, but i always train in a sweatshirt regardless of the time of the year.

    - Good overall endurance, and did not notice much pump, but there is not much in the formula to contribute to that. Being that i have not really been on stims for a long time (about 8 weeks) 2 scoops had me pretty jacked up on energy (250mg) and stayed strong in my system for a good 90 minutes even after my workout ended and on my drive home.

    Day 1 was good, looking forward to utilizing some stims for a short time period on the product. I am going to stick with 2 scoops pre-workout, but vary training in the AM Fasted and in the afternoon based off my work schedule or other social activities i have going on and do a comparison in the end of my run with the product. 29 more quality workouts to put this product to use.

    -- Have to say. this FP Flavoring is unreal, its strong, powerful, and leaves a ridiculous after taste. Hardest thing to do is not drink it so fast. Found myself filling my shaker cup half way after almost finishing it in a few gulps (2 scoops in 16oz of water) tasted very good. No surprise CL Nails their flavoring on all their products.
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    Inov8 Elite Performance
    Mesocycle #14
    Week 4 Day 2

    Tempo Indication: Eccentric:Pause:Concentric:Fle x (x:x:x:x)

    Slight Incline Bench DB Hex Press – (2:1:1:3)
    85's x 8 (4 Sets)

    +5 Pounds

    Barbell Bench Press (3:3:1:1)
    270 x 6 (4 Sets)

    +10 Pounds

    Pec Dec (1:1:1:1) –
    110 x 15 (3 Sets)

    Stretch pushups – (1:1:1:1)
    3 Sets to Failure (BW)

    Reverse Pec Dec – (1:1:1:1)
    55 x 15 (4 Sets)

    Side Lateral Raises – (1:1:1:1)
    25 x 10 (4 Sets)

    Seated Overhead DB Press –(5:3:1:1)
    70's x 6 (5 Sets)

    Hanging Leg Raise: (1:1:1:1)
    BW X 15 (5 Sets)


    Chicken Cordon Blue + Sweet Potato with Snickers/Peanut Butter Cups + Grilled Asparagus:

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  13. Nice pressing, man.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean1332 View Post
    Nice pressing, man.
    Thanks brother 270 x 6 with a 3 second pause felt great
    Stimino FTW on the energy after a long day of school and throwing a kid in the principle office.
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    Inov8 Elite Performance
    Mesocycle #14
    Week 4 Day 3

    Tempo Indication: Eccentric:Pause:Concentric:Fle x (x:x:x:x)

    Bent-Over Dumbbell Rows – (1:1:1:1)
    100's x 10 (4 Sets)

    +5 Pounds

    Bent-Over Barbell Rows– (1:2:1:2)
    235 x 8 (5 Sets)

    +5 Pounds

    A1: Hammer Strength Pullovers (1:1:1:1)
    1 Plate/Side x 15 (4 Sets)

    A2: HS Back Extension (1:1:1:1)
    150 x 20 (4 Sets)

    Hyperextension W/Chains – (1:1:1:1)
    BW + 25lb Chain X Failure (4 Sets)

    Donkey Calf Raise: (3:1:3:1)
    4 Plates x 10 (5 Sets)


    Cellucor Cinnamon Swirl Low-Carb Loaf:

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    Inov8 Elite Performance
    Mesocycle #14
    Week 4 Day 4

    Tempo Indication: Eccentric:Pause:Concentric:Fle x (x:x:x:x)

    A1: V bar pushdowns –(1:1:1:1)
    120 x 15
    140 x 12
    160 x 10
    180 x 8

    A2: Rope Hammer Curls – (1:1:1:1)
    85 x 10 (4 Sets)

    B1:Hammer Strength Tricep Extension (close grip)–(1:2:1:2)
    60 (Each Hand) x 10 (4 Sets)

    B2: Incline Preacher Curls– (1:1:1:1)
    25lb Plate x 20 (4 Sets)

    C1: Single Arm Rope Ext – (2:1:1:1)
    35 (Each Arm) x 8 (6 Sets)

    C2: Barbell Drag Curls – (3:1:1:1)
    75 x 8 (3 Sets)

    BW X 45 seconds (5 Sets)


    Cellucor Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pound Cake:

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    Week 1 Stimino Thoughts


    Being a basic formula of caffeine, betaine, taurine, and leucine the amount of pump from this product is not something that shines compared to what glycergrow or white pump could offer if stacked with this product. Being a log it is meant to be run solo to gauge the true effects. Overall not much to note here regarding the pump from the product.


