Time to trim up a bit with PES Norcodrene & Erase Pro!

  1. Time to trim up a bit with PES Norcodrene & Erase Pro!

    Just finished up my 8 week strength program while stacking Analyzed AmentoMax, CistaMax, and PES Anabeta Elite (also stacked Erase Pro for the final 4 weeks). I put on some solid mass over the 8 weeks and now I'll be following a 4 week metabolic training program to trim the couple of non-lean pounds I added over the last 8 weeks.

    For this "mini cut" I'll be stacking:

    PES Norcodrene
    PES Erase Pro (used 1st bottle over the last 4 weeks)
    PES AminoIV
    Analyzed Forskolin95
    Analyzed Agmatine
    Analyzed AmentoMax
    Plus a few other staples

    I'll be posting my training log along with my thoughts on the supplement stack's effects the same way I did in my last log which you can find here:
    Time to GROW with Analyzed AmentoMax and CistaMax!

    I just finished up the first week of my metabolic training phase of my program and the use of this stack. I'll be posting up my log and thoughts in the next couple of days.

  2. I'm all up in this brother!
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    http://pescience.com/insider http://facebook.com/pescience

  3. In for this as well. Great stack you've put together man.
    PEScience Representative

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