So as always, excited to review a product for Genomyx

Have the utmost respect for the owner.

About 2 yrs ago I was an average caffeine user, but over the last yr my tolerance has increased severely. Not to the point of others where 300 mgs does nothing for them...ahh I digress.

So mixed this in about 10 ozs of water with a wire shaker ball.

Love the flavor - I always get excited when a truly new flavor hits the market. The smell reminded me of the old Hawaiian Tropics Oil in that dark brown bottle with gold lettering.( You know what I am talking about, I'm not that old)

Mixibility - again wire whisk ball. This blasts through anything as I would rather avoid clumps, sediment etc.

Energy/Thermo - After about 15 minutes of ingestion jumped on the treadmill. 4mph with 4 degree incline, 30 minutes. Great burst into flame energy, nice perspiration (I don't sweat ) just kidding, had a great overall glisten about me.

Highly recommend this!!