    Great. 250mg from 2 scoops is plenty for a heavy leg day, and more than enough for workouts like Chest/Shoulders, Arms, Back which is a typical split I run (Similar to Mountain Dog) i will be moving to a 5x a week higher frequency program the next 4 weeks (new mesocycle) I will be running with Inov8 Elite Performance, so this will show me squatting/deadlifting/benching around 2x a week over the course of 5 days which will help test me limits and overall mental fortitude so the extra caffeine/stims will aid here.


    Just like Pump, nothing to note here. Energy is good from the solo amount of caffeine, and nothing that makes me jitter or over anxious. I do not need a whole lot of stims to get me going so a lower stim product (125mg caffeine) a scoop gets the job done. Again if i could stack with other products in the CL line there may be a difference, but as a solo not so much

    Workout Thoughts

    Overall performance and recovery/endurance is up a bit (Betaine) which is the major factor in that. Taurine does aid this as well, but I am noticing some good strength gains (mostly from diet/training) but this has to be an aspect as it has been added into my arsenal and running it solo.
    Overall very pleased with week 1 on the product and 8 scoops in the books. I am not using this on off days as I do not take stims on off days, and just keep them to workout days, so with working out 5x a week i will be pushing 20 scoops of this a week now and going through the tub quicker good thing there are plenty of servings left to be used!

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  18. Very cool, man. Betaine is definetly a quality ingredient. That amount of caffeine should be just right for your higher frequency work. Any more caffeine or different stim complex before squatting and deadlifting usually leaves me feeling crappy.

  19. Oh, I'm still waiting for you to enter a PL meet :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean1332 View Post
    Oh, I'm still waiting for you to enter a PL meet :P
    my numbers suck man!!
    i would do horrible.
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    168.8 been doing slow kcal bumps and the last 4 weeks i have bumped kcals weight has barley moved:

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    Inov8 Elite Performance
    Mesocycle #15
    Week 1 Day 1

    Tempo Indication: Eccentric:Pause:Concentric:Fle x (x:x:x:x)

    Pec Dec 1:1:1:1
    110 x 12 (3 Sets)

    Incline BB Bench Press 1:1:1:1

    185 x 6
    205 x 6
    225 x 6
    230 x 6
    235 x 6

    Stretch Push-Ups 1:2:1:2
    BW x 15 (3 Sets)

    A1: DB Standing Y Raise
    20's x 12 (3 Sets)

    A2: Reverse Pec Dec 2:1:2:2
    70 x 12 (3 Sets)

    B1: Leg Press: 5:1:1:1
    5 plates/side x 8 (4 Sets)

    B2: Seated Leg Curl 5:1:1:1
    90 x 6 (4 Sets)

    Standing Calf Raise 1:1:1:2
    2 Plates/Side x 35 (3 Sets)


    Graeters Caramel Truffle Gelato:

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    Inov8 Elite Performance
    Mesocycle #15
    Week 1 Day 2

    Tempo Indication: Eccentric:Pause:Concentric:Fle x (x:x:x:x)

    Reverse V-Bar Pull Down 3:1:3:1
    100 x 6 (4 Sets)

    Weighted Back Extension
    BW + 45 x 10 (4 Sets)

    Lying leg Curl 1:1:1:2 60 sec
    100 x 12 (3 Sets)

    Rack Pulls (Mid Shin) 3:1:3:1
    225 x 6
    275 x 6
    315 x 6
    325 x 6
    335 x 6

    Weighted Chain Dips 1:2:1:2
    BW + 50 x 10 (3 Sets)

    A1: DB Hammer Curls (alternating) 1:1:1:1
    30's x 12 (3 Sets)

    A2: Cable Bicep Curl 1:1:1:2
    90 x 10 (3 Sets)

    HS EZ Bar Tricep Ext 1:3:1:3
    70 Each Hand x 6 (4 Sets)


    Mango Chicken:

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  24. Store bought sauce for that chicken? Looks great.


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