Getting Supersized: Dkgreene Blue Razz Beta Log

  1. Getting Supersized: Dkgreene Blue Razz Beta Log

    Hey Guys So the guys over at Athletic Extreme send me a bottle of the new blue razz flavored Supersize! I want to thank them for sending this to me and Im stoked to finally get to try this stuff because its been a while since Ive had a new pre workout.
    Little background on me:
    been lifting for about 6 years now and I'm currently on a cut. I lift about 5-6 days a week around 5am. I start most of those days with some fasted cardio via treadmill on incline and stair master then I go and hit the weights. I also do cardio on the days I don't lift.
    Im 25, 170and ~12%Bf.
    Some things I will be hitting on over the next month include

  2. Just took my first scoop with 8oz of water post cardio workout.
    The taste is pretty spot on with what I imagine a blue razz flavor should be and I really like it! Its not super sweet which I like as well.
    The powder is super fine, almost like a bcaa powder so it blends up perfectly.
    I don't like to feel like my teeth are rotting out after I chug my pre.
    Lets get this workout in!

  3. solid first workout. The focus was there as was the pump ( a really solid pump)
    I wish it would have given me a bit more energy but hey it was only one scoop.
    Tomorrow I will be trying two scoops and seeing how it really hits!

  4. Upped the dose to 2 scoops today and hit some legs! The taste was definitely on point with two scoops and 10oz of water. There was a slight burn in my throat after I drank though. The energy and the focus was definitely better than yesterdays dosing at one scoop! My legs were so pumped after leg extensions and curls that I could barely do squats. I kept having to stretch for like 30seconds between sets so I could keep it going!

  5. Cant believe no ones looking at this log. oh well.

    Im 9 days in taking two scoops w/ 8oz of water 30min before I workout. The taste is killer and the focus is great.

    It still burns my throat a little bit everytime I drink it, not sure why.

    The energy is on point, I am able to go for my usual 1.5h-2h + I have added a extra 30-45min of cardio a day in for this cut. by the end of this my calves and quads are about to explode I feel.

    Not breaking any PR's on this stuff

  6. i'm here bro!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Swolbraham View Post
    i'm here bro!
    Finally someone lol

  8. I'm here as well.


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