Natty Stack for after Holiday Mass550/Follidrone. Help plz

  1. Natty Stack for after Holiday Mass550/Follidrone. Help plz


    So I've been doing a lot of theory crafting and come up with a stack over the next 60 weeks.

    Being an amateur when it comes to stuff like this, I was wondering if you could help me with my stack, let me know if there is too much, or what I need to modify etc etc. I know Mass 550 is basically an all in one, so when i take this should i not be on follidrone or Xfactor etc.

    All thoughts are helpful guys, so please share

    The big blocks of colour represent a supplement and the time in weeks they will last. Clear boxes represent cycling off the supplement.

    Cheers guys

  2. Looks good for massive lean gains. Don't know why the two week break off of 550, can't that be run 8 straight? The DAA and estrogen modulation ingredients seem like they're dosed low enough that 8 weeks won't suppress your levels after your run.

  3. Yeah I've now taken Cannibal Alpha out of my stack pretty much. Going to order Mass 550 before I go on holiday so its ready to start when I'm back. So now it will be

    Mass 550 (12 weeks)
    Follidrone (12+weeks depending on how peoples logs go)
    PES Select Protein
    Chaos & Pain Permaswole
    PHD Mono creatine

    Taken out the ArA too, with the extra volume im going to be putting out with follidrone, the additional doms are going to kill me with ArA, so will side line these for a later date

  4. This is what I imagine it will look like, with the exception of Follidrone maybe cycling on indefinitely, although it would be hard to believe the effects wont taper after 12-16 weeks

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