Stim Shot by Lecheek is Fab!

  1. Thumbs up Stim Shot by Lecheek is Fab!

    I want to thank Lecheek and S. Cordaro for the opportunity to test Stim Shot AND talk about it!

    Just a little bit about myself, I am a 38 yo mother of two who works a full time job that gets done 98% on a chair. I have been injured in the past year from a car accident which has significantly decreased my normal activity. I am currently working out 5 times a week and I’m in physical therapy 2x a week. My current goal is to stay consistent despite the disappointments (I have lost a lot of strength) and even though I still look fit and many women would say they will be happy to be where I’m at esthetically, I want more definition, slightly larger muscles and a leaner physique. If I could compete bikini or figure by the time I am 40, I think I would be very happy.

    I am currently “training by feel” I am not tracking how much weight I can lift, I just make sure it challenges me every time. Since the accident and with my losses, it is just too discouraging to track pounds. I will get to that hopefully in the near future.

    Day one (8/7) of Stim Shot was just fabulous! It was my day off, but a coworker wanted help with a full body workout which was a perfect opportunity for me to not rest and try my new stuff (Stim Shot that is!).

    My first impression, the smaller tub is a great idea! It helps in many ways, I can have it in my gym bag (you know space in that thing is prime real estate!), at home I can disguise it in any kitchen cabinet without my significant other noticing that there is yet another tub of something and well, I am a girl, and it is a cute little thing.

    Second, there is no mixing with water, genius, no water no problem. You only need a small amount so it is not like trying to fit some crazy sized thing under your tongue. It comes with a tiny little scoop, and I used a full scoop. It dissolved quickly and I felt the effects pretty quickly too. I need practice on the mode of use, I have to be honest. There was some of the powder on my lips and I could taste it for a while (8 minutes from home to gym). Inside the mouth the flavor was minty great, on the lips and fingers, not so minty and not so great. I will improve at “application” I am sure; as a matter of fact I must, because this is what happened next:

    Excellent energy and focus, no jitters, no shakes, just a clean stream of let’s get this done and do it well. Almost immediately after I took it I was ready to go. I am thinking that this is something I can take in the Locker Room (;-) just before changing into gym clothes! I got through 3 circuits of the workout (Jamie Eason’s 30 Day knockout/the full body circuit day). When I was done I could’ve probably also ran 3 miles and at a good speed, I didn’t, but I am pretty sure I could’ve. I have to stick to my program, and I am adding cardio today and to continue for 2 weeks steady to bump up changes. I am glad I will be using Stim Shot, it will definitely help me take training to the next level this next couple of weeks. I am looking forward to seeing over the next 5-6 weeks if I develop a tolerance to these awesome effects and if I will need to increase my dose. My pattern is I develop tolerance, then I am too scared to increase the dose and I switch the product instead… we shall see…

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  3. I have some catching up to do, here is my 8/8 experience with Stim Shot...

    Another after work workout, upper body. I took Stim Shot in the Locker Room ;-) prior to changing into my workout clothes. I am not a super fast Superwoman style changer lol but I am not that slow either. By the time I walked out of the Locker Room door, I was ready to take care of business. I got the dose almost right where it needs to go, and the taste on my lips was minimal, remember it is not as minty outside of your mouth... I want to be careful about suggesting that it will make you stronger... I think I will say that my focus was such that I was able to increase weight in all of my exercises. Then... (yes! There is more) I got on the treadmill and test drove my hurt hip with intervals for 10 minutes and got off that machine fresh as a cucumber! Not really, I broke a sweat and didn't feel at all like I needed to crawl into the Locker Room and die before I could get in the car and go hangout with my friends in DC. Which I am only bringing up to remind you that this has all been clean non jittery, shaky, I'm on speed type of energy! I was sleepy and tired when I left work (and got on the elevator to go to the first floor to use the gym). I insist, Stim Shot is good for more than great workouts.

  4. 8/9 was my day to work on my wheels... This day is a tough one for me, because I can't do what I know works for me (lots of squats, lunges and deadlifts) and I have to show up and just do what I can. I live 8 minutes from the gym if I don't hit any red lights. I have confirmed today that Stim Shot works fast enough for me that if I am coming from home I can just take it in the parking lot. I like how quick I feel the effects and that it doesn't give me that "you are about to have a heart attack" feeling. It was a good thing I left the house as soon as I took it, because I had a lot of housework to do. Anyhow, I did my prescribed workout, and this is not the place but I am honestly very scared of hurting myself more, so my workouts for legs are less than challenging these days. It is not you, it's me... lol Stim Shot did what it is supposed to do. I was careful with form and such, but same weight, same reps that make me feel safe is what transpired there. I still had a lot of energy when I got home and let me tell you, housekeepers would love this stuff!!! I did everything that I wanted/needed to do in the house. Score!

