LG Cutting stack UNSPONSORED LOG w/Pics

  1. LG Cutting stack UNSPONSORED LOG w/Pics

    After doing all my research I decided to go with the LG science Cutting Andro kit to hit my goals.
    Background: Been lifting since I was 15 fully committed at 17. I am now 27. Have only done natty cycles and one PH cycle 5 years ago. Never off counter.
    Current Stats: 210 lbs 5'8 21% bf.
    Goals: 198 17% bf - Ultimately I am not trying to pack on any extra muscle but rather maintain most of what I have while shedding the extra 12 lbs of fat (I'm realistic)

    Currently I consume between 2700-2900 calories a day protein intake is around 350-375 daily. Carbs I will be cycling every 3rd day. So my regular days will be at around 120 and every 3rd day will jump to 240. The extra carbs will be pre and post workout. Since I have not done a cycle of any PH product in sometime I will not be doing a calorie deficit as I want the results to be attributed to the Kit.

    Training program:
    5x5 on a 5 day split hitting the muscle groups one time per week. I will be doing 25 mins of light cardio after my workout which should be no more than 40 mins of lifting. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday I will be throwing in an afternoon HIIT cardio session of 30 mins.( This is also my HIGH carb days)
    I'll go in more detail as we get into this. Not trying to start the log off with a novel. The first dosages will be taken tomorrow morning (June 25th) I'll be posting pics tomorrow afternoon hopefully. ANy questions comments or advice let er rip!

  2. Started to today taeing dosages as stated on the LG cutting andro Kit. The taste is manageable but don't expect it to taste great either. The only downfall to the dosing protocol is the time it takes to consume.

    No effects as of yet. Noticed a slight boost in my focus during my cardio session but I'm sure it's mostly the placebo effect. Beginning pics will be up tomorrow as I'm
    Beat from a long day

  3. Today's training was consisted of chest 5 sets of 8-10 reps each on bench, incline bench, cable crossovers, decline bench, dumbbell flys superset with push ups to failure

  4. How's this working out for you?

  5. Any reviews or thoughts on the kit, I'm thinking about getting it



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