iForce TT-33 Stack log

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  1. iForce TT-33 Stack log

    Hey guys, I am back w/ Plan B. That Clen stuff caused the goiter to grow, so I had to stop it after a mere 5 days. I've already pm'ed people to the source.

    iForce TT-33 Stack log

    Anyways, I have a new stack
    iforce TT-33 (Started yesterday afternoon) x3 doses. Will do 2-3 a day.
    T3 (the real stuff) for hypothyroid goiter, smallest dosage 25mcg
    Slim Xtreme by Global Wellness (got the "fake" one by mistake, but I lost 50 lbs on it. Good ****!)

    (others: Turmeric, Vit C, Glutamine, Taurine, Potassium, Multi, Mag/calc/zinc, Flax Oil)

    Anabolic diet, but only one carb up day on Saturday. I used this in the past to lose 50 lbs and keep it off for 3 years + so far.
    Weight: 145, bf% last week taken at 16.6% . Will update on Saturday.
    34" waist (wtf)

    Yesterday's report:
    First dose: A slight warm feeling. My stomach was a bit empty at 5pm and I felt hunger pangs increase immediately. Nothing unusual, I ate my meal in 30 minutes so I was ok
    2nd dose at 7pm: Increased warm feeling. Thermometer only measured 97.5. But my temp that day was only 96.5 (LOW) so it did increase a full degree!
    3rd dose at Midnight: O K this is where I made my mistake. I was tossing and turning all night cuz i was starved as hell and also I was warming up my own bed!
    Not doing that again. I read that people said its OK!! t o take before bed on this very forum. Um, sorry NOOO. Not listening to you!

    Today: Took my stack. Feeling slightly jittery, but nothing that people could notice by looking at me. Sweating a lot just sitting in my chair and about to hit the cardio. Temps will be recorded today and placed here later.

    Remember, a hypothyroid dysfunction skews the results to be less than what you could get

  2. Ok checking in. This will be my 3rd day on it.
    So what I can say for sure is that TT-33 induces hunger when taken on an empty stomach, but not so much if you have eaten already.
    It does create a feeling of warmth, but there is no change in temperature when I recorded it several times in the day.

    I can't really say if I feel any sides at all.
    Let's hope for progress! BF% calculations tomorrow.

  3. Aha, my temp is 98.3! which is an all time high, and .3 higher than T3 and Clen.

    Half of today I was pretty beat after my chest workout. Not sure what the cause was, but my heart seemed to push blood harder than normal, but my pulse rate was just slightly elevated at 100 bpm.

  4. Time for my BF% update!
    Today I carefully measured, taking the sites over and over until I got a good average.
    I'm down from 16.6% and up 1 lb to 146. Which means i'm up 2 lbs lbm and -1.5 lb bodyfat. NOT a big loss in bf, but I'm real happy I got some of my muscle lost from last week! My waist is down to 33.12" so that's almost an inch lost.

    Oh god, I was literally dying and couldn't sleep well last night. i think my cortisol is up the roof, no actually up into the sky! My sleeping heartrate is just way too high at 110 and I was up at 630am on Saturday morning. I got better after i had a cheat meal, I think i'm just too famished during the week and by friday night I'm just too exhausted and hungry.

  5. Just awesome . The goiter in my neck which had swelled to 6/8 of an inch is down to 3/8 of an inch after stopping clen from Monday. Never taking that stuff again, but if you don't have any conditions you should be fine. Anyways, now here's hoping that goiter disappears completely! SCREW CANCER MAN!

  6. in to follow along on this, loved me some tt33, noticed some nice thermo effect from that on it's own
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  7. It's monday. Back on the saddle, no carb up or cheating and back to slightly starving and training.
    But true words, Young Gotti. This stuff warms you up!!
    97.7deg body temp right now.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Kurono View Post
    It's monday. Back on the saddle, no carb up or cheating and back to slightly starving and training.
    But true words, Young Gotti. This stuff warms you up!!
    97.7deg body temp right now.
    it's great that your taking body temperature readings
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  9. Yep, Pretty much every day the morning waking temp averages 96.5, after exercise around 97.5
    and then peaks at 98.3 in the late afternoon. My night temp is pretty low, and my heartrate is high. There's something up with cortisol being too high and 99% likely has to do with hypothyroid.
    I'm only taking enough T3 to get baseline temps. The TT-33 adds around an avg of .5-1 degree.

  10. Wait, you have a goiter? Are you medically managed for this. Be careful

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  11. Screw the medical system. It's been 3 yrs and they left me for dead without drugs and just want to cut it out whining that's it's cancer. Well F' Cancer.
    Anyways, after taking T3, my goiter has reduced quite a bit! Why would it reduce so suddenly if it was the big C? They just want to destroy my life without trying the easier way first.

    Quote Originally Posted by criticalbench View Post
    Wait, you have a goiter? Are you medically managed for this. Be careful


  12. Thurs: The workout kicked my azz instead of the other way around. Instead of going in stronger on the pull up bar, I was down. Every rep was bad as I couldn't flex any of my muscles. 12 reps instead of 16 from last week. Strength is wayyy down this week.

