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  1. First off, thanks to hulkish1 and everyone else at Myokem for selecting me to run a log on Pyroxamine. Really looking forward to this supp and getting my fitness back in order.

    Myokem Pyroxamine The new ultra, high performance grade Lipolytic Thermogenic agent. Myokem designed this product to attack fat from every possible angle. This means more fat loss on your body! Not only will you witness fat loss, you will experience huge amounts of energy, a state of euphoria, focus and appetite suppression. If this is what you are looking for, then Pyroxamine is for you! Benefits Fat Loss Appetite Suppression Razor Sharp Focus Explosive, Long Lasting Energy Euphoric State of Mind For men and women Directions Take 1 capsule in the morning on an empty stomach. Take another capsule 5 to 6 hours later. Once you have accessed your tolerance, another capsule may be added. Do not take more than 4 capsules within 24 hours.

    PYROXAMINE has tons of benefits beyond the fat burn...

    Alertness (without the jitters). PYROXAMINE contains Caffeine Anhydrous at only 100 MG per serving. That's "just enough" so you don't have to worry about becoming addicted or feeling like an edgy maniac.

    Sharp mental focus. The Pikatropin (also known as Picamillion) in PYROXAMINE's formula has been proven to increase mental focus.

    Stronger muscle contractions. Myokem's formula includes Citicholine, which can improve attention and focus while helping to enhance muscle contractions.

    Heart stimulant. PYROXAMINE contains a methylxanthine-class compound (similar to caffeine) called Theobromine which is a very potent vasodilator and bronchiodilator. It stimulates your heart without negatively impacting the central nervous system. PYROXAMINE also includes Higenamine which also has been shown to be a cardiac stimulant. [31,32,33]

    Long lasting effects. The Hordenine in PYROXAMINE ensures you enjoy long lasting effects of the stimulants that are included in the formula.[27]

    Improved cognition. PYROXAMINE contains N-Methyl-Tyramine which has been associated with improving cognition and alertness. [28, 29, 30]

    Enhanced neurotransmission. PYROXAMINE's Huperzia Serrata (Std. Huperzine A) has been shown to increase levels of acetylcholine, a strong neurotransmitter.[34]

    Increased bioavailability of nutrients. Black pepper (Std. Piperine) increases the bioavailability of various nutrients and compounds by inhibiting drug metabolism.[36,37]

    Fat burn. One of the ingredients in PYROXAMINE that really burns that fat is Rauwolfia Vomitoria (Std. Rauwolscine), an alpha2-adrenoceptor antagonist which increases the fat burn.[38, 39, 40]

    Appetite suppression. Carralluma Fimbriata is an herb shown to suppress appetite and help users lose weight. PYROXAMINE contains this potent ingredient.

    Thyroid benefits. PYROXAMINE contains Olive Leaf Extract which helps cholesterol levels, glucose metabolism, and to circulate levels of key thyroid hormones, such as T3.

    Anti-anxiety. The Bacopa Monniera Extract in PYROXAMINE is a fiercely effective nootropic agent known for its ability to enhance cognition and reduce anxiety. It also has a positive impact on T4.

    Increased body warmth. PYROXAMINE contains Evodia Rutaecarpa Extract, an herb with the ability to increase warmth within the body. Increased warmth = fat burn.

  2. Weight - 255 - embarrassing...but the last 3 weeks been crazy great for obvious reasons. Got married and went on the honeymoon. The first week will be a big weight loss. Was going to wait to start but did not want to start this first week of school in case I did not respond the best to it. Goal will be to get under 240. Trying to remember the last time I lost more than 10lbs in a month and I honestly can't remember. Routine: 5/3/1 then accessories with super sets. Along with T25 and walks. In March, I developed lower back spasms and was not able to workout for 2 months. Crazy, never had them before. I was doing Beyond 5/3/1 and loving it. Setting PR's and losing weight. I just think I wasn't taking care of my body enough. So, I just think it's time to get to my goal of 199lbs by my 30th birthday in mid Jan. Typically when I try to lose weight, I quit around 235ish because I feel so weak. Well, it's time to get healthier and stop being a fat powerlifter. My family has heart problems so I better. I can be a powerlifting later on in life and get my form, flexibility and body fat down. I will lose size, but Regain my mass least in the past.

