NEW E-PHARM AMP log (unsponsored)

  1. NEW E-PHARM AMP log (unsponsored)

    Hey guys,

    I picked up a bottle of the new AMP released by epharm and received it today.

    I will be logging it beginning tom, I am on mobile right now as internet is down.

    Quick stats:
    Bench : 300
    Squat: 400

    Current goal: lose fat
    Body fat %: 8-9
    Bodyweight: 172

    Training methodology:block periodization
    related: CSCS and programming for overhead athletes as a side hobby

  2. Excited to give this a go tomorrow, got two workouts planned so we ll see how it holds up

  3. So here is my initial review of the new AMP by epharm:

    3:50 pm-3 pills of AMP-The label says about 30-45 minutes for AMP to kick in so I anticipated reaching the gym at around 430 ish.
    4:00 felt nothing
    4:10 felt nothing, I thought maybe it was going to let me down at this point
    4:20 Started to feel a little kick, improved sense of awareness and slight energy boost
    4:45 arrived at gym, really started to feel a nice kick, def not the straight ridiculous energy that the last clearshot or other concentrated preworkouts give you, just some good mental clarity as well as a boost in energy (I prefer the latter, AMP does not leave you crashing later on)

    6:45 end of lifting session, good energy throughout, 2 hours of lifting and I can say that AMP lasted me the entire time. Most crash and burn stim loaded preworkouts leave me hanging about 75 minutes in. Also noticed a slight increase in body temperature for at least the first half of the workout

    Overall Impression: I am liking what I am seeing with AMP. I am aiming for a recomp at the moment. Right now I am finishing a hypertrophy block and then I am into a strength block next week. I am actually trying to overtrain right now if you are wondering why my session is so long.

    Other supplements; Preworkout AMP, beverely creatine select, eaa's
    postworkout: eaa's and some form of carbs

    In the morning: protein blend
    With meals: Ursobolic 3 caps

    Cardio: In form of sprints

  4. I am in brother and great initial post!!
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  5. Good to have u brotha!

  6. Day number 2:

    5:00 pm 3 caps of AMP
    5:15 pm not much of anything
    5:30 pm not much
    5:45 pm Starting to feel some mental clarity, and a small boost in energy
    6:00 pm Energy starting to come on in conjunction with a thermogenic effect: overall warming sensation
    Workout started
    7:30 pm workout finished

    Impression: I've noticed the energy burst takes a little longer for me, approx the 45 minute mark is where I really start to notice it. What i enjoy most is the avoidance of crashing. The energy is a slow rush and lasts through the entire workout. If your looking for an ultra cracked out preworkout then this isn't for you. If you want a sustained energy that lasts you through the entirety of your workout then this is perfect. Especially if your doing multiple workouts a day. So far the new AMP has been pretty solid.

  7. Day 3

    Time frame:

    8:15 am Meal 1: 3 strips of bacon plus 2 whole eggs and 5 egg whites, 2 pieces of whole wheat bread
    11:00 am Meal 2: 8 oz chicken plus sweet potato
    1:00 pm Epharm-AMP plus creatine o phospate plus CM plus eaas
    1-2 pm: Sprint training, bleachers 7 sets of plyo calf jumps up bleachers plus 7 sprints emphasizing hip extension
    2-3 pm: leg lifting session (6 sets hacks, hams, quads)
    3:15 pm: simple carbs plus eaas

    Impressions: One of the benefits of AMP is the convenience of pills. I ingested immediately prior to leaving for my first workout session as I knew i would need the energy boost the latter half of the session. Again the energy sustained through both sessions and has not left me crashing. When analyzing the label one thing to note is that caffeine is not listed until the fourth ingredient which is nice. I am guessing that the caffeine content is dosed somewhere between 200 and 300 mgs which means you are getting more than that for the coffee and extracts listed prior to this, in short you are getting efficacious doses.

    Body fat percentages will be noted on a weekly basis.

  8. Day 4

    Wake Up:
    7:30 am
    Take 3 capsules of AMP on empty stomach
    Breakfast about 30 minutes later
    8:30 am Workout
    10:00 am end of workout

    Workout highlights:
    sumo deadlifts: 350 x 3
    3 or so more back exercises
    2 bi exercises
    2 or 3 core exercises

    Overall Impressions: Similar to other stimulants, I find AMP is best taken on an empty stomach. It takes a little longer for it to kick in for me for some reason or another. The time frame is usually right around the 45 minute mark. Things I notice on amp include a general sense of well-being, improved reaction time, improved exercise capacity, and greater mental clarity. Overall it has done well so far but we will see how it lasts over the 30 days.

  9. Days 5-7

    3 caps of AMP

    Alternating sprint workouts with lifting sessions: yesterday completed 7 200 yd sprints, workout was very intense. 3 caps of AMP about 45 minutes prior to the workout. I feel the real sweet spot for AMP is right around 45 minutes to 1 hour.

    Workouts have been great, its good to see more research coming out on coffee too. Many of the ingredients from AMP are derived from coffee (green).

  10. Lovin the log thus far!
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  11. Days 10-14

    Standard dose: 3 caps of AMP

    When: 1 hour before workouts, or prior to work

    Before Work: I tried AMP on one occasion prior to work as I had a poor nights sleep. I am not someone whom drinks much coffee but I can say that AMP provided me the boost I needed to make it through work. After taking the recommended 3 caps you can feel an increase in body temperature and a subtle and then increasingly greater energy levels.


    Chest, Back, and Legs

    I absolutely thrashed my legs, one of the best leg session in a long time. Tons of squatting and lunges.

    AMP highlights:

    Perfect amount of energy for me, not overstimmed but good energy
    Good endurance
    Takes a little time to kick in, which is perfect for me who likes to lulligag before the gym a little.

  12. Update: 18 servings into 30 serving bottle:

    bodyfat: -1%
    weight: -2
    bench press: +5 pounds
    squat: plus 15 pounds

    Thoughts: I have used a little over 50 percent of the servings and I have lost approximately 1 percent bodyfat, I am sitting around 8 percent currently. I am not really dieting down much I guess I have been watching my diet a little but not really. I am very happy with the results. Good energy without a crash, no digestive issues, and no hyped up stim feeling! Just good clean energy. Love the green blends (coffee, tea)

  13. Great results brother and thanks for providing us with this feedback!
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  14. I ll be getting an update here probably on Friday, def is growing on me. The convenience of tabs for me is huge. I am sick of having to shake up a separate preworkout and protein shake then drink them both before lifting (caffeine is more effective on empty). Plus the energy isn't burn and crash, good boost and nice slow taper. Also perfect for my goals, slow cut/recomp to help mobilize stubborn fat with the forskolin and bean/coffee extracts.

  15. Update:

    After a few days off from stims in order to give myself a break, I went to a 2 cap dosage of AMP:
    here is how I describe my experience:

    10 minutes after dosage:
    Overall warming sensation
    elevated energy levels

    20 minutes:
    very noticeable increase in energy
    very noticeable increase in body temperature
    elevated mood

    1 hour:
    Continued elevation of energy

    3 hours:
    return to baseline (no crash)

    Report: AMP continues to provide good energy levels that are able to endure the entirety of a workout. Overall very solid,choice for a fatburner/exercise enhancer.

  16. Loving the updates!
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns


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