    I also feel pretty winded and fatigued. Just walking sucks. I'm taking a day off today from the TT-33 as I suspected it was making it hurt to breathe in deeply. Surely enough that was the culprit. But why?

    On Thursday I decided to do 4 pills, so that was the problem. I'll stick to 3 on most days and 2 on some. Yes, that bottle says 2-4 pills.
    I woke up pretty beat up and with strong heart contractions all the way up until Friday morning. I was just too tired to want to update.

    I'll take today and maybe Saturday off of it. I think its helping as my waist shrunk some more, so I'lll just keep on trucking along. A lot of people don't notice any lethargy so 3 might be the key number for me.

  13. Well I took my temperature in the early evening where it should be highest. And guess what? I'm only 96.6. This is a bomb reduction on the first day I'm not using TT-33. If I feel recovered, I'll go back on it again tomorrow.
    As you can see here the supplement is responsible for over 1 degree or 1.5 degrees in body temp.

  14. It's a good morning ! 145 lbs, 5'7" and 13.7% bf 125lbm/19.5 fat . That's 2 lbs of LBM gain and 3lbs of fat loss.

    My waist is down to 33" even as well. Doing HIIT during the week and having 2x cheat/carb up days in a row did not hurt me, but helped!
    That's down 2% from last week. Another 9.5 lbs and I should be great!

    This stuff seems to be working good. But It does make lethargy if you take it at 4 caps.

  15. Since Sunday, my medication for T3 has been reduced to 12.5mcg. My temp has still remained at 97.9 though, the TT-33 is keeping it from dropping.
    I raised calories a tiny bit in the form of protein this week, trying to get it closer to 1800.
    It's Tuesday and I already feel less tired, I hope this stays until the end of the week

  16. just found this! wow very interesting input.
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  17. OK thanks guys for stopping by!
    So today is Saturday, in which i can indulge in a few of my favorite foods and carb up! I did take off another extra day in mid week due to fatigue, so right now Ive discovered my body's patterns and compatibility with the product.

    BF% did not change at all, not even 1mm this week lol! But hey, I took one step back in rest to take a giant step forward next week
    Bodyweight is up 1 lb, so that could be A. Muscle B. undigested food from last night

    Here will be my follow cycle, with the 2 weeks I have left on it.

    TT-33 cycle
    M: x3
    T: x3
    W: OFF ( I found I was exhausted by mid wednesday afternoon or early evening. I definitely need to take off due to my hardcore cutting plan
    Th: x3
    Fri x2
    Sat x2
    Sun x2

    I tried 4 and I definitely could feel that was too much. It does seem to accumulate in your body, so reducing it and cutting off of it some days should be helpful to me!

  18. Well I have about one week from today that would make me on TT-33 for one month. It says to take a break, but it doesn't say how long for?
    Taking WED off of T2 was a great idea, I don't feel lethargic today and should be able to hit it hard again tomorrow.

  19. if you wish you can either continue tt-33 for another 2 weeks or take 4 weeks off. either way.. 4 weeks off between cycles of tt-33
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  20. 4 weeks? Ok bro that sounds good . It's pretty potent so I understand the need to cycle this stuff

  21. Well nothing really new to report here but I'm nowhere near as exhausted and have more stable energy this week! So I highly recommend having a midweek off day and taking the minimum dosage on other days. 4 is definitely a lot.

    Right now I haven't listed my temps, but they are pretty stable and pretty much the same. I would be a broken record lol.
    97.6 daily average and 98 peak around 5pm

    Last week when I was nearly out of T3, my temp dropped to 96 for those 5 days. This is definitely the reason why there was no change on the caliper or scale. Now with a refill, I'm good to go. Take note that if your thyroid is normal, you don't need this and should achieve some results.

    I did some Low intensity walking/jogging this morning and will have 1 more HIIT tomorrow and chest on Saturday. No real strength loss but on this kind of diet, there is no pump.

  22. what kind of diet? iff your talking low carb then I recommend hemavol, as it will help you achieve a nice pump and it helps with strength as well.
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  23. Anabolic Diet/Metabolic Diet by Dr Mauro. Been keeping off over 50+ lbs for 3 yrs now just down to the last 10 ish
    Maybe I'll give that a go thanks

    Quote Originally Posted by xR1pp3Rx View Post
    what kind of diet? iff your talking low carb then I recommend hemavol, as it will help you achieve a nice pump and it helps with strength as well.

  24. then yes.. do it.. its the perfect fix for this type diet.
    as an alternative you could add just bulk agmatine.. personally I find hemavol to work better though with the added ingredients. there is no carbs in it and its a sweet tastey drink when on low carbs.
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  25. What's good people, I took my bodyfat % result this morning and there is some good news
    145.8 the scale shows no signs,

    BUT my bodyfat is reduced to 12.9% and my lbm is up 1 lb (127lb lbm vs 18.8lb fat)
    down from 19.5lb fat and 16.6% last week, 18% from early July.

    So I'm consistently up lbm and down bf every week except week 3. As long as I keep making steady progress , I'll make it to 7%

    Surely, whatever will make my journey faster I'll do it.
    One thing to note is this warmth in your core and chest is quite noticeable! It's making the summer not as fun, but gotta sacrifice!


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