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  1. Great log! I have just been using Oxy ECA and noticed a difference in my physique without making any diet changes..been eating around maintenance. But definitely one of the most intense fat burners I have tried from an energy stand point. I plan on trying this stack later in the year.


  2. Hit upper body yesterday

    DB Bench Press: 110x4, 100x5,6, 75x8? (focused on TUT aimed for 45seconds)
    T-Bar Row: 180x7, 160x7, 150x8 drop set 90x11
    Lat Pulldown: 205x6, 190x7, 175x8, 150x12+4,4,4,4,3,3
    Standing Military: 145x5, 135x7, 125x8

    Tricep Rope Ext 62.5kgx6,7,7 52.5x9+4,4,4,4,4
    Cable Curls: 52.5kgx7,7,7 42.5x11+4,4,3,3,3
    Cable Incline Fly 25x11, 30x7, 27.5x8

    Macros were pretty good, hit

    fat: 58.79g, protein: 245.20g, carbs: 220.71g, cals: 2348

    and my calorie tracker said I burned 3096. I've been consistently taking HT2 around 7am and 6pm, and OxyEca at 8am. This seems to be the best way for me. I do a semi IF protocal and break my fast around 11:30am. My mornings are typically as follows:

    Wake up and take BCAA: 6-6:30am
    HT2: 7:00-7:30am
    OxyECA Black: 8am
    Lunch: 11:30am

    so far so good! I'm really liking these products

  3. Hit legs heavy on Friday, followed by a full body tension workout today prior to starting my refeed. Aiming for 500g of carbs today with minimal fat and 1g/ bodyweight of protein.

    I hit a squat PR of 345x5 on my leg day so that was great. Full body tension today went well as well.

    On my last refeed I took the Oxy and HT2 before my workout, but today I decided to take it afterwards. I could definitely tell I was lacking the kick I got the week before, but I managed to make it through. Sweating was back to normal as well.

    I also wanted to note that I weighed myself yesterday and was down to 179. I posted in the bodyfat estimation area I think I am leaning up nicely. I think i'm moving along at a good rate and when these supplements run out I think i'll be at the level I want to be

  4. I have a couple of updates:

    I weighed in today at 177.4, which is literally 2lbs lower than yesterday. I was definitely holding onto some water, and I woke up looking lean this morning. It's been 4 weeks since I started logging these supplements and the cut has gone very well. I'm down a total of 7lbs, with virtually no strength loss... i've actually gone up on a few lifts.

    I hit upper heavy again yesterday. I had a super long day at work and didnt make it to the gym until 7:30pm. I was a little out of it and it kind of affected my workout, but i think it was just a mental thing. I'm pretty sure i'll crush it next time I hit these workouts.

    Anyways, here it is:
    DB Flat Bench: 110x4 (grinding bad on last rep), 100x6,5
    T-Bar Row: 180x7, 160x8,7
    Standing Military: 145x5, 135x7, 125x7
    Lat Pulldown: 205x6, 190x7, 175x8, 150x12+4,4,4,4,3
    Incline Machine Press: 240x6, 225x8, 190x13+4,4,4,3
    Machine Lateral Raise: 110x12+4,4,2,3

    I only missed a rep on the standing military and I struggled a lot with the DB flat bench and lat pulldown. I also went indoor rock climbing the day before so my grip was all out of whack.

    Overall I'm happy about my fat loss, and I need to avoid other activities outside the weightroom that may affect my performance... I also may throw in a few more pre workout carbs to help me through the workout. I just counted the pills and I have a little over 2 weeks left

  5. Post holiday updates:

    Over the weekend I enjoyed a a lot of good food and family time. I tried to keep it as clean as possible, and with my guesstimate logging I think I ate near maintenance. I decided to still do a re-feed on sunday and the scale jumped up as usual. I should be back down to my pre 4th of July weight any day now.

    Over the holiday I only hit the gym once due to being out of town. This week is when I kick it back into gear. I hit legs on Sunday and did the following:

    Leg Press: 630x5,5, 540x7 (this machine is very steep, I usually do a few hundred pounds more)
    Weighted Hyperextensions: 90lbx8,8,8
    Leg Extensions: 220x5,205x5 165x10+4,4,3,3,3
    Lying Leg Curl: 145x8, 125x11+4,4,4,4,4,4
    Calf Raise on Smith Machine: 230x10,9,9
    Seated Calf Raise Machine: 250x11+4,4,4,4

    Supersetted and drop setted:
    Hammer Strength lat Pulldown: 160x 11+4,4,4,4,3
    Bodyweight Dips: 12+6,5,5,5,5,5

    It was a very fast paced workout and the OXy+HT2 combo was making me sweat hard. Despite the weight bump from the weekend I still look just as lean as before, so I can't complain

  6. I'm looking forward to a monster refeed this upcoming weekend.
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by Marms View Post
    I'm looking forward to a monster refeed this upcoming weekend.
    me too man!

  8. This week has been pretty hectic with work but I managed to get an upper and lower day in, My calorie deficit has been right around 900 the past few days which is more than I anticipated. I weighed in this morning at a new low of 176.2, so all of that bloat for the 4th of july weekend finally came off and then some. I'll try and keep my deficit less steep, but so far everything is going well.