  5. 8/10 I went for a hike, which was a surprise because I didn't know where I was going. I was invited to go for a hike in Richmond, for a whole week I never made time to search for hikes in Richmond to get an idea. I did ask a couple of times, but my friend didn't know where her friend was taking us. Well, I have learned.... first though, I did take my full scoop, no trace on my lips!!! YAY before getting out of the car in this dirt lot near Belle Isle in Richmond. Water on one side, city on the other... Now, besides not knowing where I was going, I didn't know any of these people except for my friend and her friend who I happened to be acquainted to through work. I mention this because I think it is important not to look like a raving lunatic when you first meet people, and I was NOT shaking, not jittery, not speaking too fast... you get the idea, that stuff does not happen with Stim Shot. I debated whether to take it or not, and I believe if it weren't because I am logging I wouldn't have taken it this day.

    "The hike" ended up being the "Richmond Liberty Trail" which takes you through 6.5 miles of the city of Richmond, beautiful buildings, and historical sites... move past that and think, concrete hills, steep stairs, side walks (me in trail running sneakers!). Now this is why I am glad I took Stim Shot for this "hike" Since the accident (which was March 25) I feel like I have lost A LOT of my endurance and that umph you have from keeping up with good cardiovascular training. I was never out of breath, and except for the pain on my lower back, hip and knee, there were no other reasons I thought of why I should stop, but I would have if it weren't because I was feeling energized throughout all 6.5+ (we went the wrong way at some point and has a do over LOL) miles, our fabulous lunch at some Irish Rest. and a fun trip to Trader Joe's. What can I say, I was fueled by Stim Shot! ;-)

  6. Nice updates.
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  7. I haven't forgotten!!!! Last week 8/10-8/16 was crazy awesome. I notice that since I am posting late I am getting the dates messed up, so if I am behind I will do a detail week summary instead, I hope that's ok.

    Lets talk about focus! What?! Stim Shot is where is at!!! I have gone in for the kill at every workout this week. Granted, I have my limitations from my back/hip injury bit I can promise you that I have gone in there, completed my workout and walked out and I couldn't tell you who was there, what was on the TV or was there anything concerning in my surroundings! It was all about my workout, my form, my amount of weight and how I could increase, or how much without getting hurt. It made for a very productive week.

    So, what about gains? SCORE! because of the easy access to focus ;-) I performed better at every single workout, every exercise, I was on a mission!!!! You don't take this stuff and then go to the gym and try to look pretty! I went and put in the work! There may be other reasons, like time, maybe I was due, but the definition on my arms, which I focused on the past couple of weeks is incredible!

    Endurance... well it was my "add more cardio" week, and I tried, I ran on the treadmill and logged in some miles. With great energy! I have to say though, every single time I had to stop sooner than I wanted because of hip pain. But the energy and focus was dialed in!

    Let's talk about the scoop (or scooper) for a minute. The back side of the scooper, between the handle and the scoop, is concave and holds about a half of a dose in there... Learned the hard way that if I don't make sure it's empty on that side there will be a mess, and I won't lie!!!! I wanted to lick the bench in the Locker Room!!!! What an effin waste!!!!

    A more accurate description of the flavor (Mint) it's Altoid flavor!!! Still good, still toxic outside of the mouth, so I am working very hard at aiming right! LOL

  8. Glad to see its working well for you.
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  9. I am a month out since my last post. I've had a couple of set backs with my injury. I had to stop training for a bit but before that, I noticed that I may have been taking my stim shot too late in the day. I work out after work and I get out at 3:30 pm, gym is in the same building That last week before I had to stop training due to my hip/back issues I was staying up too late, unable to sleep. After a few messed up sleepless nights I decided to take some melatonin to help, and it did.
    During the time I couldn't workout, and possibly before I figured out that melatonin would be a good idea, I did take a scoop of stim shot around one (I eat lunch at noon) to pick me up and get through the workday. I know that's not what it's for, but I wasn't sleeping and I don't like coffee... it did the job that I intended for it to do.

    So, for almost 2 weeks I've been back and I have been taking my dose at 2:30 to workout at 3:30, no issues with sleepless nights so far and the energy and focus I get from stim shot has remained consistent through time and through a break (I didn't take it daily in lieu of coffee).
    I am grateful that the little break didn't set me back much. I am on again, mission in process, again. Yeah!

  10. Thanks for the update and glad to see your feeling better.
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