Epi/Stano 8 week cycle

  1. Epi/Stano 8 week cycle

    This is my 1st log so please bear with me as I blindly stumble my way through the next 8 weeks.

    Ep15tane: 0/30/45/45/45/45/45/0
    Stano-200: 600/800/800/800-1k/1k/1k/1k/1k

    Age: 27
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 194
    4th PH cycle

    I'm shooting for a 5 day work out routine but between work, golf, softball, volleyball, and pool leagues, and time for my girl, some weeks might unfortunately have to sacrifice a day.

    My diet will be roughly 3-4k calories, high protein and limited carbs with as little sugar as possible.

    My goal for this cycle is more of a recomp. I've never had this busy of a schedule so it'll be interesting to see how this one goes.

    I just recently got into the forums and supplement logs but most of what I've found doesn't really apply to my current lifestyle. That's the primary reason that I'm interested in doing this log now. In years past I was able to dedicate a lot more time and energy into my fitness routine, especially when I was "on cycle". Now it's just difficult to juggle everything. I think there is a lot of people that have schedules like I do that could benefit from a log like this. Depending on how this goes I plan on doing another log where I can dedicate more time once the weather turns ****ty again - I live in iowa... I typically have responded very well to past cycles, so well see how this one treats me. I will be posting pictures periodically throughout the cycle to monitor progress. Please provide feedback, I honestly prefer criticism than I do compliments. I will also post a before and after picture of my 7 weeks FRL cycle from last summer so you can see that I'm starting with similar body composition.

    And here we go....

  2. Last year before pic:

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    Last year after pic:

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  3. Subbed. Great progress already.

  4. Today's photo:

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    Weight: 194

  5. Day 2


    Nothing special to report. Slight physiological effect while I was at the gym knowing I better put for the effort to make the $$ spent worth it.

    Did already cheat on my diet though..
    Not terribly but my girl make rhubarb crisp and it was amazing. Sticking to my dote with her is going to be tough. She loves to cook.

  6. Day 3:

    Dominated Wednesday night golf league. Eagle on 390 yd par 4.

    Looking forward to a good work out tonight after a rest day.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Aclark109 View Post
    Day 3:

    Dominated Wednesday night golf league. Eagle on 390 yd par 4.

    Looking forward to a good work out tonight after a rest day.
    Very nice!
    I grabbed an eagle on 520yd Par 5 just the other day. Cupped it with a 3/4 PW from about 95yd out. Pulled my drive and had to lay up on the second shot, so I was planning par...man, was I wrong

    In on this. Great physique already. Nice work.

  8. That's always a good surprise. Thanks man.

    Day 4


    All in all a good work out. I threw in some legs and abs today as well sine I have league again tomorrow night and before I knew it I was approaching a 2 hour work out. Can't say I'm feeling anything yet but I'm also not expecting to. Can't say I know anyone who would be feeling 600mg of stano on day 4. Hopefully by the end of next week I'll start feeling some affect, add in Epi on Sunday.

    I'm not much of a power lifter not do I max very often so my #'s probably won't impress anyone. Partially do to bad shoulders from football and baseball in high school and I also want to be able to keep lifting as I get older. I know too many guys who lifted heavy back in the day and now there only in their 40's and can't lift their arms above their heads.

    Incline: 185x12x3
    Flat: 225x12x3
    Db incline: 170 (85's) x12x3
    Fly (machine): 190x12 205x12x2

    Db curls: 40x10x3 35x12x3
    BB curls: 55x20x5 85x10x3
    Hammer: 40x10x3
    Preacher: 75x12x3

    As I said it's my 1st log so anything ya'll want me to include just shout out.

  9. Day 9

    2nd day of Epi, started a day late due to being out of town Sunday. Had some good workouts over the weekend hit legs pretty hard.

    Last night was shoulder/tri/back. Was feeling really good, had that drive to just keep going. Kinda felt like energizer bunny lol. I think partially due to a Sunday of rest.

    Looking forward to chest/bi tonight. Ill post an update pic at end of week.

  10. Day 10

    Another great work out. I really fell like I'm getting my drive back.

    I haven't been sleeping very well however. Seems like I wake up and toss around for awhile every hour. Happened both Monday and last night. Hopefully just a coincidence.

    Golf league tonight so no workout. Probably for the best though.. I'm actually pretty sore which is a good feeling.

  11. Week 11

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  12. Quote Originally Posted by Aclark109 View Post
    Week 11 <img src="http://anabolicminds.com/forum/attachment.php?attachment****10 3202"/>
    Day 11 not week 11
    Mid work out

  13. Day 11 #2

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  14. well....... how'd it go?


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