Battossi tries SELECT! (unsponsored)

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  1. I bit the bullet with the intro sale over at the pes intro sale and got 1 flavor of each. I'll try each flavor in this log in some creative recipies and just straight.

    I'll leave a review once tubs are gone.

    Who's in for food porn?

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    Always down for foodporn & Select
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  3. <3 select. Following broheim

  4. Thanks! Still waiting but I'll post some food porn in a bit. Got them plans for a meal today. Chicken, broccoli chedder soup and noodles. To die for!

    May or may not use liquid smoke muhaha!

  5. It's not much but it is icecream ! Edys slow churned cookie dough. Stuff is not bad. Although not as good as Ben and Jerry's

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  6. Cookies and cream phase 8 mixed in a big bowl of ghetto honey combs with clumped marshmallows

    * was left in car. Marshmallows never separated *

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  7. This should be delicious!

    I'm in.
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  8. Chicken grilled in hickory liquid smoke maranade with elbow noodles sitting in a bowl of broccoli chedder soup with cayenne pepper, chili powder and onion powder added and cooked with the soup.

    Glass of diet green tea from lipton

    60g plus of protein in this bowl of gains!

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  9. Opening my first tub of select tomorrow. Milk Chocolate is the first flavor. Got some interesting ideas!

  10. Marshmallow mateys with protein sludge.

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  11. Select sludge. Just water. No cellucor by a long shot on flavoring. Chocolate atleast. Taste like melted herseys bars!

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  12. I knew you'd love it man! And that's just with water...try mixing it with cow, almond, or coconut milk.
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  13. This is a pre mixed shake in my ninja!

    50g kale
    50 g blueberries
    200g strawberries
    320g bananas
    8 oz milk
    66 g select milk chocolate.

    Kale is usually bitter but this was rich and creamy. Micro rich super food super shake! Tasty and select plus fruit made it seem like the kale wasn't even there!

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  14. Not select but Chinese fried rice! Nom!

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  15. First time baking with select. Let's see if it measures up!

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  16. Quote Originally Posted by Battossi View Post
    First time baking with select. Let's see if it measures up!

    <img src="****10 5836"/>
    It bakes great! Fluffy cookies pre workout. Nom!

    Next is...A cake?
    After that I'll go ahead and make cheese cake and then a cake with select icing

    Then I'll make select muffins with raspberry cream cheese icing!

    THEN THE ADD INS START! blueberry select cookies, cranberry select cake ect ect! Oh and pancakes, over night oats, chocolate pizza dough (candy pizza)


  17. got a cookies n cream blackberry select cake with a chocolate select frosting lined up post workout

  18. Select sludge with blueberries spread on cinnamon swirl bread. Some sweet gains here!

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  19. Been addicted to sludge as of recently. Experimenting with the crock pot aswell.

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    Crock pot kung pow chicken.

    I'll have some select creations up tomorrow. I'm thinking.....cake? Nom! With sludge icing of course

  20. Select 55 chocolate tub finished! Short time but I was addicted to the sludge of epicness.

    I am basing my review on flavor/consistency vs profile because whey is whey and imo if you're taking in 1g per lb of protein regardless of source your probably getting more than enough building blocks. Nitrogen retention and other benefits of high protein diets aside...I can't justify reviewing a protein powder on profile.

    Flavor wise...The best chocolate I have ever tasted. Alot of people compare chocolate flavors to swiss miss but...I used to be 380+lbs. I got to taste alot more flavors than that!

    This is more like...dove chocolate bars melted down. Creamy and rich with that milk consistency coming through hard core. I have baked with this as well. Flavor doesn't die in the baking process like ON whey or myo fusion. Great buy. Should have got more!

  21. Next is cookies and cream!

  22. Glad you loved the chocolate! I'm with you on it having more of a chocolate bar flavor compared to other proteins. There's some great deals that just started on the 55 serving tubs if you're interested.

    Look forward to hearing what you think of C&C.
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  23. First impression is its a little off. Not my fav flavor but yummy. The consistency of milk is where this shines. The taste was not bad but I would rather buy the chocolate at this point. I have also tried in cereal but no "oh my god" moment like the chocolate. Definitely worth a try but won't be a rebuy!

  24. I'm a C&C fan, but put chocolate ahead of it as well. It seems to be one of the toughest flavors to nail, and I really enjoy our take on it. Thanks again for your feedback, man.
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