This review has been a long time coming so my apologies for the delay. I woke up this morning on 7 hours of sleep. I had my sample packet of Core Fury (1.5 servings) mixed with 12 oz of water at 6:00am. At 6:20 I had 25g whey shake and a few grapes. At 6:40 I started a 45 minutes shoulder workout followed by a 40 minute cardio session. Here are my ratings.

Taste 8/10 - The taste was quite desirable however a tad mediciney. Upon drinking I had forgotten what flavor it was and couldn't put my finger on the taste. I knew I liked it. After finally finding the small flavor text of Cherry Lemonade on the package, it all made sense. It says to mix with 12-18oz. I wasn't sure if the flavor strength would hold up even on the low end of 12oz, but it tasted plenty strong. Also, it is dye free which I greatly appreciate - no extra sh!+ going into your body. Mixability was fine.

Energy level 10/10 - Terrific energy right from the get-go. And I still had fire breathing through my nose on my last HIIT bike interval. Endurance was phenomenal. I found it easy to recover in between sets. The sample packet has 300mg of caffeine which is my upper limit that I never go over in a day. I was a little jittery but this did not detract from the workout, by no means am I implying any negativity here. Plenty of energy the rest of the day. No crash. I did not experience any cracked out feeling or anxiety like I have with some PWOs especially those with Yohimbe. I was appropriately stimulated.

Focus 9/10 - This is what really makes or breaks it for me with a PWO. Sure you can load it up with caffeine but does it make me feel like King Kong? Does it give me that extra drive to blast through a few more reps? With Core Fury, YES and YES! There are a few nootropic ingredients and it shows. Really intense focus. I was embracing the burn today! I found myself on the last set of a few exercises doing partial reps just to make it hurt that much more!!! At the start of each bike interval, I was yelling to myself "Bring It!" instead of dreading the start of it. Sometimes on 7 hours of sleep, I don't actually "get into" my workout until after the first exercise - today I was feeling it on the first rep. Overall good euphoria from start to finish.

Pumps 9/10 - This has healthly doses of both AgmaMAX and L-Citrulline which definitely gave me a good pump. My workout today consisted of high reps, short rest intervals so I would normally get good pumps, but they were even better today. I felt my biceps swell up on upright rows which I have never experienced. My thighs were crazy swole after my bike ride. And my shoulders stayed swole for quite some time post workout. For a shoulder day, my bicep vein did look a little more vascular than normal.

Overall 9/10 - This PWO provides you with all the desirable effects that you can ask for - energy, endurance, focus, pumps, performance. You definitely don't need an extra pump product with this PWO. I really like the inclusion of Betaine which not in a lot of PWOs have. My only knock on this is that it does not have Beta-Alanine or Taurine. Personally, I like my PWO to have these ingredients, so much so that I add them in bulk normally if they aren't already in there. And I appreciate that there are no proprietary blends in this.

Thanks Core for the sample! And again I apologize for not doing my review right away.