    Orange Triad and OxiMega
    CLA, African Mango and Rasberry Keytones
    Dymatize Protein. Hopefully get some Select protein soon since it it blended and has 1g of carbs

  3. Day 1
    Protein 200g
    Carbs 137
    Fat 53g
    Cals 1755 - goal is 2400. Would have hut biting made lunch.

    Woke up at 9:30, took my first cap ate breakfast. I wasn't hungry until about 4 when I was finally able to workout. So went lifted:

    Rotator Cuff/ Shoulder stability work for 10 minutes

    Bench 5/3/1 Week 1 Starting light
    210x5 could have easily did more but collarbone hurts. It comes and goes hurting.

    Bent over rows 5x5 SS w/ DB Flat Bench 5x10
    Lat Pull Downs 5x10 SS w/ Machine Fly's 5x10

    Rope Pressdowns 2x20

    Was told to come home so I made it a quick workout. Did what I needed to help with (just got married and trying to get things all switched over before we have to go back to teaching) then did T25 Cardio. Holy calf burn.

    Initial impressions if Pyroxamine
    - focused energy. Not a stimmed out feeling though.
    - appetite suppressant: great. Ate around 10 and wasn't hungry until 4. Not gonna make that a habit though.
    - thermogenesis - after T25 I was sweating quite a bit. Did it in basement and it's cold in the basement.

    Solid first day

  4. In bud!!

  5. In as well man, keep it up and Congrats on the new life lol
    Current Log:

  6. Double post

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Swolbraham View Post
    In bud!!
    Thanks for the support!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by TheMovement View Post
    In as well man, keep it up and Congrats on the new life lol
    Thanks man!

  9. Day 2
    2406 calories
    178 Protein
    101 fats
    My situation at the moment is tough since I eat what the mother in law puts on the table and as you can see, way too many carbs. Donut flat work, hoagie bun for supper. Subtract about 100 carbs. I know d bag move.

    Messed up day and wasn't able to get to gym. Did a little circuit thing though at 9pm, 10 burpees and 10 sit-ups for 5 rounds no rest. Had a dehydration headache all afternoon. My fault.

    Thermo - sweating at work and it was breezy and 70ish. During the circuit, also had a dam goo sweat going!

    Appetite- woke up late and only had 2 scoops of protein for breakfast. Was a little hungry at 12 so I had a donut got off work at 2 with no lunch. Went home ate lunch then dealt with getting our house rented for the next 3 hours. Took 2nd pill and are 5 minutes later because I didn't want to be rude so I ate the roast beef philly sandwich. Then went to the house and checked it over thoroughly and started moving in. Never really starving.

    Mood- positive!

    Leg day tomorrow! Hopefully my collarbone/shoulder allows me to squat!

  10. Edited above. Accidentally added 2 hoagie buns instead of 1 so it's not as bad but still way too many carbs. Wanna stay around 100 Max. Then get into carb cycling in the future the proper way

  11. awesome! can't wait for the results

  12. Day 3 - yesterday

    Got up, started moving things into the new house. All day, by myself. Loading up my tiny ford focus from one town and bringing the stuff to another town. Found some time to go to the gym, spent about 20 minutes getting warmed up, then the grand parents wanted to check out the new place. Hour later, father in law fat off work and it's time to move more stuff with his truck and trailer and then clean the dog haired filled house. Needless to say, no workout today.

    Appetite- I hope this keeps up. So far, this is my favorite part as I haven't been real hungry throughout the day yet.

    Thermo - still sweating!

