I just started popping these yesterday (Wednesday). I have two bottles of each, following the recommended dosing on the labels. I'll run it for 4-8 weeks deepending on results and/or effects of potential shutdown. I'm a little wary of ordering chems for my rats, so I'm keeping and OTC PCT consisting of FRL Reboot, with some added DAA and PES Erase for good measure.

About me: 28. 6'. 200lbs. 20-22%ish bf. Struggled for the last two years to lose fat without getting weak and to gain strength without getting fat. This will be my second run of PHs, the first one was standalone 11oxo which brough zero results. 1RM below:

Deadlift: 375
Benchpress: 230
Squat: 285
Press: 160

Goals: Gain a little strength. Lose a little fat. All while doing several hours of slow cardio (for my job, this will be for my job, which isn't typical as I'm normally a cube jerk).

Program: I'm following Wendlers 5/3/1 BBB.

Sunday: Deadlift
Saturday: Bench
Tuesday: Squat
Wednesday: Press

Hopefully I can get enough people to watch this to make it worthwhile. I do reserve the right to completely forget about this post and suddenly disappear at any point during the run.

Open to questions and suggestions.