    Tuesday: Upper
    DB Bench 100x7,7,7 (we were at a different gym and the highest they had were 100lb db)
    Lat Pulldown: 205x6, 190x7, 175x8, 160x10+4,4,4,4,4,4
    Seated Military Press: 165x5, 155x5, 135x7
    Bent over Row: 225x3, 185x8,8, drop 135x10
    Incline Hammer Strength Machine: 200lbx6, 130x12+5,5,5,4,4
    Db Side Raises: 35:8,8,8

    Wednesday: Lower
    Squat: 355x4,4,4 (new PR)
    Romanian Deads: 225x8, 275x6,6,
    Calf Raise Machine: 265x8,8,8 225x13+4,4,4,4,3
    Leg Curl: (different machine so I didn't even bother with the weight tracking)
    Individual Leg Extension: 110x5,100x6, 80x10+4,3,3,3,3 (weight is per leg)
    EZ Bar Curl: 100x6, 90x8,7
    Close Grip Bench: 205x6x6, 185x8
    Machine Preacher: weird machine, didn't log.... jsut went for time under tensions, slow and controlled
    EZ Bar Overhead Extensions: same as above, went for time under tension, slow and controlled

    The cut has been going very well this week. The only strength dip I have noticed is my chest pressing strength, and this is typically the first thing that decreases when I cut calories. Otherwise all of my other lifts have stayed the same if not improved. I'm very pleased with my squat and I want ot start incorporating deadlifts back into the mix in the near future.

  9. This weekend I weighed in at a new low 175.4. This was on Sunday morning after a low carb day on Saturday. I did an upper body session on Friday, and a Full body workout on Sunday prior to re-feed.

    This morning I weighed in at 178, and as usual after a re-feed I am definitely holding a bunch of water/glycogen from the near 500g carbs I consumed yesterday, but virtually 0 bloat. I only took the OxyECA and HT2 during the morning and my re-feed began at 4pm so I didn't see much point in taking a second Ht2 while I was consuming such a large influx of carbs.

    I only have a few more days left with these products and I will give my final review of the run and my results.

  10. In for the final.
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  11. Final Review:

    I am happy with these products to say the least. Over the past 7 weeks I moved from a starting weight of 184.5 down to 174.8. This was probably one of the easiest cutting sessions I have done, and I can definitely tell the supplements we working. I also reduced calories a few days prior to starting in order to get rid a lot of the initial water weight that is accompanied by starting a new diet. I was originally 186, so I dropped some weight first before starting these supplements.

    Dosing: It took me some time to dial this in, but I found the most optimal dosing for me was to take 1 OxyECA in the morning with 1 HT2. I would try and follow up with another HT2 in the evening with some sort of caffeine source (coffee, caffeine tablet, preworkout) I noticed you must consume a lot of water within the first 20 minutes of taking them. The few times I didn't I felt a little light headed and spaced out, so the water is a must in my opinion.

    Feeling/effects: I could certainly tell they were working. The first few weeks especially as I was still adapting and getting use to the supplements, I would get extremely warm to the point I was sweating in the office. When I dosed the HT2 prior to lifting, I was drenched way more than usual, and my wife could instantly tell something was up, so it wasn't just me.

    Weightloss: The weight loss was pretty consistent throughout the length of the cycle. I actually tracked my scale weight on a daily basis, weighing in first thing in the morning before consuming anything. There are tons of fluctuations based on what I ate the night before, and it's pretty easy to tell when I did a carb re-feed. Overall I lost just shy of 10lbs, with virtually no strength lost. The only area I suffered was on my flat dumbbell bench, but my incline dumbbell press actually increased. I also managed to hit a squat PR, and a PR on some rowing movements as well. I'm very pleased with the body composition changes.

    Final thoughts: These supplements work, plain and simple. I've done past cuts with more drastic diets, more supplements, and they did not provide better results than I obtained during this cycle. The appetite suppression of the OxyECA is on par with the EC stack, which is a huge plus. I have followed many cyclical diets before, and I believe I had as good, if not better results with a straight deficit and a weekly re feed while taking these products. Over the course of the log I tried to compare my caloric intake vs my expenditure with my calorie monitor, and I believe my calorie monitor is somewhat unreliable and may overestimate my activity level. The company says it is up to 90% accurate, which can lead to a pretty significant variance of what it says I burned versus what I actually burned. Overall, for a 175lb-180lb guy with a sedentary office job, I average about 2200 calories per day for the duration of the cut. The only "cardio" I did was forcing myself to get up and walk around the office, and yard work around the house on the weekends, otherwise I didn't put in any direct cardio work. In the past I would do fasted morning cardio along with a cyclical diet, which I didn't have to do at all.

    From here on out I am planning on slowly bringing my calories back up to around 2700-2800 over the next month. So the next week or so I will still be in a deficit and may potentially lose more weight, but most likely not at the rate I have been while using the LeCheek stack.

    Before and after shots:
    (note: after pics were taken at work during my lunch break, i shot them quick and I definitely need to work on my posing lol)

    Name:  before1.jpg
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    Name:  after2.jpg
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    Name:  after3.jpg
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    Name:  after4.jpg
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    Weight tracking graph:

    Name:  Graph.jpg
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    I would definitely recommend using the supplements to aid in a cut, and the only thing I would do differently is to introduce them a week or two after starting the cut. I started taking these the first day I reduced calories, and I believe they would have been more affective if I actually lost some weight first then incorporated them. I would prefer to use them more towards the end of the cutting cycle than in the beginning, but clearly either way works.

  12. Nice review and thanks for logging for us.
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