    Today - starts teacher inservice back up then more cleaning when I get back. So who knows if I will get the chance to hit the gym or not today. Trying to get it cleaned and all moved in so we can go to the cabin this weekend a

  13. Day 4 August 8

    Took one pill at 6am, 11am, and 4pm. Gave me solid clean energy throughout the whole day. Just a good feeling. Nothing overwhelming. T25 late around 10pm. Just can't make it to the weight room. I want to, but I don't want to make the wife get the house all cleaned and unpacked. We are doing a lot of unnecessary work since it's a rental but oh well. Also, writing wedding thanks you sucks lol...wife has her side done but she didn't have to work Thursday and Friday.

    Day 5 Today is a day to fish and relax at the cabin! Been a stressful past few days moving in

  14. Day 6 August 10

    Took 2 around 2pm today. Appetite Suppressant is still very good with this and just the overall good mood it puts me in is pretty sweet.

    Legs today. Sweat was solid again

    Squat 5x5 with 185 - just haven't been hitting squat much and working way back up. Should go up quickly as long as my shoulder mobility stays healthy
    Goblet squats 3x10
    SLDL 3x10
    Lunges 3x10
    Leg press Calf raises 5x30

    Should be all moved in after tomorrow so can hopefully start doing morning fasted cardio on the elliptical

  15. Day 7 August 11

    Took 2 pills in the morning and apparently drank my water too fast? I burped and had a horrible burning sensation in my throat. Drank another 20oz slowly and it went away.

    Day 9 - August 13
    Upper body training- collar bone still giving me a lot of troubles. If it didn't hurt I did it.

    Day 10 August 14
    After my strength training I Did a superset with deadlift 230x3 hanging leg raises x 10 and then jump rope for a minute for 5 rounds one minute rest between rounds. Felt good endurance for me and was sweating a ton.

  16. After two weeks review

    Love the appetite suppressant. Favorite thing about it. Second favorite thing is I sweat a lot on it even on days where I don't do a lot of cardiovascular activities.

    Wet down a belt loop. Wife made a comment where she thought my belly looked smaller. Weighed in at 251 after the first week but haven't weighed myself since.

    Basically all moved in so now I gotta get my lazy butt out of bed earlier to do morning fasted cardio

  17. Also the energy is still just solid. Hasn't wavered. Of course I feel it more when I take two but I am going to stick with the 1-1-1 method at 6am, 11am, and 4pm as then, I am hardly hungry. At least during the day.

  18. Day 13 August 17

    Said the hell with it. Instead of taking it easier in squats I went back to 5-3-1.
    5x240 - most I have done since April because of back spasms. Just didn't want them reoccurring for my wedding and honeymoon so I ignored squats until last week. Well, that's over. Felt heavy but was relatively easy. Only used a belt for this set.
    5x5x185 on the minute

    SLDL x 10 superset w/ Lunges x 10 ss w/ leg machine calf raises x 30 for 3 rounds

    Goblet squats x 10 ss with LM calf raises x 30 for 3 rounds

    Good session for me. Should only get better with each leg workout!

    Edited it to be more specific.

  19. In here!

    Congrats on the marriage as well!
    Psalms 62:1-62:2

  20. Quote Originally Posted by tyga tyga View Post
    In here! Congrats on the marriage as well!
    Thanks man!

  21. I thought I subbed to this ��

  22. Finally in.

  23. keep it up man a belt loop is a nice amount of loss in such a short time

  24. Day 14 August 18

    As I sit here bored out of my mind at a school board meeting that I forgot I needed to attend, I ponder how I forgot about it and am upset with myself for forgetting workout clothes. Had a window from 4-7. I will be lucky if I get home by 10. Makes for a long day.

  25. Anyone have any idea why my collarbone hurts? Thinking maybe I did something when I military pressed I would bring it all the ways down right above the chest. Or on bench but it's weird it hasn't gotten better yet. It's happened before. Don't wanna do my push-ups at night until it gets 100%


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