Hey guys,

Thanks to Genomyx and DJBeanPole for sending me a sample of the pre-workout STIMaholic.

First of all, I would recommend starting at a half packet for your first time use (especially if sensitive to Yohimbine). I made the mistake of using the whole pack, and it actually negatively affected my workout

This is totally my fault, as I am sensitive to some forms of Y, but though that Alpha-Y wouldn't bother me. There must be a hefty dose in this! I must just respond well to the Pausinystalia Yohimbe (Bark) Extract (SA2-A) only

I loved the Blue Colada flavor, it tasted just like a Pina Colada Yummy

It took about 20-30 minutes to kick in really well, and I could feel some energy at this point.

Since this was my fault for even wanting to try a sample of a pre-workout that contains Y, I won't review this negatively. If you are not sensitive to Yohimbine, I imagine that this would rock your world! I apologize for even requesting this, as I should have known. Guess I'll just have to steer clear of them from now on

In closing, give this a shot if not Y sensitive. If you are sensitive to Y, then either stay away or reduce your dose a LOT.